Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas this last Saturday with the children and gave them their gifts from my parents and us as we don't like to pack anything up and drag it with us to the Cities. We wouldn't have room for people with everything else we already have to bring!

It turned out to be a really nice evening and here's just a few pics as every 5 pictures I would take, Jared would have to quick upload them onto the computer so I could take more since our camera was acting up and we had to use our little memory card that only allows about 5 pictures on it. After a few times, I think we both gave up, so this is all we got Grandpa, Nena, and Nanny. We'll take more though! So keep looking for them!

Sullivan started us out as our family tradition is baby first and so on, all taking turns one by one, and enjoying each other's gifts and the giver's generosity.
I had to get Sully this little TV because I had one, and I remembered really liking it!
Thanks for my cool new blocks Nanny! Mommy always wanted some of these!

Thanks for my Toy Story "garbage truck" Nanny!

Daddy and Mommy found these super cute puppy purses and knew they just had to get them for their girls. They're bonkers over puppies!

Daddy and Mommy also found these real looking dogs for Keilah Grace and Harrison. They ended up trading, but are as happy as can be with their new pets!

Sometimes your kid's thoughtfulness really surprises you. The older children really tried to be a blessing to each other and either handmade or bought something small with their own money for each other. Ahhhh.... Puffy hearts....

Thanks for the remote trucks Nanny!
"I always wanted one of these!" Brady said.

Mommy actually found these babies and scored big with the boys! I should have gotten one for Harrison though as he hasn't hardly taken it off if he can get away with it! Go Vikes!

Alexis used her own money for several gifts again this year and we had a shopping date a few weeks back and she found this guitar purse for Madeline. And yes, Madeline lurved it!

Daddy and Mommy bought a couple of new movies for the girls that they've had their eye on. I love Ramona and Beezus. I would sit and watch that one on my own for sure!

The kids each got a new puzzle to keep busy with. Austin loves puzzles and enjoys making them over and over and helps the little ones out too!

I found this fun doll store at the thrift store brand new in the box for $5 and snatched it up for Alexis.

I was even more excited when I spotted the same one for over $20 at the store just the other day. I love thrift store finds!

We had a really nice holiday dinner that evening complete with "Sparkle," and the girls drank out of wine glasses for the first time! They were so cute!

After a fun-filled night full of food, dessert, and gifts, we were all pretty pooped and went to bed, but not before I snapped a few more pics of the kids with their newbies...

Maddie, with her new fleece throw from Old Navy for $5. I love how this matches their bedding. No more stealing my blankets now girls!

Austin all lined up with his webkin family he's built up over time. He added another cheetah of course this year, and drifted off to sleep enjoying a chapter book. The boys love reading the Cul-de-Sac Kids series. They are silly stories about kids but always teach a great moral somehow in the end. Austin and Brady both got some of these this year.

Here's "HairBear" with his new "Wab."

Hope you enjoyed peeking at a few of our Christmas memories. We hope you make many wonderful memories of your own!

Merry Christmas everyone and to all a good night!

Christmas in the Making

So we've been a bit behind the times here at our house due to camera behaviorial issues.
Uuurgh!! Thankfully, we happen to know a genius, who patiently helps us out when we call... Thanks Jeremy!
Well, he did manage to retrieve several pictures from the past week. I was snapping like crazy as usual, and of all weeks - Christmas - it decides to act up. So like a child.... HA!
The children have been helping me out in the kitchen, baking and sampling, baking and tasting, and baking and creating. We've had a lot of fun, and my kitchen needs a good scrubbing down as I type this, but so far, no major disasters minus the camera losing all my pictures of our "masterpeices." Oh well, what's a girl to do?
Keilah Grace and Harrison helped me make 2 different types of muffins and we like to use the fun Christmas liners this time of year. We made cinnamon streusel and apple muffins and they've been devoured now for a while. Sorry neighbors! They never made it to your homes like originally planned!

Madeline, who is very artsy and creative by nature made me this pretty beaded tree out of things she just found around the house! I need instructions and pictures when crafting, oh, and someone there to hold my hand when I'm nervous. Who's daughter is she really?

I did make 36 of these babies for Austin's holiday party at school and it was really fun. Easy - but time consuming. Note to self: Start well before party actually begins...

Just another holiday tradition - The pastors at our church always hand out treat bags to the children at Christmas time and fill them with an assortment of candy and peanuts. It's really sweet, and I think it does make them seem more approachable to the kids then.

Look at our hall door! It's filling up fast. I emptied it only a few weeks ago, and it's over half full now, and I still have a few more to put up already! I love this tradition, and we enjoy them all year long! We are so grateful for the friends the Lord has given us over the years!
I'm still kinda sad about the pics I lost over the last week, but the Lord knows. They are just pictures after all...
I read about a family not far away from our town that lost 2 of their children today in a car crash. They were under 10. SO hard to find the Lord in that, but His will is sovereign and I pray for those parents today. Please join me as I'm sure you can imagine the heaviness and sorrow this Christmas will bring them and their families.
When you think you've had a rough day, like me pining away for a few photos... Think of situations like this and know we have it soooooo good. He is a gracious God!