Friday, October 21, 2011


Keilah Grace had her VIP day at school not too long ago and we all showed up to enjoy her big moment. She was pretty excited to see that even Daddy made it to school!

Getting her bag of things out to share with the class.

This is her spot at the table in her classroom right across from her friend Lucy.

Looking a little nervous on the special mushroom seat.

Counting the kids all by herself... Way to go sweetie!

Mrs. Dawson doing the class role call...

Keilah Grace was able to share special things about herself and brought them in her box she decorated all by herself. (with a little bit of help from mom of course.)

She chose to bring her birth announcement, a few baby pics, her Awana Cubbie's bear, a soccer bookmark, a few plastic food items, and of course, some puppies!

We sure think you're a Very Important Person Keilah Grace! Thanks for sharing! We're so proud of you!

Random Ravioli

Ravioli night at the Rivers is messy I promise you.

We don't even bother to wash them off after dinner. We just take them directly to the tub. It's easier. Trust me.

Sullivan loves shoppin' in his heels!

I missed it! Harrison had his arms around Sully here and Sully was leanin' back onto Harrison while they watched a movie. I guess I don't move fast enough!

Every game out. Every peice of every game out. It took over 3 days to clean up this mess. I want a gun cabinent just for games.

Notice the shoes and tongue please. :)

Soccer Season #1

It is finshed.

After 6 weeks.

Roughly 24 practices.

26 games.

We are now sleeping in this Saturday.

Unless the house is burning down we will be snuggled in our beds all toasty warm until at least 8am.

All 11 of us.

There may be rope and duct tape invloved. I won't lie.

Enjoy the snapshots over this warm and windy season!

Some nights were in the 90's...

Practice makes perfect...

And some practices were pretty chilly and rainy!

This girl went on the field crying and whining about not wanting to play and came off after she turned into a powerhouse knockin' over kids left and right. That's my girl! She scored so many goals I lost count. HA!

Lookin' serious Maddie girl!

Maddie wrote a cheer for her team!

All ready and fired up!

Tammi is just the sweetest gal ever and came to watch the kids game in the fridgid cold one day. Brrrr! Coldest game ever! I think I had to have a shower just to get rid of my purple shade.

Austin made some pretty good buddies!

High fivin' it after the game!

Austin only had one tearful mishap this season. Bent finger I think.

Coach Missy with the KG's team!

Warrior Maddie made a goal her last game! Woo Hoo!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Team B

The girls and I ran a race in honor of dear friends who battled with cancer.

It was a short stint this time, only 2 miles. The girls had stellar times of 14 and 17 minutes and both placed 1st and 2nd in their age division! ( M-1st L-2nd) ME, not so much. Is 2o something a place at all? I think not.

Becca, Bonnie, and Beth were all lovely women who loved Jesus and served Him with their lives. Bonnie met Him face to face in July followed by Becca, and just this week, Beth met Him and is safe in the arms of Jesus now perfect and complete with no more pain.

I knew this race would be an emotional one for me, and as I crossed the finish line I had tears streaming down my face and then I broke down crying right there in the middle of the hub-hub. Thankfully, I'm sure people there understood as they were all running or walking for a loved one as well. It wasn't my best time, but I prayed for their families as I ran and their futures and their hurting hearts including mine. I miss Becca and the whole in my heart seems gaping at times, but God is ever present and near and has given me solace and even a few good laughs. Take for instance that while I was sprinting towards the finish line crying my eyes out... I failed to see the nice ladies yelling at me and waving me down to run down the shoot for an official time. Yaaa.... Becca would've laughed at me. I missed it girl. Right there in front of me and I even had direction givers! I blame my MP3 player completely. And those bright flags are just not large enough at those events you know??? HA! I know. I'm pitiful.

I normally do not give a back view of myself on purpose, but the t-shirts turned out way too good not to share!

And just so you know, I know 3 pretty fabulous people who've given their cancer a kick in the rear. My Dad, the girls' good friend, Signe, and my Auntie Beth is giving it her all right now! I love you and am thankful for each of you!

The next race is for you guys. And Auntie Beth... I want your name on my next tee. :)

Lexie's Hand

Random. I know, but she took this picture and I thought it rather interesting. For me of course. Not you. Her hand is growing "up" so fast...

Kindergarten Days

Look who wanted to show off to mama and do the rings at school for me?

Waiting for the bus in the morning - by 7:30!

She still loves her puppies!

This is KG holding her decorated box for all her readers. She spotted dog wrapping paper no less at the dollar store so we couldn't resist!

I just love this age. All the cute stuff they say and do. Still young enough to snuggle in tight on your lap, hold your hand in public, and melt your heart with two words. Thank-you... You're my beautiful gift of grace sweet girl. Now stop growing up so fast! I can't shop in the toddler department anymore for you. Sniff. Sniff.

Go Mountainneers!

My WVU babies!

Typical Chaos

It's been just that kind of week around here.

I love it when I walk in to find this when certain little people should really be napping.

Puppy Playdate

Happy puppies take a snack break!

Who can resist these two sets of blue teeth?

Keilah Grace had a playdate with a good friend this week while she's out of school for conferences and she was super excited for her "fellow puppy" to come over. These girls both love animals!! Ella is a sweetie pie and after playing vet, puppies, and zoo they finally settled down and stopped wagging their tails long enough for a picture and to watch an animal movie. ~ Of course!