Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Three

Snoozing with the puppy Keilah Grace picked out for me...

Look at those puffy cheeks!

From left to right... Lexie, Maddie, Brady, and Austin all picked out these goodies for me! You can see each of their personalities in them too!
Katie, Viet, and lil' Nathan came over for a visit. We sure do appreciate our neighbors!

I sure do fill out my newborn clothes better than anyone else did!

Yummy In My Tummy

Aren't they deliciously cute??

I think they be deliciously cute.

I could just eat them sometimes.

Austin all ready for Cowboy Day at school.
Sullivan lovin' wearin' Daddy's socks!

Homeward Bound

All packed up to go home!

Even though we relish our stay at the hospital, it's just as sweet to go home!

I missed my other 8 babies!

We try and get all our guest's signatures on a matte we use to frame our going home pictures we've always taken right before we leave the hospital with the new baby. Each of these hang on a wall in the nursery and it's fun to see each little face peeking out from fastly aging arms. HA!

Katie and Sydney came to visit us before we left for the day. Sydney even brought Sebastian a little lobster from the movie - " The Little Mermaid" His name is also Sebastian. What a sweetheart!

Heading for home sweet boy!

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Mommy's good friend, Jill, also caught us just before we left for home so we had to pull you out of your seat so she could admire you!

Home Again!

Looky Looky!

I'm all nervous again Mommy!

Alexis has been such a great help to me already. I hope it doesn't wear off!

Brady is such a sweetheart and is so tender with Sebastian. It just melts me.

Austin likes to hold his little brother.

Funny girl is so proud of him.

Can we say cheesy Harrison?

3 out of 6 of my boys!

I lurve flowers and got a few really pretty boquets from some friends. We are still enjoying them, and they make me hopeful for spring!

Theses are the super cute cookies my friend Jill had made for us. Aren't they to die for??

S is for Sebastian!

Balloons are so much fun!

Until the fighting begins...

Nighty Night!

My 1st night at home!

Mama's papoose...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Until Further Notice:

This is the kind of day I'm having. My brain is fried, I have no bodily control of certain functions (You know the ones), and no real memory to speak of. And it's just the way it is today and until further notice.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sebastian's First Day

Sebastian met his first day with lots of visitors and after a first night where he did his fair share of crying he pretty much slept through it all. HA!

Here's the little people after they came up to see their mama and take their first gander at their new brother. They were so excited, and even came bearing gifts for him.

Daddy always takes the kids out shopping for the new baby and Keilah Grace and Sophia picked out a puppy and Harrison and Sullivan got him some Vikings slippers.

I missed my Big Baby!

On the way to the nursery to see Sebastian! What a long walk for little legs!
He was being checked out by the pediatrician.

Trying to get a peek of the new brother through the windows... Even I had trouble finding him. He just does not resemble our babies very much.

And the conclusion is: Sebastian is most definetely full term. More likely to be 38-39 weeks which may not seem like much, but considering how much babies gain at the end, believe me, it felt like much! It all makes perfect sense now that 3 weeks earlier, they had to try so hard to stop my labor, when now knowing what they do, I was actually further along, and it would've been fine for them to allow me to go. But the Lord does have a purpose and reason for everything and this may include his lung development which we prayed for so much, so maybe that's why I carried him as long as I did.... And I'd do it all over again - except maybe the labor part... Hee. Hee.

March 10th is also Harrison's birthday so the boys will have their big days one day aprt. I just prayed they wouldn't have to share their big day as I can only imagine that that might be hard on a kiddo. Here's to my big 4 year old! I lost my baby Hair Bear!

Look who looks so protective of her lil' brother already!

Sullivan seemed pretty interested, but was actually pretty shy and nervous all at the same time. He did not want to hold him and was pretty nervous about reaching out to touch him. This is a good thing as we were thinking about Sebastian's future safety already. HA!

You never forget these precious firsts! I hope they remember too!

I just melted here.... She just did this without any prompting.

Touch nice little man.

Nervousness sets in....

Now I'm scared of him....

Half my bunch. Boys rule now!

Talking with Grandpa...

We enjoy our hospital stay and few hours of solitude here and there. Even with all the hustle that the nurses create going in and out, there's something about just being together with your baby most of the time, snagging a nap here and there, taking advantage of room service and wonderful crushed ice that makes those two days away from your other blessings relaxing and special.
We know we'll never be alone with just this baby for a long long time! I spent the first night just looking him over in awe of his features and just how different he was from our others, praising God for a safe natural delivery. I cried and cried over another beautiful gift of grace shown to us. We don't deserve these children because we are super wise or super patient, but we are honored and feel priviledged to try and raise Sebastian along with our others as a servant of the King.

Here's my girlfriend, Lindsay. Sorry girl! You're way too cute not to post this. I on the other hand, may regret this.... HA! She is just a week or so behind me, but here I've already had Sebastian! Isn't she tiny?? Ahhhh. I remember the days.... I assure you 25 pounds are gone now and I'm working on another 20. Uffda. Don't get me started on my weight. That's a whole other post. Actually, that's a whole other blog! HA!

Our dream neighbor and now dear friend, Suzanne.

Our Pastor Tim and Beth, also sweet friends.

Lois, another old friend who just made our day coming to see us!
Thank-you guys. It made us feel so special. Without our families here, it really means alot to have you come and visit us!