Saturday, May 14, 2011

Double Shower

My girlfriends at church put on a lovely shower for Sebastian and Nora. They are only 3 weeks apart.

It was super fun and although pretty casual, they did a fabulous job of making us feel pretty special.

We didn't do anything formal. We just sat around and munched on yummy food while we all visited and told horror stories about nursing and breast pumps. Giggle. Giggle. I'm still laughing just thinking about it almost a month later. Car ride anyone?

Sebastian was blessed with many sweet things and the generosity of our church family is absolutely amazing.Thank-you ladies. It's a true gift to be a part of such a loving family.

These cuties were handmade by my friend Melissa. I know, super impressive...

Lindsay and Nora.

Mooaw and Sebastian.

They are betroved now so don't get any ideas anyone.

Engagement picture - I mean baby picture...

The Shower line-up. Nora, Sebastian, Henry, and Johanna.

Super Cuteness!

Corinne and Trish with the babies...

King Henry

Thanks again for all the laughs and I'm trying my hardest not to write one single hand written thank-you note ladies so here's a cyber shout out to you from me... Thank-you for the great gifts!! We're putting them to good use!

Little Lioness

I love my finger sucking baby "Lioness." Isn't he just delicious looking?

Friday, May 13, 2011

2 Months

Yes, I can sit in my bumbo now.

Aren't I amazing?

I have really good head control according to my pediatrician.

I got a few new slick nucky holders. This is one of them. Mommy loves it!

My booties even match. I know. Hold your excitement back.

I am sleeping a bit better the last two weeks. I still have a bad night here and there, but Mommy says we're cranking em' out.

I have 1-2 4 ounce bottles a day. Yum! I don't spit up my formula near as much as I spit up Mommy's milk. Weird huh?
I have a bad cough, but the doc assures mom it's just a chest cold. But since I sound like I'm hacking up hairballs, to keep a watch on it.

I love my tummy, unlike any other River's baby. I also like my back to be patted continuously.

I may be slightly high maintenance.

I'm growing out of more and more of my 0-3 month outfits. So sad. Double sniff for Mommy.

Good news: I'm 13 pounds!! I officially weigh more than Sullivan when he was 7 1/2 months. Shrimp.... I am in the 77th percetile whatever that means, and I have a large head. That's cause my brains are so big Mommy says. Watch out girls - I'm going to be good looking and smart!

Bad news: Mommy might have to go shopping. Sooooo heartbreaking! HA!

I coo now and try and talk. It melts Mommy's heart.

Daddy says I've been smiling at him for weeks now, but Mommy knows better. :) I flashed her my gums for the very first time this week on my 9 week birthday. I just enjoyed watching them work so hard the last few weeks. It made Mommy cry. Women...

I guess I blew out of way too many of my diapers for Mommy to keep me in 1's. So she took the the plunge and bought me 2's. Some people are just slow I guess. Now I can wear a onesie longer than a few hours. The washing machine thanks me Mommy says.

Later Gaters! I have tummy time now!

Every Season

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." ~ Ecc. 3:1

I need this verse daily as I try to maintane sanity while we try to sell our home.

Whether we sell our home or not, I must remember this is only a season, and I won't be scrubbing dirty little fingerprints off my fridge forever.

And one day, I'll bet I'll even miss it and wish it back...

Empty Your Pockets

This is what came out of Harrison's pockets the night we came home from a friend's wedding.

Jared was helping him to get his jammies on and apparently, he had raided the candy table. Proud parent moment # 5,762.

Anywhoo, when asked what he was doing with all that candy, he responded, " Well, I knew I'd be hungry later."

Nice Hairbear. Nice.

Sunshine Anyone?

Oh ya, it's only spring. We have to wait till summer for that. Sigh.......