Saturday, December 24, 2011

Spending Time With Family...

It's never enough time, but we enjoyed time with family while we were down in the Cities for Jared's Dad's birthday party.

Stacy's little girl, Emma, is just so deliciously adorable. I put her very first piggy in this summer and shared some purty bows this time around too. I don't think she knows what to do with them in there cause' they didn't last long! HA!

Well, we tried Stac. She'll get used to them eventually. Next time you must start younger! HA!

Alexis just loves having Uncle Brian home for Christmas. He likes romping around with them and even took then all on a walk in the dark. Pretty exciting for a kid!

Grandma cooked up a storm and made yummy snacks for us all to munch on.

Grandma's bed makes for a cozy retreat to watch movies.

Without all the busyness of home, Daddy got in some extra snuggles with Keilah Grace.

Sebastian finally got a good nap in after all the hub hub.

These boys played NONSTOP the whole weekend and were out pretty quick once we got in the van to go home. They love playing Snood together in Grandpa's office!

And this girl loves to color! Good thing Grandma has loads of choices for you Sophie!

Poochy Lip.

Emma getting a taste of Caribou from Daddy!

Chicka Chicka Wahhhhh!

Ok. You had to be there.

IT really was hilarious.

We went out for lunch to one of our favorites - Alcapolco.

We celebrated Keilah Grace's 6th birthday while we were there. It made her feel pretty special.

Thank-you Auntie Jenn for my boquet of balloons and my new coloring book.

It doesn't take much for a child to feel super important to and I think you scored big Auntie Jenn! :)


KG turned 6 and Chuck turned 60 this year. Pretty cool huh?

Auntie Stacy and Alexis chattin' it up through lunch.

Can't forget those fun dog ears Jenn gave you. You wore them to school the very first day you got home. Woof Woof!

The staff even came out and sang Happy Birthday to you in Spanish and you got your very first plate of fried ice cream! Yummy girl!

Look at that plate. Mommy snuck in her first bite of it too. Not bad!

Look at your static Keilah Grace!

Grandpa felt left out so he had to ask for his dessert. Oh my. Guess he didn't know what he had coming up! HA! (his party...)

Next up: Christmas at home!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chuck's Surprise Party

Jared's dad, Chuck, turned 60 this year and we all went down to the Cities to help him ring in his year with a surprise party we (his kids) threw for him at his church.

I think we actually mananged to surprise him which is no small feat by any means!

We waited and waited till Joni and Stacy drug him into the chapel to pick up something.

Keilah Grace was so excited for the man of the hour to arrive!

She shares her birthdate with Grandpa and this year she turned 6!

Janice, Tina, and Great Grandma all waiting too...

Many of his friends and family came during a very busy season to show just how much they love him.

Chuck's mom, Ella - she's 94 I think. Wowzers.

Jared and Sullivan waiting for the cue...

Surprise Chuck!!! Happy Birthday to You!

Good job everyone! I think we really made his day!

Jenn, (Jared's sister) the one who took care of most of the details. Thanks Jenn. We owe you one!

Chuck giving his mom a greeting and hug...

Waiting for the grandkids program to begin...

Joanne, Elizabeth, and John...

Chuck's sister and her husband

They were just a little bit squirrely.

Harrison and Mason hammin' it up!

Alexis played "Holy, Holy, Holy."

There was only a little bit of arm twisting involved here. HA!

Brady played, "Whisper a Prayer" and "Abide With Me."

I love that he loves to play piano and perform his songs!

I think we may have had a few tears and sniffles from the grandparents?! Now that's success right?

Madeline played, " and she had Noah hold her music for her. Good job buddy!

Lexie with her violin debut and "Twinkle Twinkle."

The cousins all made a letter spelling out G-r-a-n-d-p-a and each came up with their own adjectives describing him with words that began with their letter. It was pretty cute if I do say so myself. My personal fave: N for naughty! Jake you were a riot!

Give me a G!!!

They also sang "Jesus Loves Me" complete with actions.
It was pretty sweet.

Alexis wrote a funny song and the girls both sang which was also a crowd pleaser!

One of Chuck's good friends, Milt shared a short message.

Baby Bash with Mandy

Chuck and his sister Lynne sang an old TV jingle for old times sake. HA!

Chucks sister going down memory lane....

Miss KG

Let the party begin - food and all!

Thank to Debbie for all your hard work planning and preparing food for our family and friends to enjoy! WE love you!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Luv, Emma