Thursday, September 27, 2012

Loads of Laundry

Oh my stars, do I wish sometimes that my laundry room looked like this all the time, but alas, that would mean no more little people live here, wet the bed, barf on things, poop on things, and spill food on their clothes, and that will be a sad day in the Rivers history, so I'll just remind myself of this when I'm feeling overwhelmed with my laundry piles that never seem to end. Favorite Tan by Sherwin Williams is the color sporting the walls in here just like the sunroom. I do love the flooring in here. It's great for dirt coverage and obviously very practical for us. I took this photo at night, so you can't see all the nice light that pours in during the day, but I'm enjoying it instead of being hunkered down in some dark room 5 loads a day... This door leads into the garage and then into the kitchen on the other side. Well, speaking of loads of laundry, I've got plenty to fold and put away right now!


Andy and Jennifer said...

You know I love that room; that house really does have some features that are perfect for your large family although I am not sure that's what the builder had in mind ;)!

rachland said...

Your house is looking great! You always do a great job setting up home!