Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last Horray

This one is one I've honestly been avoiding.

The post I mean.

I can't believe she's gone.

She's not coming back, she's not away on a trip, she's not just super busy lately, and I can hardly believe it just been over a month.

A month since she died.

More like 2 months since we've really had a long talk.

Since this trip, I only chatted with her twice over the phone.

And then nothing....

She was too sick to even talk on the phone, too weak.

And I didn't even know how sick...

I've gone over those last two chats multiple times in my head.

If only I would've known.

I would've skipped my kid's swimming lessons that night she called, but I was busy getting them ready.

I would've made her tell me more details about what the doctor told her while she was in the hospital. I had a hunch, but I thought I'd let her get back from Colorado, before I asked her the tough stuff.

I would've bought her that recording book by Hallmark so her voice would be recorded telling a story for her girls. This especially kills me. I didn't want to be depressing. I didn't want her to feel like I had given up on her.

But I knew.

And then again, I didn't really know.

I was shocked, but why?

Becca was sick for 3 entire years.

And on this last girfriend's trip, both Allison and I knew it was going in the wrong direction.

I wish I knew how fast it was going to go in the wrong direction.

Allison looked at me in the mall before we left while Becca was using the restroom. She said, " She's not going to be here next year Jess - for our trip to Fargo. "

I think I knew deep down she was right.

But I wanted her to be wrong so very badly.

I cried on the way home, and later that week I began to mourn.

Mourn the unknown and what looked to be a very dismal outlook on Becca's life.

And the Lord began to orchestrate the next few weeks like only He could.

Becca was admitted to the hospital just a few short days after our trip to the Cities. She had become severly dehydrated and her meds were giving her terrible problems.

I knew I had to go down to Iowa.

And go down soon.

But when Allison, who is the calm collected one in the bunch began to press me to make plans soon, I knew it had to be very, very soon.

And so we planned and visited over the phone and showed up together with our other dear friend Anna, just a couple of weeks later after Becca's return from Colorado.

And not a day too late.

Thank-you Jesus.

For our last horray.

Thank-you for our one last trip together. Thank-you for those visits, those laughs over dinner, those giggles in the car, for protecting us when we ran our red light, (in.front.of.the.police.officer.) that ticket, that late night chat, our time roaming the mall together, for shopping for our girls together, (I shoulda bought those yellow leggings she tried to make me buy.) for allowing me to tease Becca about her wheelchair usage, for these pictures, these precious pictures... for giving us some normalcy that weekend when everything was screaming deep down inside my heart - This is not normal! Don't take her God! But thank-you. Thank-you for this last rendevouz together. I can't wait till we all meet up again.

Summer Flowers

Ya, well these baskets were gorgeous for about two weeks. I really actually took care of them. Watered them, took them out of the wind, but alas, I guess, I still managed to make them croak. Maybe one day, my hanging baskets will remain beautiful longer than just a couple of weeks. Maybe.

I was excited to see my painted daisies come up so nice this year. This perenial thing is really starting to pay off now! Finally! It's true what they say - First year it sleeps, second year it creeeps, and third year it leaps!

My pretty irisis. Thank-you Shirley! They are going strong now! I think I actually need to separate quite a few plants this next year.

My lilac - still not blooming, but grew tons this year!

Rainbow city early this summer!

3 Months

Sad that you are actually 5 months now that I'm finally posting this picture, but very true. And becoming quite typical, but hey, I'm still taking pictures right?

At 3 months, you were already very strong for a boy your age. Your head control was amazing, and you began rolling over from your tummy to your back in your crib and you even scooched yourself into the corners - and then would get MAD! You began to coo more and finally began to sleep longer stetches at night. (4-5 hours) So nice for Mommy! You began really looking at toys, but do not really do more than look and hold them. But man, you're interested! I'm sure you weighed between 13-14 pounds. You are already my biggest baby by far, and you look like you are going to be my tallest as well! Wowzers, time flies and I obviously need to stay on top of this monthly picture thing because I can't remember all the details now and that makes me sad. Ok. Really sad. Sniff. Stop growing up so fast. I can't keep up!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

I did take the picture on Father's Day.

I just didn't post it until 2 months later.


Well, We love you anyway Daddy! Your #1 in our book!

Another Round of Stitches

5 of them for Sophie.

Zowie! This hurt coming down let me tell you. Right smack on top of her barstool.

2 days into swimming lessons.
Ya, just our luck. Ha!

At least she got to pick out a new princess bandaid every day.

Way to look on the bright side Sophie Claire!

Jumparoo Blessing

The Lord is so good and always provides beyond what we really truly need.

I have wanted to try out one of these fun jumparoos for awhile now, but since they don't make the need list, it hasn't been a priority to say the least.

Well, I ended up selling some old things I'd gone through of the children's and came across this at Kindercloset. ( a used consignment store for children) It was marked to 35 dollars, but with a credit there of over $25, I spent less than $10 on it, and I was so pumped about my great deal. I had just looked at this at Walmart and it was $89.

The Lord is always so good to us even in these seemingly trivial things. If I can trust Him to find me a jumparoo, how much more can I trust Him with the things dearest to my heart?

Sleeping Princess

Ssshhh! Princess Sophia's sleeping in her castle!

Summer Randomness

These pictures don't really have a story to go with them. I just thought I would share them with you. The little ones change so quickly, and even as I type this I realize how much both Sullivan and Sebastian have changed in just two months.

Kinda scared looking here. HA!
Starting to play with toys and bat at things...

Sleeping better this summer thankfully!

Sebastian loves his jumparoo! He has always liked to be upright!

Found her sleeping with her sunhat on during her nap. How precious is this?

Who doesn't adore this face?

Ok. Maybe the people at the restaurant yesterday. Man, is he naughty!

What a ham!

Keilah Grace is soooo good to her baby brother. I'm going to miss her this year when she heads off to kindergarten! Sniff.

Ready to take off every. single. book.

Really, I'm not exaggerating.

Honestly Speaking...

I think I get this folded and put away on average every 3 weeks. Sigh.....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Backyard Baseball

Well, these aren't the best pictures on the planet, but the kids have enjoyed alot of baseball this summer. Backyard Baseball is the best as a kid I think.

Wowzers, our yard has improved since this June. Yikes!

Harrison was so serious about his turn up to bat!

The Team.

Yes, Sully is only wearing a diaper. I am that mother.

The Tooth Fairy Cries

The Tooth Fairy has been pretty busy at our house this summer. Between Madeline and now Keilah Grace, I just need to pick up a roll of quarters at the bank weekly.

This lil' booger was so excited to join the ranks with the big kids and start earning money. Ha!

I'll admitt. I cried. Really. I did. Sniff.


I know I'm rewinding a bit now.

Ok. Alot.

Like back to June.

My goal is to catch up with my blogging before school starts again.

I have much to do.

Well, here we go.

Brady and Austin both did T-Ball again this year. I think it's the third year for them. Both boys improved this year and Austin even hit some home runs and caught some fly balls. Woot Hoot! They really seem to enjoy it, and Jared was even able to help coach this year for Brady's team. I think he really liked that too!

Breezy summer nights in the sun!

Love this one of Sullivan. His baby locks of hair really save him from all the trouble he gets into! HA!