Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Lexie, Maddie, Katie, and Betsy
I can't believe you are nine years old Madeline! You are growing up way too fast baby!

You picked out these fun fall cupcakes to share with your class on your birthday. I think they are so striking. You were pretty excited to pick them out at Sam's Club! I was excited they were only $12. I don't think I could have made them for that with all the different colors and decor. The school has a storebought treat poilcy anyway...

Mommy let you open your card and special charm bracelet before breakfast. You got your hot pink guitar in the form of a charm! Phew, I think I'm safe for awhile now...

We had to pull out one of our favorite family traditons - the "You are special today" plate. We feasted on French Toast Bake for breakfast, and you chose turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch with fruit cups and vanilla pudding. Those two meals were easy to pull off. Thank goodness, cause' Mommy's still not up to par in that department.

You were your normal hammy self making funny faces all morning giving us fits of laughter showing off your ape impression. Beware: May cause damage to glass windows.

Found this fun flower clip at Once Upon on a Child for $2. I love these, and Maddie's favorite color is still orange!

I was so proud of myself for getting these ridiculous shoes for Maddie. I knew she would love them. They are hot pink glitter full of wild colors and designs all over them and they are not your average high tops. They go all the way up to her calf! It's totally Maddie and not her mother! She was so surprised I did this on my own. It made it all worth it to see her face. If it's modest and reasonabley priced, why not?

She's also been waiting for a basketball and this salon chair for her dolls. She's actually not a "doll type" of girl, but she does love doing their hair. And since "that" is competing with mall cop as her dream job, I'm going with professional hair stylist all the way! Who puts these ideas into her head? Where's my doctor or missionary she wanted to be once upon a time?? Oh ya, Grandma ruined that one with introducing CSI agents into her lil' brain. HA! Don't worry Grandma, I just think it's funny now!

Good thing Maddie was ok with picking out a simple cake this year since simple is about all I can handle right now with the preggo sickness still looming. She picked out a strawberry cake mix and frosting, and I jazzed it up just a tish by getting trick candles for the first time! I think we all had some spit on our cake with all the huffing and puffing that ensued...

They all pitched in and tried to help out the boyfriend situation! HA!

Bananna Split ice cream was ummmm.... made for 9 year olds.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday sweet girl. We are so thankful you are in our lives. You make us laugh with your silly antics, your surprising dramatic flair, and your competetive side never ceases to amaze us. You are incredibly smart and a very talented writer. We know you can go far and speak volumes for your Saviour! You are not afraid to be different, and the Lord needs those kind of warriors for His Kingdom! We love you "Petunia Snugglebug!"

Piano Concerto

So I had the priviledge of listening to these two play "church" yesterday.

They sang "Jesus Loves Me" to random notes, Keilah Grace recited Romans 8:28 perfectly, and they even got a little "pentacostal" at the end!

Morning Mess

So this is what we woke up to the other morning at our house.

Look closely. Baby blankets, dipaer, poo...

A happy squealy baby in the opposite corner.


Super Duper Nice.

So we ended that episode with a bath and a good bathtub scrub.

What are mornings like at your house?