Monday, October 18, 2010

Just for the fun of it

Thought I'd post a few random pics for the fun of it.
I don't always have some amazing theme or story to go along with them, but thought they were cute enough to share. Have a great Monday!

Porky turns 1!

You woke up in a good mood on your birthday, and everyone was so excited your big day had finally arrived.

You weren't too fond of the birthday hat. It lasted all of 2 seconds, but you ate up your bun and were on to the days events in good spirit.

You took a great nap and mommy got a start on your piggy cupcakes. They were so much fun to make and pretty easy too! I couldn't find pink marshmallows anywhere, but I only tried 3 places before calling it quits. I was super excited to find piggy socks in the doallar bin as party favors and I had to forgo a piggy balloon too, as apparently all of Fargo/Moorhead doesn't carry ANY! What's up with that??? I'm not looking for some obscure animal. I'm looking for a pig people! Oh well...
I had to put on all my favorites, and believe it or not, I did dwindle down on them so as not to induce old age on you all. Isn't my "porky" the cutest little piggy ever?
He seemed to enjoy his cupcake to it's fullest capacity and even shared with his little girlfriend Addie. Isn't she darling too? Not nearly the porker Sullivan is, but just as cute! She and her family came over to help us celebrate.
The party was pretty simple as we just grilled out, opened gifts, chugged down some cupcakes and ice cream while we just hung out and visited.
Every party has a pooper and you bowed out a bit early as crabbiness set in, so we put the birthday boy to bed right about the time he truly turned 1. Ahhhh.... Such sweet memories. And some not so good ones... I'll leave those up to your imagination. HA!
You can keep up with the Yoders and all the Lord is doing in their life at She's super talented and crafty and keeps it real in the most humorous way. Check her out. It's the kind of blog you want to read even if you don't know her.

Dear Mr. Craig,

One would think these two should not have that much in common.

First mistake.

One would think that child #3 would sleep in after being up super late Friday night.

Second mistake.

One would also think that this child would know better than to purposely put favorite bath toy down the toilet, "to see what would happen to him Mom..."

Third mistake.

Especially "Mr. Craig."

My children actually squabble over this favorite bath toy.

They like him because he looks like our neighbor so much.

Thus the nickname... "Mr. Craig."

Have no fears Mr. Craig, Jared rescued you from the abyss of our toilet.

Just think of your adventures at 6am. Saturday morning.

You can thank Jared later.