Monday, April 11, 2011

Kyle's Namesake

These are our dear friends, Don and Roxy Shorma. They are more like family to us in many ways. They have invested in Jared and I both in many ways over the last 10 years or so. They have unconditionally loved us and our children and even the ugly in our hearts. That's a hard thing to come by these days. Someone willing to sacrifice time, energy, and share pearls of wisdom in areas like marriage and parenting without expecting anything in return... Sharing parts of your heart that you don't share with anyone else because you know they won't share it with anyone else and will love you all the same when they see the ugly in your life. And all because we share a love for Jesus, our Saviour. Don and Roxy would never claim to be perfect, and in fact, are some of the most humble believers we know, but they have given of themselves over and over again in countless ways to us as well as many others. We might not share that Saviour or have the friendship we have had it not been for their precious little man, Kyle Donald Shorma. He lived only 3 short months before he met Jesus and drew Don and Roxy to their knees, eventually realizing their own need for a Saviour soon after his death. They have stated more than once that had it not been for Kyle's life and his death, they do not know if they would have seen their need for Christ. And so we come to the why of naming our precious little man after their precious little man. I don't have a flowery explanation, but have always had a soft spot in my heart for their tragedy and thought of their testimony often over the years. Am I a willing vessel for Christ willing to be used even when things don't go my way? I want to be, and I desire that for Sebastian as well. Kyle's life and his death challenge my heart in this area, and I pray it is a lesson to Sebastian as well. Jared and I named Sebastian after Kyle in honor of what God can do if we are willing to be pliable and desire to follow after Him even when the going gets rough., or heaven forbid, even if tragedy strikes... Although we never had the opportunity to meet their precious Kyle, we pray the story the Lord has written through his life and death is a challenge and reminder to us all. I know it is to us. And so we have our own "Kyle" to love on now, and one day, we'll meet his namesake and their Maker... "He makes everything beautiful in His time." ~ Ecclesiastes 3:1

California Girl

Alexis has been working very hard on her fourth grade project in Social Studies the past few months. Last week we were able to finally get it all put together and see the fruit of all her hard work. She had so many creative ideas from the fruit bowl displaying some of California's most popular produce to her state research and of course, the glamour she added here and there. She even dressed for the state on Parent's night and went clad in swimsuit and flip-flops! We're so proud of you honey!! You got the best possible grade and you deserved it!
Here she is presenting her research to us on the computer.

Our neighbors and good friends, Craig and Suzanne, surprised us and showed up to support Lexie. We couldn't ask for better neighbors. They feel more like family to us now. Double sniff.

We ended the evening with ice cream at the DQ and had a very special night with our #1 California Girl!

Sick and Tired

Of waiting on Mommy these days.

So many little people crying...

Who to take care of first?

This time Sebastian won out and Sullivan gave up on being wiped off after lunch anytime soon.

So this is what Mommy found when she arrived in the kitchen.

And you were out cold poor baby.

We sure do love you Sullivan Charles and want you to know you're still our baby too.

Just in monster form...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4 Weeks

You are one month old now. I can hardly believe how fast this month has gone. Well, maybe I can. It's been a bit crazy around here. You don't smile yet, although I do catch you smiling when you're sleeping, so I am anxious to see you smile at me. You do alot of eating and pooping. OH, and you like to pee on us, and the walls, and the carpet, and the changing table. You get the picture. You eat every three-ish hours during the day and and night. Sometimes, you end up wide awake during the night after your feeding. Not so fun for us, but I have caught a few good HGTV episodes during that timeframe. You grew out of all four of your newborn outfits this last week. Sniff. Sniff. We tried to weigh you doing the ol' subtraction thing on the scale here at home and we are guessing you are at least 10 pounds if not a bit more. You do look like Brady and a teeny bit of Lexie and Daddy and I do see your cute cousin Noah in you too. It's in your eyes and cheeks. You also look alot like Daddy's baby pictures and it only took 9 trys to get one that did! HA! You get tummy aches alot and we are giving gripe water a try. Hopefully, it'll help out my poor man. All your older siblings love to hold you for small smidgeons of their day, and then of course, they're too busy, but I know they love you very much. Sophie calls you "Question." I love that. We call you Sullivan because we're brain dead and sleep deprived and get you ALL mixed up. You make lots of scarfly little noises. You got your first fever and cough, but made it through like a trooper. Your hair is already growing and is getting blonder. I think you'll have real nice hair like KG and Lexie as it grows in. That's where all the talent stops for this month. Next month, I'm sure we'll have more to share! Or at least more pooing and peeing.... HA! The adorable outfit Sebastian is wearing is from my friend Lindsay. Check her botique out and get a glimpse of all her talents. Look up Blue Yodey on Facebook! She's super reasonable!

Life as We know It

Sometimes we're happy.
And sometimes we're not.

The Messies

Just one meal can create this at our house, so imagine if I miss a few meals without sweeping... Ya, this is just one meal. Use your imagination. And then multiply that by 10. Sometimes, ok alot of times, I can sweep up an entire FULL dustpan and think to myself how many starving children would this feed... So pitiful. The House of Messies.

High And Dry

Austin's been working on being dry at night, and I think we've finally reached our goal (knock on wood!) so he and Daddy went out today to pick up a prize - anything he wanted! (within reason of course) He picked out a new Wii game (of course) and the kids had fun playing on and off all day. We don't allow them to play during the week so weekends are a treat for them. They even had their buddy, Joshua over for awhile to try it out. Good job Austin. We know you worked hard, and I think I'm happier than anyone!

Baby Face

Here's some pics for the grandparents! Wish you could meet him! We sure do love our new baby face!