Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Miracle Baby

A little over 4 years ago now, we welcomed our precious personal miracle, Harrison Grant Rivers, weighing in at 7 lbs. 4oz. I was able to hold him only for a few short seconds before he was shuffled over to the NICU nurses, and soon taken to the NICU for further observation and tests. They are always so calm and collected when they announce this to you, but having had done this already once before, I knew what it meant, and I completely broke down into sobs. We hurredly snapped a family photo out of tradition and asyou can see, I look ravishing. I knew my baby who wasn't crying and had seen his deep chest lower into raspy breaths meant his lungs were far from developed and prayed as I sobbedinto my girlfrind'sarms as she recited , "The Lord is my Rock and my Redeemer, whom shall I fear...." over and over again. To this day, that verse brings great comfort and tears to my eyes when I hear it. Jared had followed the NICU team and was gone.I could not get up to follow as I was still being worked on. Those were very dark moments for me. It was later shared by the charge nurse that as time went by, they were not sure of Harrison's outcome. His breathing only worsened and after being put on a C-Pap, they decided it was not enough, and needed to intubate him to help him to breathe. I wasn't able to hold or even touch him as it stressed him out for days. 8 to be exact. It nearly ripped my heart out and I found it hard to breath myself at times as I would sit over his cradle and pray for my baby boy. Every night before I kissed him goodbye, I would sing, "He's my Son" to him. Harrison knows today, that that's "his song," and his mama thanks God with all her heart, that He answered her prayers. All of his doctors and nurses were great, but God allowed us to have a dear friend of ours, Kelli, be his primary nurse during his stay, and she saved his life at least once when he into one of his SVT bouts - another condition Harrison was born with. SVT is a fancy abbreviation for the condition that raises his heart rate to dangerous speeds and it won't slow down on it's own. Kelli shocked him back to a safer rate once on her shift and she holds a special place in our hearts always. He has seemed to outgrow his needs for meds now, but for the first year of his life we were on close watch and gave him meds twice daily. We were so stressed out when we first came home from the hospital with our 5 1/2 pound boy. You would've thought we had entered medical school! We'll watch as he grows older and joins sports and such for a reoccorance of this condition, but we know Hiseye is on the sparrow, and thatmeans our Harrison too! One of the biggest obstacles besides gaining weight, sucking/eating, maintaning body temperature, and other small things Harrison had to achieve was to heal from his pneumothorax he developed in his lungs when He was just 24 hours old. He tore his lungs badly and to this day, it shows up on X-ray. He will heal completely eventually, but this also almost took his lil' life and for the first year of his life we had to keep him very sheltered from germs as much as we could withour little ones around. We didn't venture out much until later and then were very careful about hand washing and holding priviledges - even with other adults. So whenI handmy newborn to you now, it is a reminder of this and a true joy to have a healthy baby! I had to throw in that last pictureto explain his nickname "Hair Bear." HA!

This is how Harrison spent his fourth birthday. I kinda felt guilty till I saw this picture. He was so proud to be holding his new baby. He promptly patted my tummy when he came in the room, and looked up and said, "It's getting little bit smaller Mama." HA!

He chose a Mickey Mouse theme this year and my good friend Lindsay,whom I've raved about before took this adorable shirt on. I just love it - don't you? Checkher out I tell you! Look up BlueYodey on facebook or etsy.

Harrison enjoyed many gifts and besides Mickey Mouse, is into dinosaurs and Toy Story. I love this kid's imagination!

His choice meals for the day were oatmeal, yogurt, and tacos. That's my boy! He even got the namebrand kid themed brands that I never spend the extra money on!

I was planning on making him some super duper cute Mickey Mouse cupcakes, but alas, Sebastian finally showed up and stole my steam for awhile, so Daddy was sent out for a cake and after Harriosn informed him it should have had Mickey Mouse on it, politely said, "That's ok, I'll eat it."

I once told him to put his chin down for a picture and so this is what I get now. Ha!

Thanksfor my Toy Story PJ's and my Mickey Mouse set Nanny. I love them!

You are growing up so fast Harrison and I can hardly believe you've been given to us for 4 years. I loved you before you were even born and it's only grown. You make Daddy and I smile and grit our teeth every day. We pray you grow into a boy who loves Jesus with all his heart, just how you love to sing the song now... Jesus Loves Me. YOu are strong-willed and we pray you direct that into a love for others and a heart for non-believers and the LOrd uses you to bring others to himself. YOu've been given more than one chance at life already Hair Bear, and we desire you to give that chance back over to the Lord for His glory!

Monday, March 28, 2011

My 1st Bath

My 1st bath was kinda scary. It all seemed to start out fine... My cord fell off after 8 days so into the tub I went. Mommy tried it at the kitchen sink and ended up making a big mess so she'll stick with the bathroom in the future. At first, I cried and cried. Then I calmed down a bit. Maybe I like the water. Something familiar about it... I went back and forth about how I feel about it. Now, Mommy says I fall asleep in the tub. Ok. So burnt orange isn't my very best color, but a towels' a towel right? Well, my mommy needs to feed me again. More bathtime pictures later I'm sure. Happy Monday Everyone!

Grandma and Auntie Meet Baby

Jared's Mom, aka Grandma, came to help out the week after Jared went back to work and she helped put meals on the table and crafted away with the kiddos. The girls especially had lots of fun with this as their Mommy doesn't take the time to craft too much. It was a crazy busy week as usual after a new baby comes home, but I think everyone made some memories including their traditional trip to crafting stores and of course, McDonalds. :)
Grandma also gave some impromtu piano lessons which I think benefited the kids greatly and hopefully, their piano teacher even noticed at their next lesson.

Grandma holds Sebastian for the first time.

Auntie and cousin Noah meet Sebastian too. Thanks for the visit. We can't wait to see all the great pics Auntie took while she was here. I'll be sure to post those later!

This N' That

Sophie crawled up into our bed one morning and just went to sleep. She had the flu bug so bad. Such a high fever and body aches. Poor booger. We were just all miserable when we had the flu. Glad that's over and done with! I was still feeling the ickies, so Jared took Alexis to the CEF banquet and made a little Daddy Daughter Date out of it. I think she had a pretty good time even though she wasn't impressed with the mushroom ravioli on the menu for the evening. Ha!
My baby Froot Loop...
Bradyn is such a great big brother and took the time here to help Harrison with his new birthday stencils. I hope they have a close relationship as they get older and are always looking out for each other.
Austin graduated to tie shoes this last week as his school shoes had worn plum out and there was no waiting for flip flop season as it's just not warming up quick enough here. He already does a great job tying and is pretty proud of himself to boot!
We've had a few pajama days here the last few weeks. (including Mama!)

Madeline got her hair striped orange at Family Fun Night at school this last weekend. She was feeling pretty cool!