Sunday, December 9, 2012

Family Comes To Meet Ava Joy!

Sarah and Tommy snuggled on baby Ava and Tommy just ate her up. It was pretty sweet to watch him love on her. Of course, you could hardly tell... but we knew it! :)

Jenn was able to drive up for a day or so and spend some time with us and even made pancakes for the kids one morning. I was not about to do something like that so they were absolutely thrilled! She watched "Cheaper by the Dozen" with them and laughed right along with them. She was the only one in tears tho at the end. HA! Time is going by fast and they are growing up so quickly... Sigh. It's a good quick tho. Some days are a blur but I hope I remember all these precious times with my little people the Lord has been so good to bless me with.

Summer Sun

2 weeks and 2 days and soaking up some rays in the stroller! 

Mommy's Gansta! HA! 

Sillyhead playing with my camera! 

So thankful for these extra arms to help out! Love my girl!

Homemade Goodness

This sweet friend of mine brought her even sweeter girl over for a quick visit and made us the most delicious chicken casserole and this mean apple pie. I tell you she could make Paula Deen quiver in her boots it was so good! Thanks again Chris, and remember anytime you want to start taking orders just let me know. My sis and I are first in line!  :)

Almost 2 weeks here and just as cute as can be with her big southern bows! I love me some southern goodness!

Sheer Joy

So proud and full of sheer joy. A healing balm to all of hearts she's been... Thank-you Jesus.

Lonely Hallway

I don't have much going on here and I do plan of getting some twine and pics up on this old frame but alas, it's another project that I haven't gotten to yet. I love the old frame tho. It was my birthday present this year from my sis. :) Right now, I have this cute Merry Christmas sign hanging from it and my village covering the table for Christmas. It turned out pretty cute but my hallway carpet looks like a blizzard hit it every day now. The boys love to mess around with it. Sigh... So, I shovel it out nearly every day and rearrange it almost nightly. Life with kids. I bet I'll miss this some day. Maybe.

The Game "Room"

I really do appreciate the storage this home has to offer and the family room has this great little storage room under the stairs that is perfect for all our games and movies. The amount of times that the littles unloaded all of them from underneath our entertainment center was countless and for some reason they just don't think to open this door near as much. Wahoo! Now that I've stated that of course, I'm sure that will change and it will be in a heap tomorrow. HA! But for now, I can glory in that this hidden oasis of my organizational illness remains hidden most of the time. :) 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Ya, so I've been missing in action for the past few months. We are alive and well for the most part, if you leave out the flu that has been the chunkiest I've seen in years. Uggh. Ya, it's that bad. Thankfully, I've managed to remain healthy and we were only down 5 children. Only 1 of which seemed to make it to the toilet when relieving themselves of the chunkies. Sigh.... Did I mention that he's 5? Pretty much my favorite child now. HA!

Well, I almost have no idea where I left off in this thing called blogging but even though I have piles everywhere, the laundry is out of control, (not to mention chunky) and the whole house could use a good scrubbing with some commercial bleach, I think I'll sip on my diet pepsi instead and blog. You know, so you can catch up on our super important lives and all. I know, I'm sacrificial like that.

Well here it goes. We've been.....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loads of Laundry

Oh my stars, do I wish sometimes that my laundry room looked like this all the time, but alas, that would mean no more little people live here, wet the bed, barf on things, poop on things, and spill food on their clothes, and that will be a sad day in the Rivers history, so I'll just remind myself of this when I'm feeling overwhelmed with my laundry piles that never seem to end. Favorite Tan by Sherwin Williams is the color sporting the walls in here just like the sunroom. I do love the flooring in here. It's great for dirt coverage and obviously very practical for us. I took this photo at night, so you can't see all the nice light that pours in during the day, but I'm enjoying it instead of being hunkered down in some dark room 5 loads a day... This door leads into the garage and then into the kitchen on the other side. Well, speaking of loads of laundry, I've got plenty to fold and put away right now!

The Oval Office

We've never had an office before, but I really am seeing the benefit in having a singular room for one now. It's great that it's off the main living area of the house so it's easily accessible and also easy to monitor little people without forgetting how many hours one has been playing on the lego website. :) There are no windows in here and it so it's s bit on the dark side so I went with a shade lighter in here than in the main living space. It's called Rice Grain by Sherwin Williams. It's does not look white in person as it does in the pictures here, but that's the joy of cameras and blogging. Nothing is true to life. Kinda like my house is not always picked up like it is in the pictures. I wish it was, but that would mean we don't live here. And we sorta do. I need to fill some picture frames with fresh new pics, but other than finding pops of color to add here and there, I'm done in here! 

Lonely Sunroom

It's pretty lonely in here for now. We'd like to eventually get some cozy seating so we can read and visit in here, but for now, it will have to remain lonely unless I come across a deal of a lifetime and even then.... Ha!  The light is very fun and cheery in this home as our last home was a bit dark I think. I'll have fun cheering this room up sometime in the future I'm sure. In the meantime, it's going to make a snazzy spot for the cage - no joke - I just bought my boys! Yep, I did. After way too much toothpaste consumption and an entire box of cinnamon rolls this morning, I had Jared put it together. Mind you, both toothpaste and cinnamon rolls were high and on the backs of counters. Sigh... two drawers used as steps later, and I guess I'm that mother resorting to caging my little man cubs. So for now, the only addition to this room will be it the shape of an octogon. And that, suits me just fine for now.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lovely Living

I need to add some mysteriously missing frames to a shelf in here, but after that and finding a spot for my beloved Willow Tree people, I'll be done in here.WE love the openness this home offers and are enjoying the "open concept" living. Pardon the HGTV lingo. HA! I got this cute chalkboard from my dear MIL for Christmas, and it's a prefect way to leave special messages for the family. Right now, it says Happy 11th Birthday Madeline! My way fun friend Trish, is trying to talk me into painting my piano teal, which one part of me thinks would be rad, and the other more traditional side of me is scared to death of the color commitment. What do ya'll think? Any other color ideas? I went with a more neutral color palette on the walls here for a more airy look but definetley loves pops of color so I know it needs livening up, but I'm just not sure about the piano. Let me know what your vote is and I may just get brave!

Rivers Diner

This is most obviously our kitchen and dining area. We painted or should I say we paid to have it painted. Best money spent EVA! HA! We have always done projects on our own but I must say this was a huge stress relief as neither Jared or I are fabulous painters and we are both perfectionists so this pretty much saved our marriage, at least for the month of July. HA! We changed out some appliances and had a different look in here. I'm not really sure what direction I'll go in here since my plan for a southern white kitchen didn't happen, so I've been contemplating what to do about decorating the nooks and crannies in here. Like I said earlier, I got rid of all my decor that would have gone so well with this darker woodwork. Oh well, I just see more bargain shopping in my future. :) We will probably add an island in time for some more counter space and storage. We just want to see how the space works for us in the meantime. The laundry room is right off the kitchen here and the sunroom is right off the dining area. It's a nice and bright area of the house and yes, I've already resorted to wearing sunglasses this time of year at the supper table. No Joke. I'm sure I'll be missing all that glaring sunlight in another two months or so though so no complaining from me! The paint color in most areas of the main floor is from Sherwin Williams and it's called Ramie. I pretty much stalked the Nester's blog and raided all her painting tips before I started. Such a copycat I know, but I'm alright with that. I have time for copycat. But 9 kids in a paint store this summer? I think not. Speaking of the River's Diner, I must get dinner going tonight! Stuffed pasta shells on the menu tonight! Yummo!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Future Mudroom/Storage Room

This will eventually be our family's mudroom and a 4th bathroom. It's pretty big for just a mudroom but we do come in like a herd! We just need to lay flooring and put up trim and then we'd like to get some type of locker cabinetry in here for each family member. In the meantime, this is where the winter chaos of hats and mittens will still reside! Yay for no more winter obstacle course in my main entryway! I think I will love this room when it's finished tho! Pinterest ideas, here I come! 

The next couple of pictures are in our storage room. It's so nice to not have to brave the cold to find my fall decorations or that pair of shoes one of the kids grew into. We had to store most of our things in our garage in our last home, so this is a real treat - especially for Jared who is the one I made climb up the ladder and haul things down for me. HA! I think December and January will go much better for him now! Maybe, he'll enjoy Christmas decorating now? Yes? Well, that might be a stretch. Sigh...