Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Oval Office

We've never had an office before, but I really am seeing the benefit in having a singular room for one now. It's great that it's off the main living area of the house so it's easily accessible and also easy to monitor little people without forgetting how many hours one has been playing on the lego website. :) There are no windows in here and it so it's s bit on the dark side so I went with a shade lighter in here than in the main living space. It's called Rice Grain by Sherwin Williams. It's does not look white in person as it does in the pictures here, but that's the joy of cameras and blogging. Nothing is true to life. Kinda like my house is not always picked up like it is in the pictures. I wish it was, but that would mean we don't live here. And we sorta do. I need to fill some picture frames with fresh new pics, but other than finding pops of color to add here and there, I'm done in here! 

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