Friday, December 3, 2010

Turkey Day

Sarah made these adorable turkey cupcakes for the big T-Day and the kids gobbled them up. HA! No pun intended. I love the fondant feathers!
Meet Shawn.

Meet Sarah.
They are fantabulous hosts and cooks.
Meet Keilah Grace, oh ya, you know her already. Isn't she cute despite the fact she's chewing with her mouth open?

Meet Noah, my very first nephling. He's a bird fanatic and super smart. He knows everything there's to know about birds.

Meet Sam. Yes, Sam I am. He's not sure if he likes me yet.

Meet Sophie Claire. She's the "Little Sister."

The spread takes shape...

The spread makes it to my plate.

Look. The spread is going into their bellies.

Meet Sullivan.
He's a porker now.
He must have gained pounds over that meal he porked out so much.

Meet Jared.
Ya, the one in the glasses.
Weird I know. I'm not used to them yet. So mature for me...


A little "Elf" watching.

A little destroying of toys and books.

A little lovin'. Yuk.

Now here's "The Next Big Thing!"
Sully took his first steps over the weekend. He was up to 7! Watch out world!

Bird Watchin."

The sisters got out for a bit of black Friday shopping...

Snuggles in the sunshine...

Tired Turkeys.

Cousin portrait for the year. Happy now Grandparents?
It was great T-Day! We have so much to be grateful for! And our family is one of them!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chunky Mama Update

Yep, you read that right! - Finally, an update on my chunkiness. Head on over to read all about it.


Christmas Angels

Ya, these Christmas angels have finished helping me decorate our cottage for Christmas.

Thank goodness for dustbusters for shattered glass and caffine for parents who've been pushed to the brink of insanity is all I have to say. Ha!

Silly Head

Sophie's our silly head and loves to dress up in pink and frills. She loves dollies and toys with tiny parts, and of course, her pink bunny. I love this girly girl! It took us four tries, but I think we have a diva on our hands!


Auntie Jenn and Jared's cousin, Amanda, along with her two boys came for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago. Just an overnighter, but we packed in the fun and the kids got along splendidly!

We rearranged some sleepers to make room. Aren't these sweet? They were pretty excited to share a bunk!

The boys played outside a ton even though it was FREEZING! Football trumped frozen fingers I guess. Ha! That's boys for ya - Big or small!

The rest of us stayed warm inside and played Farkle, a fun dice game Auntie Jenn brought along.

We feasted at Happy Johnny's for lunch so we could share our "Uncle Jon & Auntie Michelle tradition" with Mandy and the boys, and then Auntie Jenn and Alexis put the Easy Bake to work and made some yummy treats later that afternoon.

Needless to say, everyone was pooped and in bed pretty early - even Mom and Dad!

Thanks for coming! We had a blast and made many special memories!

Pilgrim John

So this was our little pilgrim in his 1st performance at school.

I couldn't make it. Sniff. Sniff. I had a doctor appointment I couldn't change.... But Daddy sailed in on the Mayflower and made it in time to snap a few pictures and take some video of Austin's big lines, " What is popcorn?" and "Even how to eat popcorn!"

What an adorable pilgrim! Even if I do say so myself...

Winter Fluff

We woke up to this fluffy stuff about a week ago. It came as a complete surprise to us, and it made the perfect day to pull out the Christmas decorations and pop in my Christmas music. There were big, huge, soft flakes all day long and we got about 13 inches here.

Of course, now it's not near as pretty and I have a feeling when Christmas is over, I'll be "done" too. I'm a southern girl at heart. Give me sunshine and humidity anyday... I'll run in 90 degree weather, but this? This is hard on a girl's lungs!


I'm feeling as though I could pop and I have around 15 more weeks to go. I think I weigh 30 more pounds than I did the day I had this cutie!