Saturday, January 15, 2011

Matching Tutorial

So I get asked all the time... "how do you do it?" meaning, how do I match or coordinate my children's clothes all the time.

I don't really, but when we go out for church or special occasions, I do enjoy it.

I keep saying this, but I know it won't last forever. So far, the girls seem pretty happy as long as they aren't super matchy matchy.

I try to find things that are from the same line that all coordinate.

The boys have khaki or brown pants that go with many things, but their shirts or sweaters are usually a little more classic looking - that way, I can mix and match the girls things easier, and accessorize the boy's outfits with different ties or vests.

The picture here are two outfits I bought for the little girls from none other than Target... The black tops were $2 and the skirts were $3. So each outfit totalled $5. I can handle that!

I have found it's easier sometimes to find things for the children in pairs that can easily be put with something from a different line or store even!

I find alot of their matchy stuff at Gymboree, a weakness of mine. HA! But I've never been able to afford even their sale prices with so many to clothe, so we shop the clearance bins that get pulled out 3-4 times a year and go nuts then. I often times find things for $3-5 or less. I can't even beat that at good ol' Target! And we all know the quality is much better which pays for me in the long run with so many things to pass down.

I have found several things over the years from Gymboree to other nicer namebrands at garage sales too. I don't have the time to get to them all diligently, but when I pass one, it sure is fun to check it out and see what the treasure for the day is!

Another tip is to check out your local resale shop for children. It is cheaper than buying new (some of the time....) and I find I go there to look for past lines of clothing when I'm trying to put a child in a different size we don't have or we've added a new baby or something. They all vary in quality and price, so be careful. It's not always cheaper!

In January and February, as well as July and August, stores are already onto the seasons one or two ahead of you so I've found these months to be a good time to buy clothing. I can beat garage sale prices most of the time!

Keep you eyes peeled, and remember if you don't absolutely love it, it's not worth it, even at a steal. And keep your options open as to "where" you shop. Some of my favorite finds have been at thrift stores. Many retailers donate brand new items when it's time to mark down because it's better for them to have a tax break than clearance an item down in the store.

Hope this was helpful and you can find some deals for your cuties this month or even yourself! I'm just not too interested in dressing a whale right now... HA!
But more on "that" another time.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Stock up and Save!

At Target right now!

The whole store is full of clearance items hiding at the ends of aisles or up high on some random shelf.

I've been there twice in less than 24 hours now, but hurry, it's going fast!

I found several Christmas and birthday gifts for this next year, and I'm so excited to have found such nice things for so very little, that I thought I'd share my finds with you.

These are Smith and Hawken flower kits for teachers at the end of this school year. I paid - Shhhhh... $1.24 each and the big one in the middle was a whopping $3.24. They were originally over $5 on up to $13!

I did stock up on some random birthday party gifts that we all get invited to. You know the ones where you go out and try and find something reasonable and nice that's not super junky?
I paid under $20 for all of this.
It retailed for over $56!

We usually try and get the kids something for Valentine's Day. This movie was a one day deal at $10. I think it's usually around $20. It's a super cute one too! I even laughed outloud when I saw it!

These remote control boogers were over $16 originally. $ I paid $3.98. The Target brand of Duplos in super cute colors - $2.50 (originally - $10) I know, ridiculous right?

I'm putting this cookware set away for Miss Sophie's birthday. It was over $15 and I paid, yep, $3.48 again.

This fun stash retailed for over $65. I paid $22.50! The tent/tunnel combo was the kicker here at $15, but the kid's computer was a steal at $5, and the doctor set even has the sound of a child with whooping cough all for $2.50!

This is Harrison's birthday stash for March. I figured that could be busy month for us. :) The electric guitar was $2.50, and the pet set was $4.98, and he finally got his own computer complete with mouse too! A good stash if you ask me, all for under $13!

Austin's April birthday made it in here too, and we have a super big remote control truck in the garage too! All of this retailed for over $65. I paid $20 and all because that Vikings football was almost $7.

This wild one was over $40 at Bath and Body works yesterday where I also stocked up on my hand soap. Believe it or not, it's cheaper than the store brands if you buy at the right time! Final price of the purse: $4
I think it'll make a cute gift!
I think it's super fun to find these crazy good deals, but remember, if you can't put a name or face to it, then most likely, even a good deal is money wasted.
And I do realize, that sometimes, you have to have a little extra money to save money, so don't be discouraged if it doesn't work out for you right now. It doesn't always work out here either!
It takes a bit of time and effort for sure, but I'll think it's well worth the effort next December!


When I say I've already decorated for Valentine's Day, don't be all impressed.

I must have all of 6 items, if you don't count these fresh beauties I found.

I went to a sample sale in the Cities years ago, 10 years ago to be exact, and found alot of my Christmas and holiday decor for mere dollars if not pennies.

I wish we had sample sales here.

Ok, I'm sure some of you crafties out there could whip these up in no time, but my girls wanted a little heart cheer and I found these at Hobby Lobby for a dollar. Can you even make these for a dollar?

My Martha Stewart wreath is losing chunks of beads after so many years.

Think these are cuties sitting on my oven railing.
What do you all whip out if anything for Valentine's Day?
Do you have any interesting or fun traditions you keep with your children or spouses? Leave em' in the comments!


Did this the other day and it only took about 3 hours.

Yep, wait 6 months or so and you can really see results as you scrub out the gunk.

Thought about the show "Hoarders" alot during those 3 hours.

Oh, I throw away food all the time and keep the actual food yuck out.

It's the spills, the piles of gunk that don't get tended to as often as they should be.

Also made me think of my heart.

Am I cleaning that out on a regular basis?

"Create in me a new heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me." ~ Psalms

15 months

Here's an update on Sully Man:

I'm chunkier than ever now, and although Mommy doesn't have my exact weight, be rest assured. I am solid and almost rolly polly.

I just love to eat, and it better make it on my tray fast or I start to screech.

Mommy's also working on that. Phewy.

I may have waited till I was 13 1/2 months old to even begin to walk, but now I practically run everywhere!

I finally sleep through the night most nights. This is in fact, my biggest accomplishment recently according to Mommy.

I got a big boy hair cut and my first sucker. And I hated every moment of it! I would get so mad I'd throw my sucker on the floor, and then I'd get so mad I didn't have my sucker!

Ummmm... There's been a few other "firsts" around here this month too. Phewy on "that" too.

I've fallen down stairs, gotten my fingers slammed in hinged Target doors, and am constantly defending myself against my fellow siblings.

I start running for the door every night when I hear it open and say, "Da-Da!"

Figures. 18 hours of labor and that comes before Ma-Ma.

I'm tired. Down I go for my 3-4 hour nap. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.