Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting Ready for Nueve

I finally pulled out the baby loot yesterday and made a big mess in the process, but it was fun looking through all the little clothes and imagining who will be wearing what in just a few weeks.

I thought I'd do something new here and try out my very first vote for the going home outfit for baby Nueve.

I've had this sweet ensemble for a girl since before Sullivan was born and obviously I haven't been able to get rid of them. I think they are so cute! Same blanket for both outfits to match, but the outfit on the left is a long sleeved onesie with matching brown pants and the other is little leggings and shirtall. You can't go wrong can you?

The next sweet outfit is from Gymboree and and I snatched it up during a massive clearance. I have a thing for birds and owls now. This outfit is covered in the sweetest birds including the matching blanket right down to the socks and bib. It's also a long sleeved onesie and has matching leggings.

3 choices for the girl. I know... but it is so hard to narrow down all that girly cuteness! That's why I need your help!

The boy loot is much smaller, mostly because I haven't found anything this time around that I've fallen in love with. I'm leaning a certain way with all of these choices, but you can help me out here too. The alligator peice is a blanket and matches the striped pj's with another alligator on it, and the brown and green striped outfit is a one-peice that is fleece from Carters. The "little brother" outfit is actually a set from Carters that has a beanie hat and socks to match the pants and onesie. It would match the alligator blanket, but I'm still on the lookout for a softer one with more of a chenille look.
Leave me a comment and put your vote in for both girl and boy!

This is all the girl loot waiting to be freshly washed for ??? It's fun to remember the other girls coming home in certain outfits and being able to enjoy them all over again. They of course, will each be given their own outfit and blanket when they have their first baby.
Yes, I think we have a name for him/her. According to Jared anyway. I always like to keep my options open, but he's pretty settled and won't be swayed anymore.

And this is the boy stash. I have a bit more for a boy since Sullivan was our last and I found myself still attatched to his outfits and blankets.
A friend gave me good advice years ago, and I've tried to stick to it. It's better to have a few things you love than alot you really don't, and every baby usually gets a few new things as gifts and it's always fun for mommy to pick out something too, so don't hoard absolutely every item over the years because it will take over your home!
This has equated to a rubbermaid for each gender and I can fit the entire first year and then some into one so it's easily attainable to check out what you have for the next size coming up and pre-plan a bit.
It's getting close, and I need to make a list and check it twice. Thinking about lining up childcare and packing my own bags now. We're 2 weeks away from the time I had Bradyn and Sophia and 3 weeks away from the time I had Harrison and Sullivan.
The doc is impressed with my cervix's good behavior, and I'm just grateful to not be on bedrest of any kind even though I feel all the same lovely things I've felt with the babies I've gone early with. The Lord is good! Watch this one will get good and comfy and wait the longest knowing how crazy it sounds out here! HA!

Monkey See Monkey Do

Dress up is a big thing around here lately and we're all having fun getting a few laughs in including this monkey and our pink unicorn and lion.

Notice our little princess is missing and refuses to be anything but a princess. She won't lower hereself to an animal. She's always got her purse and heels!

Beezy Days

Sophie has us all referring to our days as "beezy." She's constantly reminding us how "beezy" she is. Hee. Hee. I love how kids mispronounce things. It sorta makes us sad when they finally get it right, and say it correctly. They are growing up so fast, but for now, we smile, and nod and respect her "beezy schedule."

This is what we've all been "beezy" with...

Morning quiet time with Daddy. They are sure to get a few snuggles in too. I love waking up to this scene coming out of my bedroom. I hope I never forget this picture in my mind.

Hide and seek in the closets. They are sure to detroy any organization in the process, but who can resist those toothy grins?

Baking Valentine treats... and devouring them!

Taking out every puzzle we own and making sure we scatter every peice everywhere in every nook and cranny before ever thinking of putting them together. But I guess we eventually get em' done and put away... eventually.
Speaking of beezy, I should be beezy cleaning and putting away instead of blogging since we have our first open house tomorrow, but I'm avoiding reality and feeling so overwhelmed I don't where to start, so here I sit updating you on our beeziness instead. Aren't you glad?

Potty Princess

This princess is officially potty trained, and very proud she earned her princess tent, not to mention all those M&M's along the way. She is dry for naps and nighttime 99% of the time and I'm so relieved as I prayed about this alot this time around. It's so hard to get my kids out of pull-ups at night once they are in that trend it seems.

A little over 6 months ago, we had 3 in diapers 24/7 and 3 still in Goodnights at night. Those boogers are expensive too, but they'd outgrown the pullups and the off brands never seemed to hold the floodwaters back if you know what I mean! I was spending at least $75 alone just on Goodnights, but it did save my sanity as I tired of washing 3 sets of bedding every night, and the mattresses certainly would've taken a hit. We invested in a bedwetting alarm last June for the older 3 and the first two children did very well with it, and within a week, were dry almost all the time. The last one has been more challenging, but he is younger than the rest were... Oh well, we're still saving money and he's making strides right?

I'm just thrilled to be on this side of the boat as it's the first time in 10 years we've only had 1 in a diaper and absolutely no one in anything at night cept' for the baby of course. And this will last for maybe another month, but we'll take it! HA!

Meanwhile, we'll keep celebrating our potty princess, "Thinderella."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Monster Snooze

So every year, for the past 3 years, Jared has taken the big boys to the long awaited Monster Truck Show. He didn't bring the camera, but took a few pics with his phone, and I couldn't resist posting this one. Harrison was so excited to go, but hadn't had a nap because of the day's busy events. I know, poor planning on my my part... I just forgot somehow during the day, and figured oh well, he'll go to bed around 7pm with the other babies. Well, he did go to bed around 7 during Monster Jam, the loudest part of the show. And it is really loud people. Like super loud even if you have earplugs in! But here he was when Jared looked down. My little baby asleep at the biggest show in his little life. Ha! Glad you got a "Monster Snooze" in sweetie!

Winter Wonders

We've been enjoying watching these birds from our window lately. We have no idea what kind of birds they are, but they burrow down and stay warm in the snow it appears, and then waddle threw the yard making these tracks. It's really kinda fascinating. Anyone have any clues? I know they aren't the best pictures through the window.

I don't know if it qualifies as a winter wonder, but we've been playing lots of dress up and legos lately. I am constantly amazed as to what Brady comes up with all on his own.
And our Sophie girl is now refusing to answer to Sophie. She insists that she's really "Thinderella." Am I induldging her by obliging so willingly? I simply can't resist.
What are you doing to keep the Wonder in Winter?

Winter Wakup

Earlier this winter, when it was warmer, remember those days?

Ya, it's been a bit too fridgid for any outdoor play lately my friends and family in the south.

It's been 30-40 below much of January and February so far with windchills and although my kids are tough till -10 at school for outdoor recess, I can't make myself send them outside if it's below 0. Call me wimpy. I just hate the cold that way.

Anywhoo, I digress.

Here is a shot of the kids all piled high on the makeshift sledding hill Jared and our neighbor, "Mr. Craig", built for the kids. I think the dads had just as much fun as the kids if I do say so myself.

It's kept them busy with their Tonka trucks and sleds and snowboards so all in all, it was a good investment of time I think.

Now, if we could just get it to warm up again!

The next several pictures are from my neighbor who bravely offered to take my older 4 children sledding with their family.

As you can see, the kids had a blast and I reveled in the solitude while they were gone. Ha!

This cute man, is their peanut, Joshua. He cracks us up and is always coming up with the funniest things and they are funny because he's usually dead serious when he says them!

This pic brought back memories from my childhood when my dad would pile us three kids in the car almost every Saturday during the cold North Dakota winters and take us sledding at a nearby state park.
To this day, every hill pales in comparison because that hill was just the best. It was like a mini mountain. And everyone knows, we don't have those in excess in ND.
Thanks Dad. As a parent now, I realize just how much work that must have been for you, but we loved it!

Brady cautiously taking his ride down the hill...

Lexie looks pretty happy here!

Did someone hit a bump?

Run Austin run!

The pack at the top of the hill

Serious snow spray!!

The next Shawn White! In her dreams at least!

Maybe not...
Thanks again Mr. Craig and Miss Suzanne. We love you and appreciate all you do for us!