Tuesday, September 7, 2010

They're Back!

At school today, and the only one crying in the hallway was me. I left fighting back tears till I got to the car.

It was kinda a rough morning. I was a bit stressed and a certain someone had decided to dig into their granola bar early and leave remains in their backpack, which left for a sticky mess. I lost my temper, and later had to apologize. NOT the way I had envisioned the first morning of school going. How am I supposed to qualify for "Mother of the Year" that way?

We did manage to have a yummy breakfast of French Toast Bake which is a family favorite and super easy as you throw it together the night before. I think I made it in under 15 minutes! Here are the remains. That was it! I'm going to have to cross over to 2 9x13's soon. Yikes!

I remembered to throw the kids in front of the door for their first day of school picture, and I'll try to do the same the last day of school. (I did forget that apple though... Drat.)

Austin didn't even seem the least little bit nervous. In fact, the only one who clung to me with a hug was Lexie. She's like her mama that girl, but I'm glad, as I needed a hug in that scary hallway this morning. I'll miss you my sweet babies, but I know you'll have a super fun day and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Notice Keilah Grace in the window here while I was taking pictures. Think someone feels left out? She wants to know if "she can wear her new tennies with her socks pulled high." HA! She cracks me up! We'll be doing preschool today, she and Harrison - and boy are they excited!

The kids all lined up in pods while they waited for the bell to ring this morning. Usually, they will just go right to class, as today, we just went super early. I'm sure I looked like the crazy mother snapping photos make-up less in a loud, busy, happy, first day of school frenzy. Oh well, I'll take it. I want to remember it all. The happy days, the hard days, even the stressful ones. - No matter if I have make-up on or not. :) Because I'm certain, I won't even win "Mother of the Year."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School Night

The kids were all soooo excited for back to school night last week! We loaded their newly labeled school items and away we went.

We started off with Austin and worked our way up meeting everyone's teacher and putting away their things in their desks and familiarizing themselves with the bathrooms, lunchroom, and library. This of course, is Austin's 1st time in a traditional school setting and he's so thrilled to be a part of the big kid's group. Austin's teacher seems really outgoing and friendly and we can't wait to get to know her better. She goes by Mrs. C.

Austin was super serious about getting his treasure hunt done and getting all of his things put away in the proper place. I'm so excited for this little guy to experience so many fun things this year!

Brady was all smiles back on his "old stomping grounds" and didn't really seem all that nervous to meet his new teacher, Mrs. Morlock. She was also really friendly and I always have a sense of relief when the kids get seasoned teachers. Brady is just so cute here by his locker I could just eat him up! I can't believe he is in the 2nd grade now!

Maddie was an old pro of course, and got Lexie's old reading teacher, Mrs. Haugen. She is now teaching 3rd grade again. She seems super sweet and I know she'll appreciate Madeline's flair for creative writing as that was also part of what she did with the advanced reading groups.

Mrs. Russel just looks like she's perfect for Lexie. She was so warm and kind and had the bubbly personality to go along with that.
I'm really grateful for the teachers we ended up with as I know the Lord is in perfect control of even this. He has a plan for each of them this school year and I know we're all excited to see God's plan unfold.
Looking forward to tomorrow with tears in my eyes... It's all going by so fast.

Four Eyes

We have our very own pair of "Four Eyes", the cutest around in my opinion.

Lexie just needs her glasses for reading longer stretches. (She'll read 2-3 hours at a time!) She would wear them all the time if we let her, but the doc thinks her eyes will strengthen as she gets older. Hopefully, by the 6th grade, we'll be done with these for good!

Brady, on the other hand, looks as if he might be a lifer, and he wasn't happy about the news either. He came out of that eye testing room all dimply and smiley like he aced the thing! So, needless to say, when I told him the doc said he needed to wear his all the time, the tears started to pour. Big.Crocodile.Tears. It was really kinda sad. Made me feel all bad for him. He's got his Dad's tendency for a lazy eye and his Mom's poor eyesight. Rats. I'm surprised it ended with these two!
Although, Sullivan better grow out of his predicament or we'll be figuring out how to keep glasses on an 18 month old! Auugh! That would be my luck! Any pointers Kelly?
I'm hoping to keep lil' Sully man out of them, and although I wish they all had pristine eyesight, I do think they look rather cute in their new specs don't you?