Monday, December 26, 2011

Quiet TIme

This image never gets old and I smile in my heart and soul when I find one of the little ones curled up with Daddy looking hard at his Bible as he does his quiet time in the morning. I pray they are as diligent as their Daddy.

Proverbs 20:7 says,

" A righteous man walks in his integrity and his children are blessed after him."

The Spirit of Christmas

Brady came home a few days before the big day and announced to me he had a school play for Christmas of course, and that he was the mayor.

"Do you need to practice? Do you need to memorize anything?" I asked.
Of course, the OCD is me took over and maybe even a little bit of my acting career, I mean acting past, and I was dying to know what we could do to improve his lines!

But to know avail. He was not to be persuaded to tell me anymore about his play and I had to wait in suspense for the big day.

He told me he was the mayor and he was to wear his suit.

I hoped he was telling the truth when he told me it was really no big deal and that he could just read his lines from his paper.

Well, I had the little ones in tow that morning, yes, all 4 of the beasts, I mean children, and was not even thinking about how well Brady would or wouldn't do when I was at school. Trying to tame the Dragon, I mean Sullivan, was a full time job and my cell phone was ringing off the hook and being the techy that I am, I couldn't remember how to turn the thing off. I think I might have recieved a glare or two. Sigh....

So imagine my surprise when I realize my son, my 2nd grader had all his lines memorized and was speaking with full "mayor like" expression and was beaming from ear to ear in all his suitly glory. Ya, this is the kid that wanted to wear a suit for his 6 year pictures. He wanted to be a pastor then.... :) Awwwe. Good memories of my sweet boy.

Waiting for it to start. Can you believe it's only 4 more years before you sit here all day Sullivan? It goes by too fast...

You were pretty happy for the most part as long as I shoved this in your mouth to keep quiet. HA!

"The Spirit of Christmas" begins.

My Mayor... Puffy Heart.

No butterflies for him I guess!

Mrs. Johnson and Brady

Who's child is this anyway??

I promised and delivered Crystal! :) Cole did a good job on his lines too!

That's my boy! Using expression! I might have an actor on my hands after all!

Ending the play with a Christmas poem, " The Silver Bell."

Love this one of Cole, Brady's buddy...

I rarely get a picture with my kids, but I made sure I got one today! I was so proud of my mayor!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We went caroling for the first time as a family this week and loved it!

We hope to make this a yearly tradition of ours. We met up with a few other families at church and off we went. We hit about 7 homes and the nursing home to visit a friend recovering from surgery. I think we all came away super excited about next year and felt even more blessed by the smiles we saw than the few we gave maybe? Funny how that works huh?

Thanks Titus for the great idea. Jared plans on mapping this thing out next year and maybe even getting a practice session in. Ha! Wow. Eat your heart out Concordia choir. :) Brookdale is on a mission!

The lovely Lund family...

The kids really sang out on Jingle Bells! IT WAS SO CUTE!

Wish this wasn't so dark, but my camera is giving me heart failure lately. Sigh.... Loved seeing you Chanon! We pray your knee gets better soon!

WE love you Pastor Tim and family!! Thank-you for all you do to serve us throughout the year! We feel blessed to be your friends!

Love, All Because of Him,

The Harvey, Harris, Ranslow, Rasmussen, and the Rivers Family

Mama's two boys!

Austin got one of these cool jars from his Sunday School teachers this year for Christmas. It's an "I Spy" jar.

I found Sophie curled up with my Southern Living magazine on my bed during naptime this week. I wish I had time for my Southern Living!

But I did make time for these with my bakers in the making.

And these.

Actually, Alexis pretty much did these all by herself this year.

If only I had known what a blessing it would be to me to have 2 girls first before my sons. The Lord knew....

Lexie made me this pretty jar in school. It holds hot chocolate mix.

We did dipped pretzels, rods, peanut butter blossoms, fudge, and I'm still hoping to get to my peanut butter cups! I think of you every time Rachel! :)

Brady made the spiffy looking graham cracker train in the background at school this year. It even doubles as a candy holder!

I finally bit the bullet and replaced all my burnt out candles I've had for years. I just love these when I drive by homes at Christmas time...

And yes, those are dirty dishes in my sink. HA!

Favorite Apps of 2011

I loved this card when I spotted it on Shutterfly.

And it had 9 spots for pictures!

IT was meant to be.

249 of these babies went out in the mail.

I kept one for myself.

I know, I'm selfish.

Thank-goodness Madeline was my self appointed stuffer, stamper, and licker.

Yes, 9 children really do come in handy from time to time. What could have taken 6 hours only took 3 thanks to her!

I love you little elfling!!

Madeline's organization skills.

Oh my.

My OCD must be rubbing off.

Oh well.

We need more around here.

You rock girl!

December Sundays

Take 1!

Take 2!

Take 3!
I give up!!!

Till next Sunday anyway...

Tradtions and Other Silly Stuff

We read a new Christmas story almost every night this December. You're supposed to wrap them in theory, but I was too lazy. I just let them take turns and pick one out. I tried collecting them all year long from garage sales or thrift stores and so we have about 20. ~ Enough to read and still miss a few nights when it's crazy busy. It was a fun thing to do every night and everyone looked forward to their turn with the best seat being on Mommy or Daddy's lap!

Madeline got a little camera happy as you can tell here. IT never ceases to amaze me what I find on my camera when I download my pictures. OH my...

Christmas from Nanny

Our camera batteries died naturally so I didn't get many, but here's a few pictures of the kids with their presents from you! Thank-you for your

Sophie got her "minnie dress" that she really did ask for for Christmas!!

Madeline loves anything with WVU on it and so she wore these for 3 days before I finally made her take them off so I could wash them! HA!

Bash with his very own WVU football!

Are you ready for some football?!