Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cookie/Kitten Extravaganza

Lots of this...

Made lots of these...

And all because this gal was brave enough to invite us over. Will her home ever be the same? HA!

Lexie was in heaven.

Brady and Austin even joined in the decorating fun!

Austin's heart belongs to Mommy for now girls so eat your heart out!

What a frosting maniac!

So careful in her attempts...

Maddie was so thrilled because let me tell you - frosting and sprinkles come out about once a year at our house. Yep. Mean Mommy.

Poochy lipped Sophie.

In reverse now!

Sprinkle Mania!

Do you know what her floor looked like?

Kitty Break!

Oh my heart was tempted...

Lego interuption please...

Keilah Grace wants to live in the country now!

If only I could surprise her by her birthday...

I think they would all be happy about that.

Austin has the towel hold down now.

Bonnie was the baby whisperer...

The fruit of our work that day!

These were my fave I think!

Ritz Cookies



Ribbon Cookies

Strawberry Delight...

Sophie's sugar cookie.

My girl loves her some pink sprinkles!

"I run this Tribe"/5 Months

At 5 months, I was sitting up already. Still kinda wobbly but technically sitting for a minute or two without falling!

I could also get up on all all fours and scooch with my head burrowed into the floor or my crib. Mommy doesn't know how I do it but I get stuck in the corners of my crib in minutes now if she leaves me alone, and I don't wipe out right away.

I get mad pretty quickly if I flip over to my back because I'm not so coordinated coming from that position.

I have super strong legs and have been able to stand supported for months now. One of these days, Mommy knows I'll just take off!

I finally went in for my 4 month check-up and I weighed 18 pounds and 7 ounces. I think I just trumped every Rivers baby with that weight. Granted Sully was a shrimp, but he weighed 11 pounds at 7 months! Momma credits that formula supplementation! She knows it's not her! I'm in the 75th % for weight but 95% for height. Cause' I rocked out at 28 inches! With Daddy at 6'4, Mommy hopes to finally get a tall boy. She's been messing with that height gene for years...

I barely cried when I got my shots cause' I'm a big strong brave baby. NO, I just like my nuky.... HA!

I've been such a content baby these last couple of months. Unless I have messy pants or need major food intake, I'm a pretty easy-going guy now. Thank goodness, Mommy says. It took her 9 tries, but she finally has a content baby now who sleeps through the night on occasion.

I'm a major drool pool, but no teeth on the horizon just yet!

I reach and grab for all sorts of things now including Mommy's glasses when she's taking a drink. She has to be careful now! I have quick fingers!

I can pivot when I'm on my tummy in no time at all, but I work best when there's no audience. I'm a bit camera shy.

WE love you more and more every day Sebastian Kyle and can't believe how quick the last 5 months flew by! You really do "Run this tribe!"


Mamma's Boys - well 2 of them anyway!


Morning lineup for diaper changes... It's been over 2 years since we've only had 2 in diapers! Woot Hoot!

This is the life....

Alexis's Baptism

Alexis has wanted to get baptized for over a year now and one thing after another kept getting in the way so when my Dad and Nena came to visit this summer we thought it was a great time for them to be able to celebrate this time together as a family. They live in Virginia so they aren't able to get in on all the normal "grandparent things" in life.

We scheduled it for the Sunday night of their visit and Jared's parents and sister even made the trek short notice too. Thank-you guys!! That was super special for her I'm sure!

Alexis and her friend Jamie

Sullivan trying out the church wheelchair...

Sophie girl and Daddy

We love you Alexis Gabrielle and are so very proud of you and the fact that you are sharing the Truth with your friends. You are bold and sweet about it all at the same time, and I'm sure Jesus appreciates His little missionary! You have shown obedience to the Lord for taking this step of faith for Him and you will always remember this day as you get older!

Grandpa Doug and Nena were so thankful to be there with you!!

Auntie Jenn has prayed for your salvation from the time you were a baby. She is a great example to you!

Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Joni came all that way for just the baptism. Were you guys even here for an hour?! Thank-you for that sacrifice!

Jenn with her special friend John....

This is the verse that Lexie chose to share in her testimony and the one she wanted on her cake.

"God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all." ~ 1 John 1:5

Since most of our family could not stay we had our church family come and celebrate with us. I'm so grateful for friends who are just as excited about this for you and your child as parents and family. That's the way the family of God works!

Melissa and Grady

Grady is just a tish older than Sullivan.

A little memento from Dad and Mom...

A journal for our little writer who likes to write down her thoughts and feelings.

We love you girl! Walk in Truth and be a discipler for Christ!