Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas Rewind

I know I'm super behind, and by now you could be super bored of Christmas pictures, but I'm blogging to eventually print this all out into a book for our family so you'll just have to be tortured. :)

I've been having problems lately with my captions lining up with the correct pictures. It looks great while I'm putting the post together, but then when it's published, it's a jumbled mess. IT's always in order persay, the captions are just not right next to the correct pictures. Any suggestions out there?

Anywhoo, here's one of the last bunches of Christmas pictures.

Mommy can't pass up matching cheetah jammies for her lil' cheetahs! I love how super soft these are!

Alexis needed jammies too and this year her big request was a digital camera. ( well, besides the phone, the ipod, and the kindle fire she was denied) HA!

The little ones got "new leapsters" which has kept them super busy and the best thing is the big kids wrapped theirs old ones up for the little ones. I love recycled gifts!

Thanks for the cool vest set Grandpa Doug and Nena!

Daddy was in charge of putting this Packer fan in a good mood! They both enjoy the banter it provides now!

Miss Sophie finally got her a bank and surprise surprise - it's a princess!

Nanny knew Sullivan is into Mickey Mouse right now! Good job Nanny!

Brady's favorite gift was a remote controlled helicopter from Daddy. IT worked pretty well until it got left on the roof for a night. Oops.

The girls have enjoyed crafting things with yarn lately and so they were happy with a couple of new spools to use!

This had to be hands down Sully's favorite gift! It's Woody as you can see and the string on his back spouts off different phrases from the movie Toy Story. It's pretty funny, but it's hilarious to listen to Sullivan repeat everything!

The girls's gifts have gotten so grown up this year. Sniff.

Our busy hatmaker!

Madeline finally scored her some Granny pants! She still hasn't talked me into wearing them to school though! HA!

Sullivan keeps busy on his new Thomas drawing board. Our last one had lasted for years since the girls were toddlers! It's great for car trips!

Nanny, you can always be safe with legos! They kept the boys busy for hours! Thanks again!

Madeline is all pumped about her AG doll's new running outfit! Thanks Grandpa Doug and Nena!

More leapster learning fun!

This girl lit up like a Christmas tree when her dream came true! A princess castle!!! She loves it Grandpa Doug and Nena!

And finally after 2 years of asking, this girl finally got her big girl doll from American Girl. Now just to be clear, she doesn't play babies with it. No, no. It's more like now I have a buddy to help me wrangle all my animals and help me take care of my pet shop and zoo and be my vet assistant. HA!

Me whipping up Christmas dessert... in my favorite pink reindeer jammies!

Thanks Grandpa Doug and Nena for the new Christmas movies!

We each got to open one!

And last, but not least, stockings came out Christmas morning! Woo Hoo!

Star Wars stocking stuffers....

Dig Sophie, dig!

Well, that's about it folks. Hope it wasn't too torturous!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Break

So winter break around here was busy as usual but with 5 more opinions and louder play and yes, a few more squabbles.

We played lots of Blokus and I highly recommend it. It's more fun with 4 players but 2 can play and still manage to entertain themselves for awhile. Be careful though! It's addicting!

This little minnie has been playing lots of princess and has just discovered that she can do puzzles if she's patient with herself and works hard!

Alexis and Madeline both really enjoy the American Girl website which has been such a great educational tool as well. Glad they are having fun tho while they are learning! Dad's laptop from work isn't bad either! HA!

Weekend campouts on the bedroom floor are so much more exciting than sleeping in your real bed!

More princess! Thanks again Grandpa Doug and Nena! I think this is a keeper!

Austin and Bradyn were able to play football outside in shorts no less on those 50 plus degree days! Wowzers!! Now that's a record around here! No snow for us over winter break!

Madeline enjoyed trying out her new oil pastels and has been spending alot more time doing drawings lately.

And this guy just enjoyed all the extra attention from his older siblings as well as the extra hips to hug. HA! I did too!

Hope your winter break was relaxing and filled with some family fun!

In Memory of...

My Robin.

My sister surprised me with these two necklaces for Christmas.

They are reversible and made out of vintage comic book paper.

They are priceless to me.

Notice what the one says...

"And Batman Needs a Robin."

So true.

So unattainable now.

But always close to my heart.

And in my memories.

In my dreams.

Around my house.

Scattered here and there.

In my closet.

And now around my neck.

Forever Robin.

Love, Batman

Knees Peas

Jared hurt his knee pretty bad a few weeks ago. We were at a family birthday party and he was playing some games they had set up as "dad challenges" - kind of like a game show and he hit a gym floor pretty hard when going down for a ball. Then later on, he was scootering along on his hands and knees on these homemade pallet scooters and I think he did himself in there. HA! We're realizing we're just getting old! We're not 20 anymore!

You really can't tell here as pictures just didn't do it justice but his miniscus in his left knee tore pretty bad and a one plus inch piece tore off and got shoved in a joint. Ouchie!! I knew when he asked me that night if he should go in, HE really needed too. He's no baby and must have been in excruciating pain to have asked. His knee was so swollen it was probably 5 times the size of the other one at one time. Ewwe.

Thankfully, the Lord worked out all the details and he was scheduled for surgery exactly one week after his injury, apparently a record for this sort of thing the nurses said. Originally, they weren't even going to see him for even a check for over a week. I think when they realized this was not your ordinary knee complaint and he was literally laying in bed if not gimping around and unable to work, they got serious! Phew, I was worried we would have to send them the mortgage! HA!

Jared's good friend, Jack, dropped by one evening to cheer him up with some good humor and that he did! Thanks again Jack! That was super thoughtful of you.

I must say it was really nice to have Daddy around for a few weeks even if he was incompassitated most of the time. He read stories, cuddled, watched his fair share of PBS, and probably way too much HGTV. HA!

We loved every minute really, just wish you weren't hurting so much. Gotta love you on drugs though... Yes, that was interesting! HA!

It's healing up well we think and he continues with physical therapy, but today is his first day back at work. We miss you already, but moolah is always helpful right?! HA!

Merry Christmas!!

Belated, I know, but this is Christmas morning at our house and I thought I'd still share!

My camera has been giving me fits when trying to upload to blogger and I don't know who the culprit is ~ me, my camera, or blogger! Aaaauugh!