Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Fargo Marathon

Jared's sister Jenn, came to Fargo with friends and other family to run the half marathon this year. We had a blast cheering her on as well as the others. We also saw alot of other friends of ours. It was so exciting and super inspiring. I tell you, I was a bit miffed at my leg afterward as I had wanted to do the 10K this year, but oh well, there's always next year right?

The kids all made cheer signs that morning for their Aunties and Uncle Jon. They were pretty excited to spot them in the crowd although we all decided we need brighter apparell next year for sure! Those crowds are thick!

Alexis and Sullivan on the sidelines...

Sophie was a mite chilly. Her beloved bunny kept her warm.

Grandpa and Grandma came with us to cheer them on!

Picking the crowds apart....

When we saw Jenn near the finish line we all went wild and the kids ran the length of the last bit with her. I tell you, my cheering skills went into full gear that morning. I was loud!

We had Jenn and her friends John and John over for lunch the next day to get to know them better. They are both super nice guys and it was a fun afternoon. Jenn met Sebastian for the first time that weekend too.

Counting Down To Girl Time

Seeing the girls this weekend!

I'm so excited as it's been a year since we've been together.

Only 16 more hours till we all meet up in the Cities for a night!

I'll post pics later I'm sure!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Clownin' Around!

Harrison got this new clown outfit for dress-up from Auntie Jenn. At first, he wasn't too sure about it, but he likes to make us giggle now! I love my Hair Bear!


Sebastian's bib says, "Star of Mommy's Blog"

I couldn't resist!

Fargo Fun Run

The girls wanted to run in the Fargo Fun Run which is only a mile and since they've done a couple of 5k's, I thought it would be a peice of cake for them.

There were about 300 kids I'm guessing too many to count and they wanted me to tag along as parents can to help keep them motivated.

Let's just say I ate their dust the whole way! HA!

Madeline came in as the 2nd girl, 5th overall, and Alexis had a time of 8 something (kinda slow for her to be honest). I trailed behind with a 9 minute something, and thankfully, needed no resuscitation afterward. HA!

They did have fun and recieved medals and all. I'm thrilled the girls love to run and hope they always try to stay healthy and fit in some compassity. It's so much easier if they start young!

Next year, I think they'll add the big 5k on top of this one!

Curly Q

Heaven help me, Jared's making me trim my baby's curls. I hope he has some locks left after tomorrow!


They're louder, messier, and certainly naughtier, but I can't imagine my life without my 5 boys!

I love you Bradyn, Austin, Harrison, Sullivan, and Sebastian!

Tooth Fairies

We don't do santa or the easter bunny, but we do do the tooth fairy at our house and although my older four have figured out it's me, (Sniff.) they still enjoy an occasional visit. :)

But I'm on to the next round of inquiring minds and imaginations and I'm enjoying sprinkling fairy dust on pillows and leaving coins tucked away in the special pillow and the occasional treat too.

Keilah Grace lost her first tooth not long ago, and has already lost a second, but here she is so very proud of her new chapter in life. When she first told me it was loose, I told her it couldn't be - she was just too young yet. But then she showed me, and I was blown away that yes, indeed, she had a loose tooth. I thought about it and realized my baby is 5 1/2 and very capable of loosing teeth. I admitt, I cried. I tend to lump her with the babies and I'm realizing she's not a baby anymore and it's taken a bit of a toll. (Sniff again.) Sigh... At least I get to play tooth fairy again.

Just the 5 of Us

Here's a few pics of just the 5 little people over the last week or so. It's alot crazier and louder now that the big kids are home all day for the summer!

It's been sooo busy over the last month, I've hardly had time to blog at all! Hopefully, we'll find a new groove soon and a good routine for the day and I'll be more consistent. It's hard to go to the bathroom by myself these days much less get anything like blogging done.

Awards Night

The whole crew!

Jared was able to help out this year and he really seemed to enjoy getting to know more of the kids. Lord willing, next year he'll be able to teach.

A rare smile from Maddie in public...

Lining up Cubbies!

Harrison was so intent on smiling big for all those flashing cameras. And to think he can be so obstinant!

Where's Brady?

Madeline did an amazing job of memorizing as did all the other children and came home with ribbons and a trophy. We are very proud of you all and are grateful for such a wonderful program in our church! Keep hiding God's Word in your hearts!