Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Morning

He is risen! Hallejulah! He is risen indeed!

Easter moring was a flurry of activity around here as we headed off for our sunrise service at church and a lovely baptism of a good friend. We then had our traditional breakfast together and then a wonderful praise and celebration time together.

Yes, 5 boys, only 4 girls, and now they outnumber us!

I am fully aware that this is quite alot of testosterone sitting on my front steps. Yikers!

Brady is such a sweet older brother to Sebastian, always looking for an extra snuggle from the smallest man on campus around here.

Our Groovy Gurlz... Lexie and Maddie picked out the fabric for the dresses this year. Didn't they do a great job?

And yes, this bunch can already be a hormonal mess!

I hope and pray your Easter day was a special one and you know the peace that comes with having a relationship with our Saviour, Jesus Christ!