Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newborn Days

I bought this for baby Faith and I can't help but think of "him" too when I look at this. I'm glad I saved it. It makes me smile knowing I'll meet "him" too one day.

I love this outfit handed down from Sullivan. Isn't it cute? Well, I guess you can't see much of it due to Mr. Pudgy Pants.

I found Sullivan sharing his sippy cup of milk with Sebastian the other day. Melt. My. Heart. Sippy cup sharing is big stuff around here.
Ok. I know this is super bad lighting, but he was just all clean and "Baby Magic" smelling here. I had to share. Can you smell that?

I love how newborns cross their legs so naturally all the time.

All rolled up like a ducky in Grandma's blanket she made him.

This is the best swaddling blanket ever. So light, yet so big. It kept him happy for hours at a time. Thanks Roxy!

You gotta love that nuky. I found these cuties at Walmart and had to snatch them up. They are so sportin' cute! I've seen them at Target now too.

You're not awake too much yet, but here you are looking around a little bit.

Austin sure does love you and likes to hold you when he comes home from school.

Finger Lickin' Good!

My big hands...

Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean...

All ready for my 2 week check up!

I was back up to 9.1lbs with my diaper on. Yay for me! I'm in the 60th percentile! A first for my mommy!

This outfit was from Harrison who got it from Auntie who bought it for me due to Hair Bear's heart condition. Daddy and Lexie think it makes me look like a girl. What do they know?

6 out of 9 with Dr Welle. I think we broke fire code again at the doctor's office. Ya, we were the room with the periodic screaming, crying, and yes, a few yelps from Mommy too. Lexie and Maddie were walking the halls with the Dragon at this time. Er... I mean Sullivan.

Keilah Grace put these in his swing to keep him company. "He needs his fwends." She picked out the dog for him with Daddy while we were in the hospital.
I'm trying to soak up as much newborn goodness as I can these days, but it's been a tougher recovery. First, I got a terrible case of mastitus which landed me in the ER crying like a baby all boogery and hormonal, but after a few hours of IV's I was functional enough to go home. After about a week it was much better, but Jared and I and the babies had already gotten the flu. Icky stuff I tell you. Icky stuff.... Then, thankfully, my afterbirth contractions finally slowed down after a massive episode of labor pain which ended after an hour of writhing on our bed scaring Jared a bit I think. But I'll leave the ending to that story up to your imaginations. More icky stuff I tell you. Then..... I know it's almost humorous now huh? I have always struggled with vericois veins since my 5th baby and they are more bothersome when I'm pregnant and actually at times quite painful. But, they have always gotten better within days of delivery. Well, not this time. They've gotten worse. Much worse. And now I have an infection in my ankle that requires surgery as I can't walk unless I'm drugged up pretty good. Yep, I'm pumped full of narcotics folks, but walking is pretty necessary around these parts, so surgery it is. I'll spare you the gross details and maybe scare you with a before and after picture later. Not now, I've been humiliated beyond capacity this week already. So Monday in the big day, and Lord willing, I'll be back to functioning soon after the healing process is over. I'm sure Jared is just as excited. Poor guy is so sleep deprived as me these days! Well, that's our exciting life in a nutshell the last two weeks. Hope it brightened your day. HA! I'll try and get caught up with my blogging in the next day or so. Have more cute pics to share. Yes, we do have other children... Lator Gators!