Wednesday, February 23, 2011

School of Hard Knocks

This kid looks like he's going to have plenty of opportunity. Ha!

Guess What?

We set up the crib this last weekend!

And this little man was pretty intrigued.

He's never seen one. HA! Poor guy.

He's still in our closet in his pack-n-play where it's nice and quiet and dark as night even in the middle of the day.

And no Dad, I don't think he'll need therapy because of it....

Can't wait to put Nueve in here! It won't be long now!

I'm off my meds tomorrow and hopefully off of bedrest too. We'll see what the doc says at my appointment in the morning.

Isn't the crib nice? I found it a few moths ago at a thrift store for super cheap and it's in great condition! And I just found a mattress at a local resale shop for kids for just over $20. God's so good in providing for our needs!

16 months and Counting

Here's Sullivan again enjoying a ride in our Bible bag from Dad. He was all grins here.

I can't believe you're 16 months old and counting sweetie. You are such a ham now, and we get lots of good laughs every day with your antics. You also drive us crazy as well with your fascination with toilet paper and the the toilet bowl and brush. Aaugh!!! We have a closed door policy now.

You go from room to room every day not playing with much of anything especially toys. You just like to dump out cuboards and drawers and then scatter them everywhere! Silly man, you drive your mama crazy! If you're not in the bathroom, you're diggin' for Daddy's chapstick and in the pantry scrounging for food. But food can almost always be found under our barstools! Hee Hee.

You watched your first movie for more than 5 minutes this last week when I found an old movie the girls had when they were little. - "Psalty- Little Praisers." You love the songs and you love to rock your head and dance with your lil' booty. Nobody has to teach a baby how to groove!

You learned how to go down the stairs this month after a few tumbles - poor baby, but now you seem to have the hang of it.

You have said a few more words too. Daddy, Mommy, ball, dog, and car.

You sign for more and please real well too. You are getting the hang of signing for milk and Mama's working on no with you! HA!

You fit in with the rest of the crowd and absolutely lurve doggies and get super excited to see Daddy walk through the door every night. Me too. :)

Your big brothers and sisters sure love to blow bubbbles on your tummy and you just laugh right along with them. I hope you always have this much fun together and end up being best of friends.

YA, it was crazy hat night at Awana club. (Maddie won by the way....)
I can't believe you won't be the baby baby for much longer Sully Wully. It's been so quick, but you're going to be a good big brother. I just know it! And you can always give your mama snuggles on her lap anytime you want cause' you'll always be my baby no matter how many babies mama has!