Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jam Session

Alexis started violin this fall and is plucking out Twinkle Twinkle... Getting ready for her big concert soon!

Madeline has been taking guitar lessons since earlier this summer and seems to have a knack for it although I would have no idea what that looks like! HA!

Jared always had fun playing as a teen and has been having fun trying to relearn with Maddie as his teacher after a friend loaned us his guitar! Thank Viet!

OH my Madeline!

It was actually pretty sweet to watch these two pluck away. I think you can pull it off honey if you work hard and practice with her at least once a week!

Dogon Days

There's no playing doll house here...

It's DOG HOUSE! I should have figured! Ha!

"Mother, why do you torture me so?"

"I'm going to go blind from that flash you know."

My 2 ninjas all ready for their ninja birthday party this last weekend. They had a blast!

Harrison finally got to paint his car from his Great Auntie Katie that he's been dying to paint for months now. Good job buddy! You were so excited to put those stickers on! Thanks again Auntie!

Giving Thanks

I am thankful for many things this season. I know many that are sharing things daily on their facebook page and that has inspired me ~ so I'll share some with you.

1.) Gorgeous fall weather

2.) Pretty fall decorations

3.) The smell of a burning candle again. I love Apple Cinnamon!

4.) All things pumpkin and spice

5.) I am thankful McDonalds is still selling their iced tea. HA!

6.) Fun pumpkins and guords from friend's gardens

7.) Crisp mornings, sunny afternoons

8.) Our anniversary month - 13 this year!

9.) A husband who loves and serves me so well

10.) Nine amazing children

11.) Three gifts awaiting me in heaven

12.) No more pain for my Robin

13.) The promise of heaven

14.) My ladie's Bible study - Love you girlfriends!

14.) Our church family

15.) New friendships

16.) Chocolate

17.) The warmth of my slippers and a fuzzy bathrobe

18.) Memories

19.) The sovereignty of God

20.) Scripture full of promises

21.) A great school and fabulous teachers for our children

22.) The support and patience of true friends during the most difficult times in your life

23.) A washing machine and dryer that works

24.) Date nights

25.) DVR - Enough said.

26.) Facebook. My entire social life all on my homepage. HA!

27.) My camera

28.) My talented sister and photographer @

29.) Blogland ~ I love all the ideas and hearing your hearts.

30.) And last, but certainly not least, my Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank-you for being patient with me.

I have so much more but these are the things that came to my mind right away.

Corrie Ten Boom's sister Betsy said, "There is no pit too deep, but God is deeper still."

For this, I am truly thankful this year. It has put so many things into perspective for me.

7 Months

7 Month Stats: 20.6lbs - 67th percentile

27 inches - 98th percentile

You are a super swift army crawler!

You do crawl now on all fours and getter better every day.

You pull yourself up now in your crib.

You love to lurch forward in the tub and splash on your tummy! We gotta watch you close!

No teeth yet, but major drool for sure!

You've eated rice cereal a few times, but not a major fan, and I don't think I'll push it. I don't think I'd like it either. Ha!

You love your jumper the most out of all your "baby entertainment."

You mananged to get super sick with RSV this month with a secondary infection on top of that called Bronchialitus. I've never seen any of my babies so sick with the exception of Bradyn and Harrison in the NICU, but those were different circumstances so this was a little worrisome to Mama. You are so stuffed up and your cough is so deep. Your eyes were almost swollen shut and you got a rash all over the trunk of your body and your face. The scariest thing to Mommy and Daddy was that you weren't interested in eating and you were so lethargic. You would hardly move your head up off the floor or your bed if we put you down or our shoulder and only for a second if you did. Your oxygen levels were only at 91% and they hospitalize babies at 90% so we are thankful they allowed us to watch you closely at home. Your chest was working so hard yesterday and when the doctor took your onesie off, Mommy was so sad. I hadn't even noticed how deep your chest was falling. We breathed a sigh of relief when you smiled at us this morning, the first time in over a day. Ahhhh.... My sweet baby is on his way back to me. So much to be thankful for...

Now that you are almost 8 months old, I figure I better get the 7 month post up especially since I ditched month 6 completely. Like the most important milestone before you turn a year. I'm sorry Buddy, I can barley keep up these days! Your siblings had pictures of every month on the exact day on the same chair for a year. I'm hoping we can make it to month 12, but we've missed one month already, and as for the same spot... it just depends on how far behind on laundry I am. HA!

You think Maddie and Brady are the funniest around here.
You just really like the two of them.

You look like your big brother Brady here. From time to time I can tell you really are part of our family. It's occasional, but those genes are in there somewhere!

I love your laugh and your dimples Bash....

You're finally wearing the Vikings slippers Daddy picked out for you when you were born. They don't stay on too well, but they're still fun I guess.

You puffy heart Daddy. Big.Time. I mean you actually want Daddy more than Mommy. And all before you're even 1. What am I? HA!

You go crazy when Daddy comes home from work. You hear his voice and look up immediately!

You pulled yourself up this month, and we had to lower the crib. Sniff. My baby is getting big!

You have so much fun playing with the mirror in your crib and I had to get rid of the bumper because you were using it to climb on now!

I'm soooo glad you're still taking that nuky. I'm pushing it bigtime! The last few have ditched it for their fingers by this age, and I still haven't dealt with that yet!

You have grown lots of hair this month. It's still lighter than the other boys at this age, but not as blonde as when you were born. I'll be curious to see what color you'll end up with.

My 2 Big Boys!

KG just loves her baby brother and always has lots of hugs and kisses for him in the morning!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hope Israel

Tonight we snuggled and hugged our children and babies tight, gazing at them without them realizing it, in a different way than usual.

Tonight, we are reminded of the thousands, if not millions of things that must go just right when a baby is being formed in the womb.

Tonight, we are sure our baby is in the arms of Jesus.

Tonight, we sat our children down and told them the sad news and they were sad. Some cried, some held it in, and some were indifferent.

Alexis and Austin let it all out and just sobbed.

Madeline holds all her emotions in check until she can't keep them in any longer.

Bradyn was solemn until he had all the facts laid out for him.

We were all so excited and had hoped this baby would be a girl. (although I know in 2 seconds flat I could fall in love with any baby boy.)

Later tonight, Madeline came to me quietly and asked me if she could name this baby. I asked her what she was thinking of and she told me an Israelite name. Since the Israelites were God's chosen people, and clearly God chose this baby to be with Him now, she thought this would be appropriate.

I thought this was pretty deep thinking on the whole thing for a 10 year old and beyond precious and after sharing this with Jared we decided on the name Hope Israel. (Is-ray-ell)

Our hope is in the Lord, not in this life, not in anything this world has to offer, and not even in a baby...

I'm not sure how all this heaven stuff works most of the time. Our human minds are too finite to imagine I'm sure. I could be wrong about my sweet babes in heaven and their gender, but sometimes for me anyway, it helps to put a name to a loved one.

Even though my love was only 5 days old. It was a mama's love. And there's nothing quite like a mama's love.

I'd like to think baby Grace and baby Faith welcomed baby Hope Israel into Heaven's gates with arms open wide and showed her just how sweet Heaven is and I'd also like to think my Robin has a full lap now, rocking those sweet babes of mine till I can meet them all.

"Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." ~ Psalms 31:24