Monday, May 30, 2011

Sophie Claire's Golden Birthday

Three years ago, this princess melted our hearts and we fell in love instantly.

Here she is just a few minutes old.

A thumbsucker from the beginning!

One day old and bright eyed as ever! Do I see a bit of Sebastian in her?

First night at home all snug in her jammies. She's never known quiet in her life!

This year Sophie promptly decided she wanted her "fwend Tarah" over for her big day. The kids get to pick a family over for their birthday celebrations.

Atarah's big sister Eden, was also a birthday guest.

Of course, we had to have princess cupcakes! I was just super overwhelmed with house showings, company, and had just started to feel better with my leg to be getting myself into making a big cake!

These two sure didn't seem to mind though!

Sophie's camera face - HA!


These two hammed it up all afternoon playing in the princess tent! Aren't they darling?

On the actual morning of Sophie's birthday, we woke her up early to have time to open presents before the big kids went off to school. First mistake of my day! She was grumpy!

I don't blame you girl. I would like to sleep in too!

The sight of Jessie from "Toy Story" perked her up a bit. :)

Another super cape in the house! We've done alot of flying around here since then! Watch out for super heros and fairies!

Of course, you do want to be Jessie too so we have to ask you when you wake up if you're a princess or Jessie for the day. We always get such a kick out of who are for the day. Lately, you've been Jessie alot! I was so excited to find this hat and this cute t-shirt for your birthday!

You wanted yogurt for every. single. meal. you had for your birthday but I did talk you into eating a hard boiled egg and some P&J at lunch too. You're easy too please right now!

Giddy up Cowgirl!

Fruit snacks for snack time. What else would they pick? HA!

Her beloved Jessie doll I found online. Thank you Disney store!

Super Jessie! She wasn't a fairy here I guess. I had it all wrong. She was super Jessie with her doll! HA!

I actually wrapped presents this year. Pat. Pat. This is a real feat for me for those of you that know the "bag lady."

But I couldn't resist this one!

I love that toothpaste, bandaids, and undies are real hits at this age and I'm meeting a need too! Think I can pull this off when she's 13?

Rapunzel was the princess of choice this time! What a fun age this is! I think it's a favorite of ours. She says and does so many cute things right now. Her imagination is in high gear and I just love the fact hat she has no inhibitions right now. What freedom to be herself! Which of course is not always pretty - HA!

We love you Sophia Claire and are so grateful the Lord blessed us with you 3 years ago. You've been a joy and were such an easy baby overall. If you don't count the fact you didn't sleep through the night until you were 18 months! Booger. I guess one can't be perfect. You didn't even want to eat baby food until you were a good 14 months old. No wonder you're such a skinny minnie. I think you just loved your milk until you discovered pizza. And still today, that's what you can shove down like nothing else! Ha! You like to sing in bed at night with your CD's and I love listening to you play out all your adventures with your bunnies in your bed at night. You are a very light sleeper and get up by 7 am if not earlier. You love to color and look at your princess books. You absolutely insist on wearing dresses or skirts most days and tend to throw a serious fit if you can't. I can't seem to keep the few play dresses we have clean long enough for you to wear them every day! Glad summer is here and you can just romp around in them as much as you like. I love this little girl girly stage and now I know it won't last as long as I would like it too. I'm going to try to just soak it all up while I can knowing you'll be "big" like your sisters before I know it and too old for dolls or frills. Sniff. Sniff. I pray you grow up loving Jesus and all He's done for you on the cross and pray you trust in Him as your personal Saviour as a young child and desire to live your life for Him, and Him only. Love you Tophie Girl!