Thursday, February 17, 2011

While I'm Waiting - John Waller

Naughty Nueve

I know I've got some serious bedhead here.

Just try and ignore.

It was worse before they let me get up and take a shower.

If you haven't surmised from the picture yet, I had to go into the hospital last night.

I actually went in because I thought I may have a high leak in my bag of waters.

I'll spare you the fun details there. HA!

The tests never came back conclusive, (which is normal I guess) but even though I was running a fever I never had a positive test result for any type of bladder or blood infection. Thank-you God!

We're hoping since baby's fluid level looked fine on the ultrasound, (along with those chubby cheeks and chin) that even if I have a tear we're good to go for awhile there.

Apparently I'm full of water.

I better be full of something I say!

Meanwhile during all of this they insist on monitoring you and baby to make sure everything looks fine there, and they asked me if I realized how strong my contractions were.

Funny, because they really didn't feel any different then they have for the last month or so. Uncomfortable.... some I need to stop and breathe through a bit, but not really abnormal for me by this time in my pregnancy.

They of course, checked me, and instead of being a good little cervix like last week, it was moving in the wrong direction and with contractions ever 5-6 minutes they decided to give me some some meds to see if that slowed them down. Even though I'm 35 weeks now, and they don't do anything super drastic to stop you, they still felt they should try and hold baby off if they could.

After the first dose, nothing but more contractions, and by this time they were starting to feel different. You know that vibrating shiver of pain you get down your thigh and @*^? Well, I was getting that, and then I knew, we were definetely headed in the wrong direction for the evening.

I had dilated to a 3 and showed no signs of slowing down so out came the shot of the "Big T." Yuck.

Still nothing!

At this point, they told me to get comfy for the night, and hope I wouldn't be having a baby. Another dose of the first medication, and after 3 rounds of meds, my uterus finally took a breather and began to settle down.

Needless to say, when I say settle down, it means I wasn't gripping the bedside in pain anymore but still very uncomfortable and couldn't sleep much as they kept me very aware.

So now I felt jittery from the meds and tired all at the same time, but sleep was non-existent for me until after the doc came in in the morning.

He double checked to make sure I wasn't "moving" anymore and had me stick around for the day to watch what my body did lying in bed and just taking it easy with these meds.

Nueve began to shape up along with my cervix and I haven't had more than 4 contractions an hour since I left the hospital.

What does all this mean?

My new goal: (since I already reached 35 weeks) To reach 36!

Take it easy this week and take my meds like a good girl and remember that this too is a season, and it shall pass. Yes, I'm officaially on bedrest, but only for a week! I've done bedrest since 28 weeks before - so this is cake right?!

Please pray for my kiddos and my hubby. They rock and are being very helpful munchkins and troopers, but I know the pressure is there for them in their own way.

Lexie is always asking questions making sure I'm ok, and Brady gathered everyone around last night on his own to pray for me and the baby so that the baby didn't have to go to the NICU like he did. SO sweet...

I am blessed. Blessed with a husband who has a servant's heart and 8 children who love me and care for their mommy. Blessed with friends and family who care enough to pray. Blessed with a Lord who is gracious enough to allow us to wait to meet our newest addition.

I will carry this added weight and stress and all the uncomfortable things that go with it, because it is a priviledge to serve my God this way and hopefully, in some way bring glory to His name in this situation. What's another day, one day at a time, in light of eternity?

I pray this child rests in our arms and not in some NICU bed, but even in that, God has a plan, and I will choose to rest in it.

Meanwhile, I wait, I hurt a little, sometimes alot, and yet I want to choose joy. Joy because we serve an amazing God and I want to serve Him and worship Him in any way I can these next few weeks even if it means I'm doing it from my bed watching the chaos around me, cringing at my messies, and cringing even more if we get a house showing. HA!

He gave me this song on the drive home from the hospital and I cried as I heard it in a new way regarding our situation now at home.

I couldn't figure out how to put the song on this post and so it ended up right above here. Give it a new listen and be encouraged, challenged, and convicted to serve and worship God in a new way today no matter what you're waiting on!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day started out pretty sweet at our house cause Daddy went on an early morning donut run and that made everyone's morning special and the sugar high just seemed to continue throughout the day.

I remember waking up to a Valentine treat at my breakfast spot as a child so this is what we do at our house now. I found these fun shaped candy boxes at Walmart and tried to choose something each child would think was fun. I had also nabbed some fun jammies way before Christmas and set them aside for later. I think they'll be fun to wear up to the hospital if we have the new baby near bedtime. I wish I could've found big sister jammies, but I gave up eventually and settled for these cute monkeys.

Another tradition Jared and I began is that he shops for the girls and I shop for the boys and their siblings get in on it too. We want to train them to be thoughtful for their future spouses and families as they get older. It doesn't have to be much money; it really is the thought that counts!

Opening Valentines... Can you guess what Keilah Grace's had on it? Look at that tongue hanging out in excitement!

What would the morning be without a little candy?

Their eyes haven't even adjusted to the light yet here! HA!

The kids all love getting little Sully man up from his bed in the morning.

A little Valentine lunch for the school kids... I know, the sugar yesterday was unreal. Sue me.

Daddy's second Valentine!

And his third!

And his fourth Valentine!

And his shyest that morning was his Sophie girl. She didn't know what to do with all the attention!

All ready for their school parties and super excited!

We wound down a bit with some PBS that morning.

Keilah Grace discovered the computer last month and loves to play games now.

Sophie barely let her rose out of her grip yesterday for more than a minute!

She even tucked it in with her at naptime. I just about woke her up taking this picture later on. Oopsie!

We ended the day with a new movie about raining meatballs after grilling steaks with all the fixings.
It was a perfect Valentine's Day in my book. I even got a sweet card from my hubby along with an impromtu Qu-Doba lunch delivered to my dining room table and I'm sporting my new t-shirt here. "My Husband Rocks" And he has a "My Wife Rocks" tee too. HA! We'll have to have the kids take a picture sometime. I can't believe he came up with this.
Sometimes, he still surprises me... and I love him immensely for it.