Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Tisket, A Tasket

An Easter Basket!

Or in our case, an Easter bucket!
I found these for a $1 at Target a few years ago, and bought up ummmm alot.... just in case you know.

I fill them with the expected Easter candy, and usually a a trinket or two.

This year, the big "to do" was flip flops for the summer! Cheap star wars lego sets for the older boys, charms for the girls necklaces, and Leap Frog learning DVD's for the little ones completed the buckets. It was kinda fun picking out candy since I've never done this before believe it or not. I even found mini Cadburry eggs! (Yes, Jill!!)

Some of this stuff you have to get them anyway, and I figured it would be fun to pull them out for Easter since it's never warm enough for them before that time anyway.

We colored eggs later that day and it dawned on me for the first time ever that the reason the stores are lined with distilled vinegar this time of year is because it makes the eggs brighter and more vibrant. I've always wondered why my eggs turned out so light and pastel. I'm super bright like that. 33 years old, and just connecting the dots.... Typical.

We've been doing the Ressurection eggs with the children and it's been so much fun to hear them telling the Easter story to us! Well, I guess Harrison was really telling us the Christmas story, but it's so cute anyway, and Brady is filled with facts!

I hope your day was filled with thoughts of our precious Saviour and all He accomplished on the cross for us many years ago!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It Hurts to Be Beautiful

Nough said huh?

Sophie was not impressed.

Keilah Grace was excited until she laid down. HA!

These two were more cooperative with the idea as it was theirs to begin with! Good thing, cause' once they laid down, they knew it might be a long night. Hee. Hee. I remember these things as torterous. I wore them until I was at least 16 too. My how times have changed.... Sigh of relief.

Palm Sunday

I got to go to church on Palm Sunday!

I was so excited as I hadn't been to church in such a long time! (twice since December - oh my!)

I've missed my church family so much and it just felt so nice to see my friends and hear the Word preached and sing praises with other believers!

I cried as I stood there and heard our voices sing praises to our Saviour!

Thank-you Jesus for saving my soul!

Passin' Thru

Grandma and Grandpa passed through town last week and stopped by for an hour for a quick visit and Grandpa finally got to meet Sebastian!

The kids got their hugs and tickles and even a few romps in too!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hangin' with the Gurlz

Here's Sebastain with his girl - Nora Kate. Isn't she absolutely the sweetest thing?

They took a little swing together while all the other gurlz were gabbing and munching and trying to cheer the mommy up that hadn't been out in public for weeks on end. (Unless it involved the ER or Sanford Clinic.) I sure got my fair share of those places for a few weeks.

Here's my girlfriend Laura. She's a keeper and helps keep the mood light with oreos and bunny trails. She's is used of the Lord more than she knows and has been a huge help to me at different times throughout the last few years. Brave enough to take all my kids at once and drive my monster van!!

Here's Trish. What can I say about cheery Trish? She is super thoughtful and sensitive and intentional about making those around her feel loved and
appreciated. She's also bouncy and flouncy, and fun, fun, fun! Like Tigger!

Baby Yohanna's deep chocolatey brown eyes are just so easy to melt into. Sullivan has an eye on her too!
She's Laura's sweet baby.

Tammy is a baby whisperer. Seriously talented baby snuggler.... She's the sweetest, kindest gal. I enjoy her friendly spirit, and her babysitting services! Her hubby isn't bad either in that department!

I missed pics of a couple of other good friends. We were all just laughing so hard and carrying on while we munched chocolate and sipped diet pepsi.

Thanks again gurlz for cheering me up!!

18 mONTHS!

I can hardly believe you're 18 months Sullivan!

You light up our lives everyday with your cheesy smile and yes, even your naughtiness makes us laugh!

You are wearing your Old Navy overalls here. All of our babies have worn these from Lexie on down. I have a few things that have lasted 10 years!

This month your talents lie in opening doors all by yourself including exit doors. Oh vey.

You love the pantry and are constantly tasting and sampling anything your chubby little hands can reach. The bottom shelf is almost completely empty now, and the top shelf, super stuffed!

You love to wave goodbye to the big kids as they head off for school and sometimes you get pretty upset when you can't go with them.

You just love to hear that garage door open and you just know that Daddy's home. You start squealing "Daddy!" before you even lay eyes on him!

You have snuggled more with us this last month than any other time in your life. I think I know why.... But we'll take it, and I've even secretly enjoyed those middle of the night snuggles we had shortly after Sebastian came home. I think you felt pretty sad once you knew he was around to stay. You laid wide awake for over on hour in my arms just rocking with your milk. That's ok. I missed you too.

You talk way more than any of our other boys did. Brady didn't say a word till he was 3, so to hear you say car, down, no, Mommy, Daddy, baby, bobby, (which is cup and blanket in baby language...) bye-bye, doggy, and several others I'm sure I can't remember right now is alot of fun. You also babble in conversation with yourself quite often, and Daddy and I get such a kick out of it!

You are a cruiser going down the steps now which is so nice because I must say you fell down ours more than any other baby I know. I think you were just so determined to do it!

You still take nice long naps in the afternoon. 3-4 hours. I know. Lucky me, but he does make up for it during his waking hours. Busy doesn't even seem to be the right category. Catestrophic maybe?

You are getting more and more teeth all the time and seem to enjoy poeple as your knawing grounds. Ya, Brady has some serious teeth marks in his chest. Poor guy... Watch out world, my temper gets me into trouble. Daddy and Mommy are really trying to train me to have some self -control.

You puffy heart food. And love you some chicken pot pie! That's my boy! Comfort food can never begin too early in my book.

You love going outside and think that you can hang with the big kids all the time. The street does not scare you in the least and we are also working on that lil' problem!

You look very manly in your rainboots and I just love how they go up to your knobby little knees.

You are constantly trying to figure your world out and you sat on our bed the other day for quite awhile trying to put Sebastian's tennies on. I got a few snickers in. You were so frustrated!

You love your new baby, but gentle is not in your vocabualry or your genetic make-up, so someone is always on "Sully-Patrol."

You discovererd coloring this month and now the challenge is for the coloring to remain on paper. Super vey.

You still love your blanky, but I think I finally got you hooked on your lovey! This makes our outings much easier without needing to haul another big blanky around town.

You think it's your job to dump my books off the bookshelf. Every. day. Mutiple. times. Every. day.


Even though you drive me batty.

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Alexis was able to bring cupcakes to school last week to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. The joys of a summer birthday... You get to celebrate twice!

6 Weeks

Time has flown, and it always goes quickly after the birth of a new baby.

Sebastian's birth is no different and here I sit wondering where the time has gone.

Ok, well, I was drugged up on three different pain pills for over 6 weeks, but who's keeping track of that right?

A woman had to walk - well in my case, gimp right?

Here's the lil' man cub now filling out faster than any of his brothers and sisters ever did. I think he's up to 11- 11 1/2 pounds now. It is a guess as Jared and I are just subtracting on our scale at home.

Let's see here... Sebastian's new talents the last two weeks are: simply being awake more and more, looking around and focusing on objects and people, and growing more fuzzy blonde hair. My personal fave of course! HA! He's had mutiple blowouts - ISH! And we're just waiting for that smile to appear for real. We see it when he's sleeping, but it hasn't happened for real yet!

I came into our bedroom the other day to find Sebastian with Sophie's precious lovies. She had "shared them." Awwwe. Puffy heart.

He sleeps with his hands up in the air - no joke! It's kinda creepy because his fingers are all at different angles. Who knew this was possible? I mean this takes muscle power to keep up in the air while he's sleeping! Strange huh?

Yes, I'm one of those moms who allow their babies to take little naps on their tummys. Don't worry, I check on him often, and he's as strong as on ox! I just love their little hineys all in the air!

I see cousin resemblance here Stac!

Sprawled out on Mommy's bed! Now I can't climb in!

Sophie's Question

Here's Sophie with her "Question." She's learning to pronounce Sebastian, and this is how it comes out. We think it's sooo cute! We love you Sophie girl!

School Days

We're back hitting the books and learning our a,b,c's and 1,2,3's!

It beens fun watching the kids learn new things and I've missed this time with them.

It's been hit and miss this year between the sickies at the beginning of my pregnancy, to the holidays, putting our house on the market and then Sebastian's birth, and my leg drama, but life is seeming more normal every day now!