Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kuck/Rivers Christmas

I know. I'm still doing Christmas posts. I realize it's February, but I promise it's the last one. Really I do. I had to upload each picture individually, but I finally got these pictures to upload. Relief for a type A girl you know.

We enjoyed an evening just visiting and letting the cousins run around and play while we ate great appetizers and enjoyed some Christmas yummies. I made Shawn's famous taco dip recipe and kept the rest pretty simple. Deviled eggs, ham and pickle roll-ups, summer sausage, cheese, and crackers, and shrimp cocktail made the menu.

The boys were pretty excited to be together and dig in soon!

It was like a party house that night.
Oh my.

Sam's not much into pictures. HA!

Jared and I got a couple in though! It only happens a few times a year! Funny, how that works when your favorite person and yourself hardly ever get a picture...

I just love how my fridge is always full of art projects right now.

Shawn and Sarah - (my sister and husband)

Little Chef making good time on his bottle!

Trapped in here while we open gifts!

Daddy and his boys!

Well four of them anyway... :)

Noah and Thomas

Sarah and I. Love you sis!

Getting ready to open gifts!

Merry Christmas Noah!

Lexie loves her new fuzzy slippers!

Maddie modeling her new hat and fuzzy art!

What else? Legos!

And more Legos for Austin!

KG and a a new animal - branching out with an elephant!

Harrison joined the Lego club this year!

Sam liked the wrapped effect better I think. HA!

Sophie has had fun with her new princess wand! It's computerized!

A big boy car! Wowzers Sully man!

Happy kids at the end of the night...

Madeline made Auntie Sarah an ornament for her tree!

Sarah was in charge of dessert so she of course, came up with this brainstorm. A HUGE ICECREAM SUNDAE! And was is ever huge. A whole gallon of vanilla ice cream and every possible topping you can imagine. It was actually kinda pretty before they stirred it. It just got bigger and bigger and messier and messier, and finally I left the room for sanity's sake. But not before I snapped all of these! :)

Well, I'm sure these captions won't post right, but I'm working on figuring all that out. Thanks for the advice I've gotten so far. And don't worry - no more Christmas!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Brady's 9th Birthday

Bradyn started his morning off right by opening up a present from Auntie Sarah and boy was he excited to be tinkering away on these rocks and be excavating. ??? I'm sure he would correct my terminology if he were here to do so, but he's not so I thik you get the picture. HA!

He chose French Toast Bake - shocker shocker, and juice which is always a treat around here and away he went on those rocks!

Looking forward to family gift opening that night is half the excitement of the day!

All the kids had a blast tinkering away on this project and I highly recommend it if you can stand the mess it makes! The dust is unbelievable, but highly entertaining I assure you!

It didn't start out too bad...

Brady had a buddy from school over and interestingly enough, although they were born at the same hospital a couple of months apart and both were preemies in the NICU, they are both just as healthy and strapping as can be now!

Cole and Brady are in the same class and get to be math partners. Looks like they are just partners in crime here! Ha!

It was gorgeous outside that day so I shooed them outside to play football and they even had a marshmallow gun fight since they were sad about no snow. - A first for Brady on his birthday! They played so nicely all afternoon and when Daddy made it home from work later we hurried off to the bowling alley for a couple of games and then to Pizza Ranch. - A major treat around here for anyone under 12 - ok jared loves that place too! HA!

Brady picked out 1 gift to bring to the bowling alley to spread the joy out. Boy was he excited! I just wish they took him longer than 20 minutes to put together. Sigh.... SO does he.

Sebastian was just happy to be out looking around in the stroller and watching everyone pick out colorful balls! What a happy baby!

The excitement was feirce. We do not get out much in the winter. Ha!

I thought this one was precious. Daddy was very patient and Sophie was so proud to be a big girl!

I'm positive the ball almost knocked her over. She's such a pipsqueek!

This lil' man thought he was bowling, but he did not. He was easy to fool and we found it safer for everyone involved to keep him away from the actual bowling alley. My, was he proud to stand next to those balls though!

Jared made triple digits and I think I almost made it there. I seem to either do fabulous or not so much. No middle. Strikes or Gutter Balls for me.

Wow. Thank-you very much unnamed child. I was trying to teach you bowling ball form. Can't you just see their eyes rolling? Can you feel their pain?

Content to be the ball watchdog.

The big boys were so sweet and did a great job coaching Sophie with her ball! I love it!


Daddy and his two older girls!

Harrison was bound and determined to get that ball down the aisle! He did pretty good too!

SO shy sometimes. Where does that come from???

Daddy and Brady with his new Lego tee shirt on!

This is the day we found out we were expecting another baby - Brady's birthday! It was fun to keep it a secret for almost a month!

Brady's new calendar! - Lots of cool ideas in there!

I tried and I tried to talk Brady into letting me make a Lego cake, but I think I'll have to work on another child because he was so set on making his own cake and decorating it with real Legos on his own. I let go and gave in. I know. IT was hard, but I am making strides I think... HA!

He was thrilled with his green grass and the arrangement of his Legos as well. I think I was too. What a cute boy! It was certainly easier and less stressful for me. Maybe this is what I should encourage!!

Making a 9th birthday wish! I can't believe it been 9 whole years since you stole our hearts Bradyn Dean!

Just a few more left to open!

A new hat and new Star Wars tee shirt! All boy....

Bo - Bo Fet! or something like that...???

May the force be with you Brady Bunchy. I love you to the moon and back. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO!