Saturday, October 29, 2011

Joy Unspeakable

This little man was slightly confused tonight when we sat him down for dessert after bathtime.

I made strawberry cake.

With cream cheese frosting.

Yes, the frosting is blue.

This puzzled the children of course and Alexis was hemming and hawing over what it could mean.

Madeline knew as soon as she saw the cake.

"We're going to have another baby!" she said.

Alexis gave me the biggest hug and squealed with delight!

That made me warm and fuzzy all over again.

We lit our "Joy" candle tonight in honor of the bundle of joy that's on it's way into our family and already in our hearts.

"You have done great things for us oh Lord." ~
Psalms. 126:2,3

These guys just thought dessert was pretty special. We had to explain it to them a little more boldly.

Sophie wants to name her new baby, Princess Lola. We'll think on that sweetie pie. :)

" I knew it Mom. " Maddie said.

"IT's only been 7 months Mom." Brady said.

Well then, I'm right on time then aren't I ?" I thought. HA!

Thank-you Lord for blessing our quiver one more time. You truly have done great things for us.

Our bundle of joy should make his/her debut sometime in July.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sullivan Turns 2!

It's your birthday and we're having a 2 2 2 party!! I mean Choo Choo party. Get it? I know it took me awhile too. Ha!

My good buddy, Lindsay made Sully man his new birthday tee and it took her explaining to me the choo choo thing. Maybe it's just me that's slow. :)

I was pretty excited when Austin and I spotted this Thomas train at a used children's store for $12. I puffy heart good deals. It even makes cool train noises and sings the Thomas theme. Although we had to turn it off because he's super scared of it if we don't.

WE tried to put him on it, but he just screamed so we took pity and gave him snuggles instead.

AFTER we turned the sound off.

The spread for the evening...

I just went around the house looking for trains we already had to decorate with and did splurge on a few Thomas plates for the kids, but the rest of us just had plain blue ones.

I made him cupcakes and one of his books we bought him came with these little trains so we just used those to be the toppers!

Sweet Deal!

His cake was super fun to decorate and it all came back to me as I made one for Bradyn's 2nd birthday many moons ago. Betty Crocker gives a great tutorial on her website.

Note to self: Easy Peasy but not so cheap after you decorate with candy. I love the blackberry candy I found to look like coal!

The party favors for all the kids were just balloonswith an attatched sucker to go along with the party bag of candy they filled up on at our candy station."

The birthday boy was enamored with his cake and there weren't any smiles for me and this point!

"Candy Filling Station"

"The Dip Station"

Sullivan's betroved - Addie May

Aren't they just the cutest conductors ever?

Miss Tami and Sebastian. This baby loves her!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sullivan. Happy Birthday to you.

He even knew what to do. He must be an eighth baby because our other children didn't know what to do with their candles at age 2!

Good job buddy!

Yummy Addie!

Sophie's excited for some sugar!

oh my. Sugar's setting in now.

I can't believe you kept your train hat on all night!

Pretty neat eating so far!

The best Daddy ever!

We tried to get a good one! HA!

Our pals and good friends, Jeff and Lindsay. See I didn't zoom out too far... Hee. Hee.

Sebastian with Tami and Jason. These guys are the best. The kids all adore them and they just spoil them rotten.

Ella Grace and Keilah Grace. Two Puppies at heart...

Playing Choo-Choo so nicely!

Maddie decorated the pumpkin for me and wanted to sit with the birthday boy for his gifts this year.

We started out this way...

I love Brady and Addie here. I wonder what they're talking about.

Cool zip-up bag from Addie for my Choo-Choos.

And this is what happened to that nicely controlled circle. Ha!

Getting into it now - well, sort of.

You were given such nice gifts Sullivan. You've got alot to be thankful for!

Reason #236 to move: We've run out of room in our entry way. Someone's going to fall down those stairs!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Amazing Race

I know. It's taken me over a month. Forgive me. It was slightly labor intensive. Thank goodness Auntie Jenn lent a helping hand!

The invite was worded like a clue.

These two girls were so excited they could barely contain themselves!

Here they pose in front of the rules which were: No running. No screaming. No interrupting store clerks. Wait in line at the registers to recieve your next clue once you arrive at your destination. If you did any of these you would be presented with a roadblock which was a 3 minute penalty. (The girls had to stop and sit until the time had elapsed.)
Then they could could continue on with the race.

Thank-you Auntie Jenn for typing up all the clues on realistic looking clue cards - just like the TV show! You're such an awesome Auntie!

Contestant #1 was all smiles!

Betsy and Madeline have been friends since they were babies!
Betsy was born just a week and half earlier!

Allie and Maddie are 2 peas in a pod at church!

Alivia and Maddie have also been friends since they were babies! Alivia is only a couple of months older!

Maddie and Betsy have been friends since 2nd grade! She's such a sweetie!

I think Maddie actually has a crazier friend than herself - Jamie is hilarious! We were cracking up the whole night at her antics!

Molly is another friend of Maddie's from 3rd grade and was so much fun to get to know.

Maddie and Briann have also known each other since they were babies. This child is her mother's daughter is all I have to say! HA!

Alyssa and Maddie were buds as babies too. Alyssa looks so tiny here. Maddie the giant! HA!

Signe and Madeline are good friends and Signe goes to our church.

Maddie with a clue card - I mean cake.

Thank-you Hornbachers. Worth every dime to have you do a flat coat on this baby and deal with the black frosting. I must say it was delish and I couldn't have done it cheaper.

Nametags for all the teams!

I kept the decor at a minimum. It was much simpler this way.

Such nice friends... :)

Give me an M! Give me an A!

This pyramid did not come quickly let me tell you.

Pizza it was - Canadian BACON pizza that is!

Gab, Gab, Gab... IT was truly entertaining to listen to them!

Gettin' their game faces on while we explain the rules!

Ready, Set, Go!

We split the girls into two teams so Jared and I could both be with a team at all times. Jenn sat in the middle of the mall and took pictures and kept an eye on how things were progressing. Oh, and she had a pitstop or two as well.

An intial and a coin

Will lead you to the right place

But you will need good vision

To continue the race!

*JC Penney Optical Shop

Add a "d" to the 2nd syllable,

And you will get "borreed."

To stay entertained,

Watch the tube while your mom works out and scores!

* Gymboree

Blue bags we give out

To all who find loot;

Bring one back to Jenn, and shout, "Hoot, Hoot!"

*The Children's Place

They were all having so much fun and it was interesting to see all their individual personalities come out. They're were definetely leaders in the pack and then those that were right! HA!

Find a complete stranger willing to wear this party hat and and then sing "Happy Birthday Madeline" to them.

Return to Jenn for your next clue.

(Make sure you get your picture taken while you sing for proof!)

This gal was such a good sport and like everyone else that night, I think she thought they were pretty cute!

Hotel for the Furry and Finned.

*Pets R Inn

Yep. The girls hit a roadblock for running. Penalty was 5 minutes on the sidelines. Torture when you're running against time!

On the go again and this time they held hands so as not to start running again!

I live on the corner,

I jaywalked from jewels,

Fashionistas are always willing

To break the rules.


Checking out the map of the mall to see what their options were. Smart cookies.

Mmmmmm.... Where to next?

Some super spicy cajun mushrooms!

Bottoms up girls!

Pick 3 on your team,

To try, taste, don't wallow,

A Cajun mushroom...

Because it might be hard to swallow.

*The Cajun Cafe

Bars and bubbles,

Glitter and glam,

All soaking together

Is where I am.

* Bath and Body Works

Too much at one time

Is never a good thing.

So bring back enough bags

For the other team.


After making a walking loop around the mall,

Return your treasures to where your whole night began.

Cake and presents await you -

Now you'll see who'll be who's fans!

* Basement party room

And the winners came in runnning like mad women! They were like a herd of elephants!

Overfilled with giddyness and joy!

Until we realized about 10 minutes later we forgot to do the walking loop around the mall... Aaaguh! We had to go back so we were not illiminated from the race!

Thankfully, this herd still won! HA! But man my thighs burned. HA!

The clues and leftover stash of cash.

Hiding out so as to trick the other team into thinking they won. MoooHaaaaaha.

The sugar high is peaking about now.

The two teams reunite!

Mama and her birthday girl!

Lightin' it up!

Makin' a wish birthday girl!

SO many fun gifts for you from so many sweet girls!

And her dream came true. An ipod shuffle was born in the Rivers household.

Happy Dance in slow motion...

So many cute homemade cards...

That's about it folks. I''ll try and type out the clues for you soon. I need to copy them and they're in my closet and Sully man is dreaming in there and I'm not about to ruin that tonight!

This was so much fun to do for Maddie and although it was time consuming, it was really cheap FYI, and I must say, for the loads of fun we had, very cost effective, but we only throw parties every 5 years anyway. HA! Poor kids...

Later Gators!

PS. Next party is Harrison's 5th this year. Sniff. Sniff. My baby Hairbear.