Sunday, November 14, 2010

She's got legs..... And she knows how to use them!

At first glance...

You might not notice.

At least I tell myself this to feel better about it.

Take a look at my right ankle.

Ya, those are veins bulging.

I guess I won't be getting any "She's got Legs" awards.

Oh well, my legs have never been that fabulous anyway. Too much dancing and soccer to produce model legs. That's what my coaches told me to feel better anyway. HA!

And just for clarification, this is a good day before they get all purple and splotchy. Poor Jared. Oh well.... I've got a great personality right???!

Autumn Bliss

My new favorite fall wreath ~ $2 at the thrift store. I love thrift stores!

My lighted fall swag ~ $2 at a garage sale. Super fun at night when lighted up! These things are spendy brand new! At least $20 with lights...

My super duper nice girlfriend Jill, brought me a whole bunch of pumpkins from her garden. Free! Even Better! These things all add up! Thanks again Jill!

She's always cooking or making something amazing and you can check out her fun blog at http:/

The Door of Fame

I just cleaned off the Door of Fame here which I might mention was covered from top to bottom! Will you make it again this year? We love looking at all our friends and family throughout the year!

Easy Peasy

22 weeks and counting!

Amost a full 6 months pregnant!

These months go by so fast for me.

I am officially off the couch not watching TV 24/7.

I am cooking again and even cleaned my bathrooms!

I've got my energy back. I better use it. It won't last that long. I usually have to "watch it" by 28 weeks. Praying I won't need bedrest this time around.

I'm working out again at Curves and running short distances - just 1 1/2 miles so far and feel fine.

With the exception of my lovely preggo veins, I love this stage of pregnancy!

Am really looking forward to seeing you again next week baby and checking out your heart and facial features. We should get the 3-D this time around! Yay!

Am really starting to think about names now and realize after naming 10 children in 10 years, the short list gets even shorter. For 2 people to agree on a first and a middle name after using up 20 names thus far.... well, it's not exactly coming easy peasy anymore.

Sprains, Talent, Quiet Greed, Helpers, and First Steps

Well, we had our first sprain in the Rivers clan, and Lexie beat everyone to the punch, She fell at school and sprained her ankle pretty badly. She's been our lil' gimp all week and we'll see tomorrow if she can go without her walking cast for the first time in a week. I think she's enjoyed the attention naturally and Daddy and Mommy have liked it too! ~ Including the DQ Blizzards! HA!

Maddie had a crazy day party at school and she picked out this oufit herself and did her hair too. Wish you could see the ummmm.... detail. She did all these little braids in front and then tied them in knots in the front of her head. What "talent" we have to look forward to in the fashion department I'm sure.

Yep, the Christmas catalogues have arrived and unfortanately, so has the drooling. Yucky. But I did take this picture of the quiet greed taking place. Then I threw them away. Yes, I did.

My two silly girls! All ready for errand day!

Keilah Grace has turned into quite the Mommy's helper while the big kids are gone at school! I love my girl!

Somebody loves their walking toy and has even taken 1 or 2 mini steps. Ok. Just one at a time. He's got alot of junk in his trunk to cart around now... HA!

Baby Deals and Other Steals

So I had a hormonal rush this last spring and we did a bit of baby purging. We got rid of ALOT. I went through clothes - 10 years worth and did keep my favorites that weren't stained and kept a few baby odds and ends, but after 10 years of use with almost no break, alot of our gear needed to be replaced anyway, and the other stuff we figured the Lord would provide and provide He is doing!

One of my girlfriends called a couple of weeks ago and told me of free bouncy seat in great shape her neighbor was getting rid of. She sent a picture and I snatched it up. Wish I had a picture for you, but I already washed it and put it away for now, but it's super cute it's actually a really new looking pattern. What's better than free? Thank-you God!

I've been browsing online for double strollers and loved this one. Only problem: Big Moolah. Well, again the Lord provided. I went into the used children's store here in Fargo, and there it was looking exceptionally brand new. Except for a few scratches on the footrest, this is in mint condition! And it's the pattern I wanted! Bonus! I love green and brown! The Lord took care of a need and even cared about the pattern I liked at more than $100 savings! Wowzers! God goes above and beyond doesn't He?!

I found this barn star at a garage sale this summer at a mere $3. These things go for at least 20 if not more in the stores brand new. I spray painted it and was able to give it as a gift for a sweet lady at church who loves red. She has cancer and hasn't been there much lately and so our church family signed the star with little "love notes" and I pray it was a blessing to her. It was alot of fun to do!

I found these baby doll cradles and crib at the thrift store my little girls. The cradle was $2 and the crib $14. For you moms out there, you know that the cheap plastic ones are far more than this! I spray painted the cradle pink and am planning on doing the same with the crib. I hope to dig out my sewing machine and make them bedding for their dollies as well. Goal: Christmas time. HA! Now I just have to find someone willing to help me figure out how to use the thing! I'll have to post some after pics when they are all done!

Anniversary Getaway

Jared surprised me a couple of weeks ago when he informed me we were getting away for a night and he had already lined up a couple to watch our children for the 24 hours. Seriously? I was so thrilled! We have not been away from our children for that long in well, over 10 years. We have always had at least a few plus when grandparents have the older ones and always always had the baby.
With the exception of our overnight stay at Sanford Hospital to have our sweet babies, and well, I am in labor for a good portion of that time, and we end up with another sweet bundle to love on and take care care of within hours.... Let's just say, it's been a long time coming!!! And if we can find someone to watch our villagers, I hope it won't be another 12 years before we can do this again! We had a fabulous time!

We started off the evening with a movie and then ate at Granite City for dinner. Inbetween that time, we tried to check into our hotel which I had booked through Priceline and gotten for a steal at $45. We had just called the hotel a few hours earlier to let them know we were still coming and everything seemed fine, but when we got there to check in, they informed us there had been a mistake and they had overbooked and we had been booted. NICE. This is where I tried to remain calm and keep my testimony in tact as it was after 8pm in Fargo on a Friday night. Ya, fat chance. Visons of sleeping in the Honda were not that enticing. They did direct us to another hotel and we went to check it out as neither one of us knew anything about it. 1st Clue. We walked in a few minutes later to the Vista and were overcome with cigarette smoke and alchohol and "the Walmart Crowd" x's 10. 2nd Clue. I was speechless and had tears in my eyes by now. They cheerfully showed us to our room. Jared walked in and I followed trying not to breathe in too deeply. He didn't even turn on the lights (3rd Clue.) before saying, "Sorry, this just isn't going to do." Thank-you God. I don't even think I could fake romantic in here. I'd be too busy breathing and looking for bedbugs. Seriously.
We called several other hotels and go figure they were all booked so we decided to feed the hormonal monster begininning to emerge from within since it was after 9pm now. The dinner was so nice. The sweet waitress took our picture when I mentioned it was for our anniversary and later emerged with a warm chocolate cookie complete with ice cream. It even had warm caramel drizzled over it that said "Happy Anniversary!" That totally made the night better somehow! Wasn't that thoughtful? It was on the house too! Now that's how you get return businesss!!
By this time we had been back and forth on the phone with Fairfield Inn trying to work out something since they had ummmmm.... messed up bigtime. They never did come through with anything, and I'll be chatting with their manager Monday. Jared called the Radisson and finally found a room. We actually stayed there our wedding night and the room was beautiful. A far cry from $45, but the average hotels were all booked up naturally and this one is downtown and not very convenient so I think this is why it was available as well. I hope we can talk "Miss Fairfield" into covering the room for us, but it was that or the Honda at that point and did I mention it had been 12 years since we'd been alone? Ya, not much of a decision process there...
We decided to go to Perkins the next morning for breakfast since that is also where we went the morning after we were married and it really was a nice way to start the day. Hey, when cold cereal and dirty diapers are usually the way you wake up, this is fantastic! We spent the rest of the day walking around town doing some birthday and Christmas shopping without little sets of eyes and bribes to keep it a secret from some sibling. Again, priceless. We got our rings cleaned and checked out and ate a late lunch at Five Guys, Burgers, and Fries. We had never been there and it was pretty good - greasy and full of calories for the next few days, but yummy!
By then, we were pooped and after a quick ganter in the antique store, we headed home to our herd and melted when we saw all the beautiful gifts we've been blessed with over the last 10 years. God has been so good to us despite our sinful hearts.
It hasn't been an easy road the last 12 years. We've been through alot and hurt more than we ever thought love could hurt, but by God's grace and with His help and hand on our lives, we've chosen forgiveness and realized just this last year, it's been pretty amazing to fall in love all over again and if we keep the cross in our view we can never stray too far from each other or what God has planned for us the next 12 years.
Personally, I hope it includes another getaway before we reach our 24th anniversary. :)

Granite City Dinner

Free Anniversary Dessert

Cute husband. I felt the need to label.

Room at the Radisson

View from our window. Wish my camera did it justice...

Self portrait.

Breakfast at Perkins.


Baby # ocho. Missed his mama! Mama missed him too!

Ya, couldn't leave "this" welcome home greeting out. Thanks Sophie. It wouldn't have been the same without it!