Friday, October 29, 2010

4 Iowa Posts

There are 4 Iowa Trip Posts. You may need to scroll down or click on older posts to see all of them! Enjoy!

Hickory Park and Bass Pro Shop

Saturday we all buzzed around and got ready for a day out after one of Auntie Barb's yummy breakfasts. My kids haven't known what to do with cold cereal and oatmeal this week. Ha! We miss your muffins and fresh bread Auntie Barb!

We met at a popular local restaurant, Hickory Park, our favorite kind, no chains we have please. It was fantastic and the serivce was just as great. Their speciality is barbecue and this beat Famous Dave's by miles! I cleaned my way too big plate and even snuck a few bites of dessert from Anna and Dean. Yummy!

After stuffing our tummies full, compliments of Uncle Paul and Auntie Barb, Dean and Anna, we headed off to a huge outdoorsman store, the Bass Pro Shop, with plenty of free entertainment. We just walked around and the kids enjoyed the huge tank full of amazing lake fish and then we checked out the four wheelers and hunting range. It was a fun way for the kids to release some energy and we had fun watching them take it all in. I think the daddies were enjoying themselves too. :)

It was a great day and while we missed Dustin, who had to work, we managed to make many more fun memories that day. Can you tell?

Silver and Gold

This is the first and only picture of our first day in Iowa. Can you believe it? I lost it later in the day and didn't find it until right before we crashed into bed. I'm just thankful I found it as I thought I'd lost it at a park.

Anywhoo, these are Anna's 3 older children, Jonathan, almost 2, Kirsten, 5, and Drew, 3. They are precious down to their core and this picture depicts them perfectly. I wished we lived closer to them so I knew them better.

Anna's newest addition, Katheryn Grace. She's just a peanut at only 2 months, but she can smile and coo up a storm already. What a sweetie to match her mommy!
We've taken several "couch pics" over the years so we couldn't miss out on the opportunity. I would show you an older one, but have no way of scanning in those beauties yet. Phew!

We went to the park that first day for a picnic lunch and the kids and the adults just enjoyed the fresh air and warm autumn weather. What wonderful temperatures the Lord gave us while we were there!

Dean and Anna

Jess and Becca. I've got some funky sunglasses hair goin' on. Whoa!

"Kare Bear"

Austin Pooh. He'll hate me later for this. HA! I'll try and stop before he's got a wife.

My Hair Bear. This I can not promise to stop. There's just something about my NICU babies...

KG loved the steep slide!

Uncle Paul was so good with the kids. They warmed right up and I think they really think he's their uncle.
That's ok with me. He's a keeper if you know what I mean.

Swingin' and Twirlin' all afternoon!

The big boys got out these cool flying planes and man, did that keep them busy. They were pretty entertaining if I do say so myself. The planes I mean... Well, Dean did rescue a plane out of tree with no injury involved.

Twin Vans. Who knew Anna? What can we say? We may not be driving in style, but we're blessed beyond measure. That is certain.

This is Anna's brother Peter, and his new bride, Gloria. We enjoyed a massive supper with them as well as Anna's other brother Eric, and his family. But alas, this is where my camera went missing in action and I have no pictures to share of the middle part of the evening. :( So sad, cause' our kids all had a blast together and were fast friends creating a rucus in no time! HA!
We stayed up till 1am just laughing and sharing old memories from our childhood. It was wonderful to revisit some of the good old times as well as talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives now.
There's a song I've sung since my childhood and I'm not sure the title or author, but it goes like this:
Make new friends,
But keep the old.
One is silver,
And the other gold.
The circle is round,
It has no end.
That's how long
I want to be your friend.