Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Program

I know I'm running behind on this blogging thing, but my computer is driving me nuts lately with all it's crazy stunts. We really do need to bite the bullet and get a new one, but since when is a computer qualified as a need?? HA!

Sebastian played baby Jesus and although we had some communication problems as to when and where he should make his entry onstage, it all worked out in the end I suppose.

He was just the happiest baby Jesus ever with his nuky and just looked around at all the children and lights.

I know I just love this sort of thing. Seeing all the cutesy children dressed up in their holiday get up and performing their hard practiced songs. We actually had our younger children participate this year which is shocking because they are the ones to usually stand there like grumps on a log. HA!

Brady volunteered to play prelude music along with other children from church and I didn't even know about it till right before we left for the program! But he played and he did a fantastic job! Guess if he wasn't nervous I shouldn't be huh?

Bradyn and Timothy are pretty good friends. Think they might break a few heart one day??

So serious Brady...

I know this is blurry, but Harrison was just all ready with his Christmas smile! HA!

The kids all walked down together holding hands with their older siblings. Great idea if you ask me! I think it really helped their nerves!

Sullivan surprised us with his happy nature up there in front of everyone and sang his heart out and smiled his hammy smile every now and then when we pulled out the camera. "Manger! Manger!" came out loud and clear let me tell you! HA! He loves to sing which is so fun because we cannot say that about our other kids at this age when onstage!

The kids all did the actions. Woot Woot! Sully was an action or two behind the song but it was so adorable anyway!

I fell in love with these outfits for the little girls from Lolly Wolly Doodle.
They wore them every Sunday after Thanksgiving and I hope they can wear them next year too! I just love monogramming and applicaque!

Sophie was the drab one in our family that day. Such a pouty lip... Oh well, 3 out of 4 right?! That's pretty good stats if you ask me!

Austin was gone the week the class was assigned verses to recite so he lucked out I guess! HA!

Austin's persed lips...

Alexis was able to play Mary this year and was very excited about this. I think she felt pretty special!

Madeline was an angel and recited her lines with no problem at all!

Brady had the red head wrap and played a wiseman.

Joseph and Mary

There's baby Jesus!

So content!

Oops!! Mary left baby Jesus to fend for himself when she went to go sing and say her lines. He had a little mishap with the props but was happy as could be until he was rescued from the crowd! HA! It was pretty funny!

The Christmas program is always a fun time and this year was no exception. We had 9 very happy and tired children when we walked in the door that night.

Hope you all enjoyed your programs as well!