Sunday, March 11, 2012

Every Day Hodge Podge

This crazy man thought he was pretty hot stuff in this hat of his big brothers!

I guess I kinda thought so too.

But I know I'm biased.

Ok. Really biased.

And to think this pile is considered my norm now.... And that was almost a month ago. My laundry is quite unfolded now. Clean, but unfolded.

Mr. Bash Boy loves his bathtime and if we don't shut him out of the bathroom when other ones are taking a bath he's been know to climb right in. Aahhh!

Harrison all ready for school one day! I can't believe kindergarten is right around the corner for this one. Sigh.... Where does the time go?

School Day!

Harrison was so excited to participate in a one day a week for 5 weeks school program at the kindergarten Center.

My neighbor kindly offered to take him along with her son and so he enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games centered around the theme "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles."

HE loved feeling like a big boy and going to school like the other big kids and he loved missing naptime even more! HA!

I missed not being able to do this with him myself but knew it would be a fun opportunity for him regardless. Thanks again Katie!

Happy Heart Day

Valentines Day was pretty simple around here this year and usually really is. I'm sure I just felt out of it because I've been so sick with the pregnancy. The children look forward to the little things, the small traditions you've started or carried down as a family and sick or not, a mommy feels like she needs to fulfill them. :)

Jared did bring me really pretty roses home and they brightened our bedroom where he put them so I could enjoy the view from the bed or my rocking chair. What a nice man don't you think? I can't even begin to tell you how much he's done for me the last 3 months, but I'll save that for another post.

Jared starts off the day by going to get donuts for the kids for breakfast and everyone wakes up to a love note from Mom and Dad with a small treat next to their spot at the table.

This cute monster devoured his treats all before 8:30 that morning. Ewe. He didn't complain tho!

Princess Sophia was pretty excited about her Valentine box of chocolates!

Harrison and the other boys all got a small lego set. Target has had these great little sets in plastic bags for 3 0r 4$ Perfect for little gifts!

I couldn't pass up the chocolate lab box of chocolates for my little puppy!

As for the other kids on Valentines Day, well they were there too, we did love on them, but this mama has taken so few pictures the last few months, I was surprised to go back and find I did in fact, pull out the camera that day and snap a few!

Brady had his set built in not time! We love you Brady Bunchy!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day. We ended the day with Papa John's heart shaped pizza baked by Daddy of course, and movie night.

I just love all my lil' Valentines so much! I have so much to be grateful for!

My Girls

Keilah Grace has grown up so much this year. We've always tended to lump her with the babies and we just can't do that anymore. Our big girl is 6 years old now and she lets us know it. No more naps, superstar report cards, and 2 permanents teeth! Wowzers.

She's gearing up for soccer season this spring and although she's suddenly taken to a new love for wearing dresses much of the time, we hope she'll get out there and tear up the field! HA!

She received a barking dog for her birthday this year from her Nanny and every chance she gets she loves for her Daddy to read her the book that has him chime in every so often with a bark!

Nanny also sent the girls these pretty festive holiday dresses with matching doll dresses and so the girls were pretty excited to match the next Sunday. Are they my daughters or what? HA!

Sophie has always loved dresses and if all of them are dirty she is not the happiest camper, but we try and appease her taste with a good dose of pink and most days she can be won over. I can hardly believe this baby girl is almost 4! Sniff. Not long till your birthday sweetie!