Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Bump

Well, maybe more like a hump slowing but surely turning into a mountain. HA!

I'm 16 weeks now and finally starting to feel better. I'm so excited!

Those first four months are tough. (Well, I guess it's only 3 for me since that first month I don't even know I'm expecting.)

I'm so glad this part of it's nearing the end for me, and even more grateful I'm not sick the entire 9 months. My heart goes out to all you sickie preggos!

I think my family is just as excited as I am - maybe more as they've had to live off of frozen and processed foods that Jared has graciously prepared for them.

My talents have ended at unwrapping cheesesticks and yogurt cups. HA!

Another huge blessing is that this is the first pregnancy in many years he's not on the road all week or working horrific hours. Thank-you God!

I'm always so motivated to begin cooking again and trying out new recipes after the aftermath is completely gone. I will hopefully get into a good groove cleaning and reorganizing the corners that have been neglected while I've been hovering over the "Oval Office" and pasted to the couch while watching TV. Pitiful I know. Too bad I'm not crafty. I could've at least sewn a button onto something right?

We are excited about my next appointment as it is the long-awaited ultrasound appointment. We won't find out what we're having, but we always have a fun time guessing. That cord I tell you is deceiving!

The heart rate has been in upper 150's and so far, my guess is a girl, but I don't have a fabulous track record in this department so don't quote me.

I've felt the baby move for a few weeks now. Just little finger like pokes... Until yesterday that is. I was cradling a sleeping Sophie for about 25 minutes when BAM! I got my first power kick! Jared said it's already trying to protect his/her space. Their alone time with Mommy is obviously limited and they must feel compelled to defend their stomping grounds while they can.

We love you so much already and are counting down the months when we can hold you in our arms and kiss your sweet baby cheeks.

Now get busy and grow your mama some hair!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

9 Under 10

So here's the demo tape Video Arts put together for our family and pitched to TLC. They condensed 3 different days of taping to just under 90 seconds. We think the snow scene is hilarious! The title 9 Under 10 is a bit more catchy than Maddie's...

We met with the producer and a writer again today and are waiting to hear back later this week as to whether or not TLC is interested in taking any of this further after they hear more details about our family and what our expectations are concerning this.

That being said, we would appreciate your prayers for Jared and myself as we seek out the Lord's will for our family on all of this. I think we are definetely surprised it has even come this far and we are not taking any of this lightly nor do we assume that just because TLC is interested in our family that we should in fact, do a special. Our desire is to honor the Lord in whatever we do in our lives and we look forward to seeing how He works out all the details - TV special or not.

Password: Rivers

You'll have to click on the link and type in the password to see the demo!