Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day at the Lake

We spent an entire day at the lake this summer with dear friends. (I worked for them for a couple of years before and then after I got married.) They were so good to me and now that their kids are almost all grown up, it's such a joy to spend time with them as a family again. We had a great time together joking and soaking in the sunshine and the children just ate up the water time! (Literally at times) Ha!

Ann played the cello in our wedding.

I love this picture. Sully looks like he could take off into outer space! HA!

All snuggled up warm in her beach towel....

This guy tried very, very hard to get their Jess wet.

Jess and Lexie at war!

Run Jess, Run!

She was so good to them playing with them all day in the water. I remember when she was 7!! Time flies...

Beautiful lake view...

Harrison loved this little toy jet ski.

Sophie just played and played in that lake water. IT was so nice for them!

Our cheesy Ham!

Madeline learned how to surf that day. Or so she thought... I didn't have the heart to correct her. She worked so hard to get up on that board.

Brothers and Buckets...

He wanted his life jacket on like the rest of the kids. - Even in the grass! HA!

This little girl wanted to surf too. Can you tell we had just watched Soulsurfer?

"Don't ruin my concentration Mom."

Brady Bunchy - so content to just splash around in the water with toys.

Even Hairbear got on the jet ski that day.

Austin takin' a breather with his pepsi.

Pretty girl...

Busy Bee all day that's for sure. No nap for Sully man!

Super Soaker fun! Ya man!

"Bobby Bobby?" ( his lingo for sippy cup)

KG is an animal on the inside too. She has no fear sometimes! Yikes!

Brady not so much, but that's ok. He did give it a go.

Kneeboarding was a hit!

Maddie "surfed" all day that girl!

Jess and Alexis on the jetski.

Vroom Vroom!

Love those curls in the heat Sullivan!

Jim and Ann ~ Our wonderful friends and hosts of the day.

Entertainment outside and even on the inside!

Grandma Elsie - you gotta love this woman! She is so sweet!

Evening pontoon ride...

Thinking hard about something Sophie?

The evening sunshine was sure warm and bright.

Sullivan almost fell asleep a few times in the nice breeze on the boat.

Mom and Lex

The back row riders

The front row!

And their cute tushies! HA!

Almost asleep again Sully!

And he's out....

And so were we as soon as our heads hit the pillow that night. We were whipped! But we had a blast catching up with old friends and eating yummy summer food and taking in all the summer goodness a lake place has to give. Thanks for sharing it with our family that day Jim and Ann. We love you!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

1st Day of School

"I have no greater joy than to hear my children are walking in truth."
3 John 1:4

All packed and ready to go!

By 7:3o each morning! Phew!

Our traditional 1st day of school breakfast - French Toast Bake with fruit and juice. Love how easy peasy this recipe is!

Aren't they scrumptiously cute?

Even Harrison was excited for pre-school with Mama!

I know. She's 5, but she still wears bibs. Not all the time, but definetely today.

This little girl picked out her own outfit at Kohls and she was so excited to be a zebra! That's our animal lover!

Pint size!

The older girls picked out a new top. We don't do back-to-school clothes shopping so this was a really big deal at our house. Thank-goodness for a Kohls in town!

5th grade - Top dog this year at Reinertson!

Madeline insisted on rollers in her hair before the big day. I even shared my headband with her. Nice Mommy. :)

Look at those 4th grade long legs!

I love this shirt on my boy. Isn't he just soooo cute? Ok. I'll stop being mushy. For now.

3rd grade, here Brady comes!

My Super Duper 2nd grader.

Austin has been consoling Keilah Grace the last couple of weeks letting her know it's normal to be sad and miss Mommy the beginning of the year. He's told her all about his hard times last year. (since 1st grade was his first year at school) What a sweetie he's been to her!

5 in school now...

And yes, it's definetely quieter during the day and lunchtime is a piece of cake! HA!

Morning line-up...

Well ok, I did turn around after I said goodbye and told the other children they would stop crying after a few minutes. It was pretty typical of them to get upset and fuss for a few minutes but they would eventually settle down.
I think the other kids thought I was pretty funny! HA!

I still get teary eyed letting these guys go to school after having them to myself all summer.

Sniff. Sniff.

In front of Probstfield...

Found her locker like a champ!

She was so excited Mrs. Wilson has hair like Rapunzels... Long and blonde she said...

She found her other locker too! Wowzers. 2 lockers in Kindgarten...That's alot to remember when you can't even tie your own shoes yet.

Harrison in school next year? I cannot even comprehend! I'm so glad I have my Hair Bear home with me this year!

We scooted out to the playground to play for awhile before I left. She was as happy as could be. We said goodbye and I left. (I was holding back tears of course squeezing Harrison's chubby little hand a little too hard I'm sure. Then I remembered I needed to take a phone picture for family so I went back to sneak a shot in. And then I saw her. Holding back her tears with all her might all alone. And then I was mush. She clung to me and my hand for the next 15 minutes or so and then when I left for the 2nd time I left her crying outloud and walked away just trying to make it the car so I could really unload. I cried all the way home remembering the day she was born and the thankfulness that swept over us when we held our perfectly healthy baby girl that we were told might not be so healthy. After an emotional 9 months of wondering what the future would hold and losing her namesake... We found healing and hope in those bright blue eyes - our precious gift of "Beautiful Grace" the meaning of her name...

Next year Buddy!

I was sooooo excited for her to come home. I missed her so much! I think we all did!

Atta girl! You made it through your very first day of kindergarten with only a few glitches and I think you secretly loved it! I can't wait to see what you learn this year KG!

It's Sunday night and I'd better close out cause' we have to start all over again tomorrow morning! Bring on the routine!