Friday, December 10, 2010

Upstairs at Christmas

The Entryway

Glad Jared is so helpful in the way of hanging up garland!

The Living Room

You gotta love yourself some Southern Living Christmas!

My new manger scence from my sister.
I just love it!

The tree must go in front of the window. Mostly because it never did when I was a child, and this greatly bothered me... Oh, the painful memories. HA!

All ready for dinner with the Holmquists!

The Office
~ Just making sure you were paying attention! HA!

The Lil' Girls' Room

I've never been a huge fan of these window things, but my mom sends them, and my kids love them so I digress since they make them happy.

Does anyone else do advent calendars?
We love doing them.

My first manger scene was passed down to the lil' girls.

Our Bathroom

Our Bedroom

I don't really do much in here, but I do still love the wreaths I made with a sweet friend almost 8 years ago. They hang in all of our upstairs windows.

Leave a comment, and I'll show you the downstairs!
I never really know who likes this sort of thing... I don't want to bore the socks off of you all!

6 Months and Counting

I've finished my 6th month and am beginning my 7th month of pregnancy now, and I'm so excited to have reached this last phase of the journey.

I'm convinced one needs a full 9 months - well, in my case 8 months, to be ready for a baby.

We're all done with icky vomit stage, the tired sleep all day and all night, and hope the children and hubby survive off of cheesesticks and yogurt and anything frozen and drive-thru ready stage. HA!

We're done with the cute lil' round bump, still able to do most anything you could do before, size small, and microbursts of energy stage.

On to the growing elephant body, size medium to large, consuming enough calories for a small village, ice chomping, hot bath taking, Lever 2000 soap crazed, veins bursting at the seams, swollen like a hot air balloon, and puffy like a marshmallow, wanting to clean and organize like a mad woman, but too achy in my feet and too many contractions to justify the work the has to go into it phase....

And I'm completely happy and grateful to be here - just where the Lord wants me. Dependent on Him...

"In whatsoever state I am, therewith help me to be content." ~

Good news is: The boy names have been narrowed down to 3, and yes, they all end in the letter N.

Girl names? Heavens, I thought we had it all figured out last pregnancy. Now, we're debating again... This of course, means it will be a girl, and she'll be nameless for a good day or two while I fret. HA!

Tearin' Up the Town!

Morning wake up snuggles...

Doesn't take long though before I'm all warmed up and ready to tear the place up!

I'm a big boy now!
Mommy loves how I walk with my hands straight up in the air for balance and tip toe along.
If I fall, I just get right back up and try again. No crying for me!
I went from literally 1 step - as in a 1 foot moving... to 7 steps and now I'm walking about 15 on average!
Go Picky Porky! It may have taken you 14 months, but now you're a mover and a shaker!

Frosty Spiderwebs

Woke up to this beauty the other morning. The kids and I were fascinated at the beautiful icy crystals all over this spider web. Wish I could have captured it better for you!

Happy Birthday!!

The birthday girl started her day bright and early with French Toast Bake (her choice) and presents so she would have the whole day to enjoy them.

All ready Keilah Grace?

Doggy Stickers! YAY! Even Harrison's happy!

"Patches" made his way into Keilah Grace's dog collection. The Christian bookstore here has a cute line entitiled, "Precious Girl's Club." They are fun and cute stories about young girls who love dogs and animals of all sorts, but who also love Jesus and want to make wise choices.

The Big Book of Dogs...

We had Keilah Grace's partner in crime over to play... Here they are after a lunch of tacos panting away before their doggy treats.

Catching a little down time watching the Precious Girl's Club movie about Animal Rescue...

The birthday girl got a few phone calls to wish her a great day. Boy did that ever make her feel special!

Cartwheels in action! I love the smile behind all her hair here!

It was such a fun day and very special to have spent it with Ruthie as we have the last few years.
Good for my heart... even if I did get a little teary eyed a few times throughout the day watching them play.
We ended the birthday gal's day at Pizza Ranch where we ate completely free due to our life insurance through Modern Woodman of America. Best birthday meal I ever ate! HA!

Just Clownin' Around

So here's Sophie girl playin' and roarin' up a storm.

I just love watching the kids imagine and play when they have no idea they're being watched!

I cleaned out the pantry the other day and found some old party hats, and the kids played all afternoon with them, before yes, I pitched them.

Is that wasteful?

I just have visions of turning into a "hoarder" after all those episodes I watched when I was sick the first 5 months....

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beautiful Grace

You are 5 years old tomorrow Keilah Grace. (Kylah Grace)

I can hardly believe it...

I still remember the day we found out you were still alive.

There you were, heart beating away on the black and white screen.

My sweet gift of "Beautiful Grace."

The meaning of your name...

I can't imagine our lives without you.

But sometimes I imagine you with your twin...

Like when I see your reflection in a mirror.

Or when you hold hands with Ruthie.

But above all else, I'm just grateful to have you.

Who else would chase their imaginary tail all day long?

Who else would pronounce all their L's with the Y sound?

("When I was yittle, I yoved yions.")

Who would keep us entertained with the most expressive imagination of any of our children?

And then turn around and hold back that smile and try hard as you might to appear unmoved and unamused.

You've done that since you were a baby.

You play hard to get real well.

Let's hope you keep up that in a few years. HA!

You love animals, but especially puppies and constantly ask when we're moving to the country so we can get a chocolate lab. (Her mama's choice of dogs.)

You are extremely loyal, kinda like a dog now that I think about it.

The most amazing thing in your life is that you trusted Jesus as your Saviour last week. You asked your big sister how to be saved and Madeline shared her testimony with you and you asked even more questions and then you and Maddie prayed together after you insisted that you "do believe!". Then you came and told Daddy and Mommy and we talked with you for a while and asked you even more questions. The next day, we could already see some positive changes. One of them being when you were being disciplined for not being nice to Harrison and you suddenly burst into tears. "Mommy, I'm not very good at being a Christian!" That response certainly hadn't ever happened before. So we'll take one day at a time, and wait and watch, but for now... it seems like you've truly trusted Jesus to take away your sins and make you white as snow. ~ The simple faith of a child...

We pray you grow in truth and grace...

Our sweet gift of "beautiful grace."