Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Program

We had our annual Christmas Program this last Sunday and it was so enjoyable.

Both of the older girls played their Christmas hymns during the prelude several times and did a great job.

Madeline did her own hair that night in a pretty bun and it turned out really well. She has talent I do not possess....

Sullivan kept entertained while we were waiting for it to start by playing with the Flip. And screaching. And playing with the Flip. And screaching again. You get the picture.

Here comes Keilah Grace! Smiling a bit even... a first!

Harrison was fine until he spotted us, and then it was all downhill from there. Then he started to cry his whiny moan cry. Ya, proud parent moment for us...

Sophie's first year in the program, and boy, did she ever do wonderful. She dutifully rang her bells and did all the actions to "Away in a Manger." Real Proud Parent Moment.

She did stop to pick her nose a minute. First things first you know...


Holding back that grin again!

Twinkling Stars in the Sky...

Brady and Austin did sing this year. Participation is key you know. No smiles or cute waves, but hey, we were just thankful they sang this year. A first for them!

Alexis and Madeline were in the choir of angels.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Morning

Ya, so it goes at our house... the occasional Sunday Morning snapshot of the kids...

And I always like to get one around Christmas, so I figured this last week was as good as any week. Ya, right.

Apparently, for Sophie, it was not a good morning.

And Maddie, well, she was trying too hard to look cool. I don't think cool comes to my mind when I look at these. Pained maybe...

And Sullivan, well, his hair dried funny after going to bed with it wet. Can you see his lil' fro??

Actually, it's pretty typical, and I just think they all melt your heart - temper tantrums, pained looks, fros and all...

How do your Sunday Morning snapshots go?

Party Animal!

I love these when I spotted them at Hobby Lobby.

They're super cute and fit the "Noah's Ark" theme Keilah Grace picked out without looking too baby.

She was sold on the zebra stripes and I loved the pink! HA!

I nabbed this idea from the Duggars' and the girls made a huge poster board birthday backdrop for the cake. Lexie and Maddie stayed up late Friday night putting the finishing touches on it for their lil' sis.

The cake Keilah Grace insisted on was a Noah's Ark cake of course. I was a little nervous about constructing an ark after looking at online pictures of absolutely amazing cakes so I just made up my own super duper easy peasy design cause' I'm not the Cake Boss or anything and it came together fairly well.

I love this memento and we have it hanging in her room now!
Found these cuties at Hobby Lobby too, and just put a few fun things inside like cheap Christmas erasers, sillybands, and of course, animals from the "jungle safari" the girls went on.

We played "Duck, Duck, Goose" using different animal names of course, took our "safari trip" in search of the animals, and played "Pin the Tail on the Puppy" which Keilah Grace colored herself.
I think the girls had alot of fun, but the biggest hit by far was the face painting!

My friend, Trish, came over and created these little beauties!
Most of the girls went with animals, but a few couldn't resist the idea of a princess!

Here's my Jaguire/Lion Girl! I could hardly bare to wash her that night!

Monkey Boy!

Happy Birthday Party Animal!

You're 5 now!

I just love her face here! She's totally in love with her cake. HA!

Makin' a wish... Bet I can guess! Poor Girl!

Ella made a great Kitty!

Krista was a beautiful Butterfly!

My fave I think! Zebra of course!

Ruthie Dog....slash Princess - Ha!

Rebekah was the sweetest princess!

Bella, the Cat

Brady, the Wolf

Alayna, the Princess

Ready, Set,

Roar!!!! Puuurrrr! And Bark! And Howl!
The princesses just screamed of course! HA!

It turned out to be great party and each of these girls is so precious! I hope they continue to be friends and as they get older spur one another on for Christ! Friendships are so important and choosing wisely is an important factor in growing up surrounding yourself with others who are making choices to honor the Lord with their life.
I pray that today for each one of these little girls. It won't be long before they're all grown up... Sniff. Sniff.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jingle Bell 5K

The girls and I were so excited about the Jingle Bell 5K in Fargo a week ago.

They joined a local running club for kids and were training hard the past 6 weeks.

I had even started to run again after the sickie ickies were all gone at my house and I decied to leave the indent in my couch alone.

But alas, I was "benched" due to a recent snowfall and Jared's nerves about his preggo wife falling in the streets only to be trampled by the 400 some people that showed up for this fun run.

Phewy, but oh well. He's only looking out for me and as Brady said, if I fell, I "would surely crush and kill the baby because you are so big now." ~ Nice choice of words Brady Bunch...

Anywhoo, I digress.

On to who you all really care about anyway. My cute runners - Lexie and Maddie

They were both so excited and ran complete with jingle bells attatched to their shoes and frosted snowflake pants and realized compared to most, they were highly underdone for this event!

I tell you the crazies out there are hysterical! Snowmen, grinches, santa's, elves, and everything in between were there in the 5 degree weather that morning! Next year, the River's girls will be more prepared I tell you!

The girls both did fantastic! Maddie came in 1st in her age group and Lexie 3rd. Their times were just over 30 minutes, a good few minutes slower than normal for them, but that wind was chilly and definetely slowed them down. They are like their mama and would rather run in the heat!

They couldn't get to the hot chocolate fast enough and we ended the morning with a nice breakfast at Village Inn.

It was so nice to just be out with the girls alone and soak up their excitement and adrenaline.

After all, I was still mouring the fact I didn't get to run that day... HA! I even dressed for it just case he decided to let me go, but to no avail...

There's a New Year's Day 5K, but today the wind chill is -25 and we parents have to draw the line somewhere don't we? I think we'll all hold off till spring!

Until then! I'm going to cozy up with a diet pepsi and my baby name book!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Coach Jodi and the girls

The team

The wild crowd!

Maddie's start!

Here comes the Grinch!

Go girl go! I'm sorta - ok really one of those loud mamas cheering their babies on wildly while Jared shakes his head...

Kick it in!

Ahhh. The fireplace at last!

Breakfast of champions: strawberry crepes, omlete, bacon, and hot chocolate.
(Yes, Mason, Maddie insisted on wearing your cool hat, so I hope you don't mind sharing...) We'll bring it back at Christmas for you!