Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cascade Falls

I love this picture. If it had ALL of us in it, I think we'd use it for our Christmas pic, but we left the little ones back and only Keilah Grace and up made the trek.

Note: KG was included with the big kids this time. A first for her, and boy was she proud!

This bridge was a bit wobbly!

The trail we hiked was a part of the Appalachain Trail. I just read about this in my Southern Living so I was pumped.

Doug and Carolyn made great trail guides. They pretty much rock.

Keilah Grace on her first real hike. No, we don't have real trails here in Minnesota. Don't even ask North Dakotans.

We weren't scaling walls or anything, but it was work getting to the falls for sure!

Hot and humid so we stopped for a water break a couple of times on the hour treck in.

This little girl learned how to pee nature style. HA!

Handsome Hiker Man

Handsonme Hiker Man with me.

Thing 2 with Doug

He refers to all of our children as Thing 1 and so on. HA!

Thing 1 herself.

Thing 3

This lady is ripped I tell you. Sheesh.

These are trees.

Oh wait, I guess we have a few here.

Maddie ran half the way back down the mountain.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

We made it to the Falls. They were running low this year, but we were impressed. It doesn't take much for us Minnesotans.

Must try to walk across fallen log to complete hiking experience.

Success for these 3!

Thing 4 tries too.

Thing 5 made us nervous, but Uncle Doug helps her across.

I try too and made it although I admitt, I crawled for a while on my knees. I am fearful of water snakes.

Exploring the water

Wading with Auntie. Must be a local to brave this.

Looking for water snakes. Nice. I think I had heart palpitations.

It started sprinkling!

Doug and I

Again, nice Christmas picture.

Think anyone would miss the rest of them?

We had a superb time and totally enjoyed our hike that day. The kids still talk about it! It was beautiful and exhilerating to be out in nature like that. Thanks for taking us Doug and Carolyn. What wonderful memories we made together!


We went to visit my mom's mom, Nana, (Jane) one evening and had a great little visit.

The gals! 4 Generations

I think this is pretty sweet. Sophie's a tough cookie to crack, but she sat there with her. :)

We ended the evening at Ryan's and Mom treated everyone. Thanks again Mom. You are so generous! I know it was sacrifice for you.

Love Maddie's face here. Cornball.

Bye-Bye Nanna!

We sure loved seeing you again!

Family Cookout

Nanny came by to pick us up before we headed over to my Aunt Carolyn's house for a family cookout. (One of several while we were there)

Thought I'd better snap a quick pic before we shriveled up in the heat that day! Ha!

I should've run home behind our van. The spread they put on for us was always amazing. I'm hungry just looking at the picture now. Thanks again for my broccoli casserole Auntie Katie!

Carolyn had the boys help her out chopping and dicing.

I think they enjoyed the knives.

I should really let them do this at home. Maybe. Like when our Sanford punch card is almost full.

Seth and Emily

Thanks for driving all that way to see us. It meant the world to me!

Goose and Katie

Gotta love these two. They are hysterical!

The kids table!

Sebastian with Nanny

All the kids had a blast with these jeeps! Oh, the hours they played with these babies!

KG was apparently the best driver. Wowzers girl!

Even better than the big kids!

I had mini heart failure a couple of times wondering if the cars in the driveway would leave looking the same as when they arrived. I hope they did.

These boys adore my Uncle Doug. And I think he liked them a little too. Can you tell?