Monday, August 15, 2011

St. Cloud Pitstop

We made it to St. Cloud on the way through. I'm so glad! We always have such a nice time with my sis and her fam!

Here's the guys relaxing on the couch. We hadn't seen Daddy in a week, so we were all super excited to see him! I think Sebastian looks pretty cute here. Of course, I know I'm biased. HA!

The guys takin' a try at fixing their dishwasher. I don't think it was successful. Bummer.

Trains galore at this house of boys!

Sully in Train Heaven!

Sebastain got scared of the T-Rex. It was kinda funny. Call me mean.

Auntie Sarah planned a special girl date with Alexis for her birthday. She's creative like that.

Mama with her #1 Girl!

Sassy Sisters!

We grabbed a special drink at Starbucks that morning and then headed off to a couple of shops I love downtown. I''ll show you what I bought for a steal later!
Love this repurposed furniture store! Gypsy Lea's is fabulous!

Then came the big surprise for Lexie... her very first pedicure at the beauty school there!
We all chose each others colors and stickers too. (It was Lexie's idea.) I think she's her Auntie's neice....

Lexie's cool blue toes!

Choices, Choices...

Nervous Lex?

So purty now! What a great way to celebrate your 11th birthday with Auntie!

Iowa Friends and "Cousins"

We got a good visit in with Dustin, Becca's husband and the kids had a hayday in the basement on their jungle gym. Of course, the lil' girls were hanging from the ropes with their gowns on! Ha!

Auntie Barb loving on Sebastian!

Thanks for hosting us Paul and Barb. We always come away feeling so special and encouraged! Our kids adore you both too!

Oh my it was scorching there that week! The temp was 102 with a heat index of 115. Wowzers!

Anna and I sweat it out for a picture though!

While the kids swam and played, we got a nice chat in with Anna's sis in law, Holly. The kids love playing together. Here's their little friend Hilary, Holly's daughter. I kinda slacked this time on the pics cause' this is all I have. :( I think my mind was elsewhere.

We were able to have a nice time together despite the reason we were there. God is good!


It was short, but so sweet too.

We were still able to visit Grandpa Doug and Nena for a day. Our time together was cut short due to Becca's passing, but we are looking forward to their visit in just a couple of weeks.

We had a nice southern breakfast together that morning and then headed off to the movies to see Cars since it was raining. The perfect movie to see with Grandpa Doug! Of course, Grandpa fell asleep within the first 15 minutes and even Jared, Sophie, and Sullivan followed suit. Guess they were all plum tuckered out after our busy week!

Grandpa Doug was so excited to show the kids his garden and I still remember helping him in our garden as a child. It was huge and doing quite well I would say. I lurve me some garden tomatoes! Wish I had some right now. There's no comparison!

The kids had fun getting some energy out on his trampoline in the yard before our trek back home.

They also made a quick trip to the park before the rain set in again.

Mr. Grumpy Pants here...

Gotta love that determination on his face!

Hair Bear gets to the top!

Sophie Claire hammin' it up for Daddy!

Oh Austin, you're getting so big. I can hardly stand it! I'm sure glad you still love to cuddle though.


Sebastian stayin' cool in the shade!


Love these frowns!

There's always a tonka truck to play with at Grandpa's!

I love you Dad!

Givin' the city kids a tour of the garden...

Look at those pretty bannana peppers!

Alexis and Madeline with Nena!

We had such a good time! Wish it could have been longer! We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Wendy's (is that becoming tradition? HA!) before we left.

One last snuggle bye-bye before we had to leave!