Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookies

We started off the Christmas baking here by having the girl's friends over one day after school. We just did a couple of batches to start out. Madeline and Lauren chose peanut butter blossoms which I'd never done before. I know. Shocker. Alexis chose sugar cookies and sprinkled away with Grace.

Taste Testing is a must of course!


Checking their ingredients and stirrin' it up good!

These girls are quite the bakers! They decided to open up shop and call it GG's for Grace and Gabrielle.

You girls just might be the "next great baker!"

Santa Baby

I was singing my heart out the other day in the kitchen while baking and scared this little man to death. It was then I realized it was his first introduction to Mom's rendition of Leanne Rhimes' Christmas CD. Ya, I get loud I guess. Sully thought I was hilarious. I thought I sounded like Leanne. Yaaaa. Right. I guess Bash's tears should've clued me in. HA!

Love this tongue and all the drool that comes with it.

This baby is wearing his 1st Christmas outfit ~ the same one Austin wore and each baby after that. Sigh..... How time flies.

Jump high Santa Baby!

8 Months

8 Months and counting lil' turkey!

It's getting a little tricky taking this monthly picture of you.

You used to sit so still lil' turkey!

Not anymore! You are a super duper busy baby - into more than my other babies it seems!
Much earlier for sure anyway! Sullivan had just learned to sit at this age!

Thank goodness you love your nuky and can now put it in on your own! I knew our hard work would pay off one day!!

Here you are waving away at me. Your newest feat. It's soooo sweet and as soon as you see someone walk into a room or start to leave, you wave now!

You got your very first tooth this month and finally all this drool is paying off! You tried some baby food for the very first time and are getting the hang of it pretty quick now. You never liked cereal so I didn't try more than twice. I don't like to push it. I know all you need is mama's milk this year anyway. Anything more is just a bonus.

Poeple still ask who you look like almost every time we go out. Other than one of Jared's uncles, I honestly don't know. Sometimes I still wonder if you were switched at the hospital. But I don't think I could give you back anyway Bash, so don't worry! :)

Gettin' away!

Isn't he growing hair like crazy now??

Climbed on a rubbermaid next to the couch and then onto the couch. HELP.

You are climbing stairs now and made it up two flights last week with a small ball in your hand. Daredevil.

You are learning the meaning of the word "no" and seem to be very sensitive so far. You've even cried poor baby! I hope your heart remains that way. I could use a soft hearted child in the mix again. HA!

You are working on two more teeth and I hope they pop in soon buddy. It's been rough for you. You've had a few doses of Tylenol this month. Lurve that stuff you do.

You are grabbing and making messes all over the place and I love it. You are still my snuggliest baby to date and I love it when you lay your head on my shoulder. Sigh.... You're growing up fast Sebastian Kyle and I'm so thankful you're my lil' turkey this year.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Movies

I just love Christmas movies. I also love DVR and recording Christmas movies. I have plans to watch them all one day. Maybe by Easter. Guess Jared caught me in full Christmas movie mode here. HA! I look too serious. Wowzers.

I love in no particular order:

A Christmas Story
The Nativity
Charlie Brown's Christmas
The Family Stone
Home Alone
The Family Man
Frosty the Snowman
While You Were Sleeping

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Any suggestions?


I know, it's nearly Christmas, and I'm just posting these, but I lost almost a months' worth of pictures due to a poor memory card, and I was just devasted. I couldn't bear to even blog I was so bummed! I had several fun shots of the kids around the house, our anniversary getaway, and a ton of pictures from our trip down to Iowa, including pictures of Becca's graveside. Sigh.... I know the Lord is in control of even this and I'm hopeful we can figure out how to retrieve them. Sidenote: Memory cards do go bad apparently. Ours was 3 1/2 years old and eventually we figured out that every 4th picture we took it was erasing the rest. Aauugh!

Here's what we did come away with, and I'm grateful for a few at least.

We went down to Jared's sister's place in Iowa and the weather was just gorgeous! The kids played outside alot and had a blast with those marshmallow guns Auntie Jenn bought them. Ha!

Stacy and I even got out for a run Thanksgiving afternoon and we made a couple of trips to the park down the road too.

I did see some good friends as well as Becca's family and hopefully, I'll be able to post about my visit to her graveside. Sniff. It was emotional, but healing too. More on that later Lord-willing.

Here's a Sunday morning picture on the couch before Jenn headed off to church with Stacy. We went home early, because the plague had struck and we were dropping like flys. Thanks goodness for that bucket Anna. We made use of it on the way home. Eeewwwe.

The kids all love Brian but I must say, the girls really love on him and use him as their personal jungle gym. Uncle Brian is so good to them! They are very happy he's out of the marines now "so he will be home more to play with." We're glad you're home too Brian!

Jake was struck with the plague we brought in Saturday night. Sorry buddy. We owe you one, or two, or three. HA!

Jared was pretty tickled he got his only neice to snuggle with him. Showoff. Emma loves her auntie too!

She's so stinkin' adorable with that thumb!

Overall, if you leave out the plague, and the fact that I did not get to see my two fairy princesses, (Becca's daughters) We did have a very special time with the rest of our family and our other friends.

Thanks for hosting us Stacy! We might have to make this a family tradition ~ but next time, we'll leave the plague at home!!!