Thursday, January 20, 2011

32 Weeks

I can hardly keep track anymore, but I'm rounding up a few days and calling it 32 weeks. HA!
It's been awhile since I've given you curious onlookers a tummy shot, so here you are.
I may or may not give another one. I'm definetely beginning to feel the stretching begin! OR sag. Whatever it does after 8 babies.
We made the big plunge and found some good deals on Amazon with free shipping and I had some gift cards to boot so it was fun to go ahead and order some of baby's things.
We got our carseat, swing, and tub. Lucky baby #9 is getting a little of Lexie's royal treatment! HA! I looked and looked for a used tub and swing I liked, but after awhile, I gave up when I realized how much the used stores ect. even wanted. We'll put em' to good use here, and no, no purging after this baby! They're here for the long haul now. HA!
I received a $25 gift card for Target from a friend and all I had to do was register at Target to use it. This will help too! Thanks Dinah!
I'm grateful to be over my nasty sinus infection I had last month. That was the pits! I was told last month no more running after the doc took a look at my feet/legs. Ya, they're that pretty. Oh well, I miss it, but hopefully, I'll get right back into it when my body has healed enough.
Meanwhile, I need to stay away from the chocolate fudge poptarts and not crack any teeth as I chomp on my daily consumption of ice. My soap budget has gone up considerably as I deal with my Pica and my need to take in the smell of my beloved Lever 2000. I promise no tasting since Bradyn's pregnancy.
You don't even want to hear about my "other ailments" but believe it or not, I'll take them over vomiting every day all day so in my book even though it's exhausting, it's not as hard as the first 4 months!
It's hard to believe we have less than 8 weeks to go, and I'm kinda hoping for 5. I know..... Picky. Picky.
We have a lot to accomplish in that timeframe. I'm working on getting the house deep cleaned in all the nooks and crannies. You know, the things you only do once or twice a year. That and getting the baby books updated and other irrational organizational projects you feel the need to do only when having a baby. It's funny how all that goes away after baby comes and you just concentrate on surviving the first few months!
We need to figure out sleeping arrangements for a few little people and make room for a crib. We're reaching room capacity between bunks and dressers and need to figure out some new storage to make room for bodies! HA! I'll maybe bore you later with the finshed product with pictures. Of course, when I mentioned this to Jared, he went house shopping online. HA! What's more work? Rearranging some closets and furniture or a move? We'll see what the Lord has in store!
We have our names narrowed down to 2 or 3 for each gender and I think at this point, we'll wait to see what baby looks like and how the meaning fits him/her. Any guesses? And hey, I'm always open to ideas right up until the last minute! :)
Well, that's my 7 month in a nutshell and I hope my 8th is just as uncoincidental. HA! We'll see, my body like to fall apart right about now - good thing you can't really tell. OR can you??
Lator Gators! We have had a massive "fallout" in the family room and have tons of laundry to put away.

Gingerbread turns Valentine

Well, we didn't quite make the Christmas cutoff with the gingerbread house so we improvised and decided to use pink and red instead and have a Valentine theme.

I'm glad we did! The girls did a great job helping out Saturday and it was a fun project since Jared had class that day anyway.

We might make this the norm as Christmas time is so filled with other baking projects and it gets overwhelming for me.

I liked having this to do a month later without a huge deadline. There's almost 2 months between Christmas and V-Day!

What are you making this Valentine's Day?

15 And Counting

Not quite 19, but we almost have it between our two familes!

Jared and I watched some friend's kiddos the other night so they could get out for a date night and they also have 8 children, but they took the babe, and of course, our lil' nueve isn't quite here yet, but between our two familes, we have 17 children!

Getting together for dinner is a blast and an experience all rolled into one!

We love you Pettys family! Timothy, Alivia, Andrea, Adam, Krista, Marci, David, and Luke.

7 out of 8

I know they aren't all the best smiles in the universe, but 7 out of 8 is practically a record at our house.

Had to share!

6 out of 8. It all went downhill from here...

Ahhhh.... One real one in the bunch, although this is after her sad tirade about her dress not having dogs on it. She settled for just her tights and barrettes later though. Thank goodness for accessories!