Thursday, June 30, 2011

All City Track Meet

I know I'm way behind in my blogging, but life took me by surprise a bit when my four older children showed up for the summer. I'm enjoying the days with them, but it's not only louder around here during the day, but there are four more opinions and four more mouths to feed, and four more arguements going on at any given time, and quite frankly, I haven't had the time to go the bathroom by myself so blogging has taken a backseat.

Lexie was in the 4th grade this year and that is the big year when they get to compete in the all city track meet. It was a beautiful day, windy... but what else is new around here?! How did Chicago get the nickname "The Windy City?" I beg to differ. Just sayin.' Ha!

Sully man loved the bleachers and even got away from me three times that day. Made my heart stop a time or two! But have no fear, now I've mastered the five point harness! We got a new stroller and I had to learn to beat the system with this one.

Lexie with her girlfriends. They ran the 4 by 4 together.

The lil' girls were pretty smitten by the big girls!

So glad I found those bright shorts this spring. The girls stick out like a sore thumb! HA!

"Run Girl Run!" Yes, I am that mama...

Waiting for the awards...

Lexie came home with 4 ribbons that day!

Atta girls!

2 4th place ribbons and 2 8th place ribbons. - Not bad considering you were running against kids who were an entire year older.

We're having alot of fun with this and are excited to see the girls do well and although I know I sound extrememly competetive at times, we do just want them to have fun and be healthy and this is a good way to instill excercise in their lives from a young age. It's alot easier to keep it up then start later in life that's for sure!

Regionals are next!! DL, here we come!

The Mile Run

The kids always do a mile run at school in the fall and in the spring and they get pretty excited about it.

They try to beat their previous time and this year, everyone did!

It was a crazy day back and forth from home to school, but we accomplished the runs and the little kids and I had fun cheering them all on.

Lexie's time:7:44 Go Baby!
5th place for her entire grade

Brady's time: 7:32 Rock on mister!
5th place for his entire grade!

Maddie's time: 6:48 I'm tired just thinking about this... 1st place for her entire grade!

Austin's time: 7:26 Right on! 2nd place for his entire grade!

College scholarships please?? Ha!