Saturday, October 2, 2010

Huggies and High Heels

1 Timothy 2:9-10 " In like manner also, let the women adorn themselves in modest apparrel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing, but which is proper for women professing godliness with good works."

So this sweet thing was told this week she dressed like a baby. Ya, she was sad and kinda bummed. I asked her what she thought of what she wore. She said she liked her clothes - even the "Big Sister" t-shirt that prompted the girls to say something to Lexie at school. I asked her what the other girls wore and she said more "tennage-ish." "I think they get their clothes from "Justice" Mom." Now I need to clarify that I have nothing against the store Justice. I just haven't found clothes there that are reasonably priced or "child like" for the most part. I know there are some nice things, but we choose to shop for good deals and I just haven't found that many there. I also feel the clothes are mini teen clothes and although some are modest, when did it become the norm for 10 year olds and 6 year olds to look like they are 14 and 16? I just think it's kinda sad. I know I only have a few years at best to dress my 1st baby like a little girl, but that's what she is. A little girl. 10 years old. I'm not into dressing her like a toddler, but I'm certainly not rushing her into high heels. One of our goals as parents is to teach our daughters to dress modestly, appropriately, and pleasing unto the Lord and not to man. We know all believers differ a bit in their thoughts in this area and we also want our children to recognize this and realize every child's responsibility is to be obedient to their own parents and honor their wishes. It was hard for Lexie to realize she's different, and it was hard for her mama to watch her hurt over this. But I think it's good for her to be dealing with this now. It's not going to be a one time deal. Over and over again, she will have to take a stand and make different choices than most in this area. My baby learned a few things through all of this. She does likes her clothes. They are modest. They are made for 10 year olds. It's ok to be different. And one day, she will wear high heels...

Hodge Podge

So this post is a little bit of this and that.

Sully Wully hanging out in the stroller...

Bath morning at the Rivers house. No duckies at our house - only dogs of course! I needed a nap after all four were done! HA!

Austin finally lost his top front tooth - at school! He was so excited! He was given a cute tooth shaped necklace to carry it in the rest of the day. After almost a week, we had to make him pitch it. It was starting to smell. No more tooth fairy for this guy. The older siblings filled him in. So sad...

Maddie, and her friend Bella, playing a duet. Well, sorta.

Lexie is so good to her younger siblings. She loves to read to them and Sophie just eats it up. Here's one of her favorite books, "Pinkalicious." Great gift idea for birthdays or Christmas for toddlers or preschoolers!
Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

Mums Galore

So I bought these 3 teeny weeny mum plants from Walmart way back in June and planted them at least a foot apart. Well, to my surprise, this humongous "bush" evolved over the summer and now we are enjoying the wild color they bring. It's amazing how flowers can brighten one's day.
It was perfectly rounded too, until Keilah Grace decided she should hide in the middle during a game of hide and seek. Crazy girl. It's a miracle she wasn't attacked by a bandit of wild bees. Who knew mums attracted bees? And I'm allergic. Very allergic. I bought a few more from Sam's Club for under $13 and needless to say, I'll be spreading those out a bit more. What fall color are you enjoying?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Day


At Home with Mommy

Harrison loves his team t-shirts. Go Bison!
Sullivan is starting to clunk around on the piano with whoever is practicing... except when "The Indian Song" is being played. Then he's crying!

Sullivan graduated to the highchair and Sophie went to the barstools while Maddie finally made it to the table. Phew!
The little kids discovered the puzzles again after keeping them hidden successfully all summer. I don't know quite what I think about this one yet.

Here's Sophie pouting on her bed after a mini tantrum about her outfit. She's not pleased with it for some reason. What I would do to wear a cotton one peice all day. How comfy!

Ok. I guess it does have a cupcake on it....

I'm a Big Boy Now

This little guy made it a whole week without being sad at school! Yay for Austin! You're a big 1st grader now! And you deserve that oreo blizzard you picked out too! We're proud of you buddy! Keep it up!