Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Virginia Visitors

We had looked forward to their visit for such a long long time and now they were finally here!

To celebrate, we grilled steaks and had some yummy fixin's to go with them.

The kids were all super excited and a bit on the wound up side to see Grandpa and Nena. It doens't happen very often, so we really load up on the fun and memories when we get to see them. ( the average is only once a year...)

Grandpa Doug is always so good about reading the children bedtime stories so the kids all took turns every night with their book of choice.

Sullivan couldn't wait his turn so Daddy filled in....

Star Wars and Princess tales filled the air as bedtime was avoided for as long as possible by both parties! HA!

We had a fabulous southern breakfast Saturday morning and gobbled up biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh garden tomatoes, and juice.

Such a team they are! Rollers and no t-shirt! HA!

The fruit of their work!

Sunday morning it was off to church and Sunday school! So thankful we have saved grandparents!

Nice face Maddie. Nice.

Grandpa and Sebastian. He looks like he had red tint here huh? I can hope right? No, I'm sure it will be blonde like Keilah Grace's... Her baby hair was just like this. IT's ok, I only have one true blondie so this will be fun too.

A little bit of one on one!

Lunch at Paradiso's! Where else since this is where my Dad took us occasionally on Sundays growing up...

There was lots of swinging from Grandpa and Nena on the set they gave us after we moved in.

So high Sophie!

Sebastian is getting soooo big! He reaches for everything now! Hold on to me tight Nena! I might get away!

Makin' Nena's special dessert!

This recipe is so quick and easy that the girls can even make it on their own!

Lexie is enjoying Nena's favorite - cherries!

Is Maddie really my child?


Cheesy Kids!

Bananna Dessert! Yummo girls!

Space Aliens for lunch!

What to eat... What to eat Sully man. So many decisions...

Grandpa's scraping everyone's plate again!

Bedtime Stories...

Harrison was almost out here.

Everyone's getting super sleepy - even Grandpa! I think his words were slurring now! HA!

Out like a light after a good fight Hairbear!

Starting the day with some good Wii! Go Gramps!

Snap Dragon for lunch before they had to leave!

Yes, I'm afraid this is really my child.

But I'll keep this one for sure!

These two look so much alike!

We're ending on a good note with ice cream!

We had a very special time with you Grandpa Doug and Nena. Thank-you for coming to visit us and for all you do to make that work for you. We know it's a long way and very expensive. But we think we have some pretty special times and memories to show for it! We love you!! Can't wait till next time!