Friday, April 13, 2012

Overnight Volleyball Tournament

Jared and Sully-man swimming like a fish!

Keilah Grace was so proud to be swimming without a lifejacket

These two girls got to spend the night in Auntie Jenn's room! What a special treat!

Bradyn splashin' away that night...

A little pool volleyball went on that night of course.

Jenn was thoughtful enough to bring a special cake in honor of the March and April birthdays.

These boys along with Harrison, were able to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma

in their room complete with jaccuzi tub. And they were a bit hyped because if it!

Bash got a few fun shaker toys from Grandma for his birthday. Thanks again Grandma!

The volleyball tournament proved to be pretty stiff competition for the girls
and so the morning was rough, but after their first win,
they came back in the afternoon for a bronze medal. Whoo Hoo girls!
Good for you for fighting back and never giving up! Go Spuds!

Thanks for making me feel so special by traveling down Grandma and Grandpa!
Luv, Alexis

Sophie enjoyed her Auntie's lap although she'd never let you see that. Stinker.

Auntie Jenn got the kids some concession treats that day

and did what all good Aunties do. Spoil them!

KG loves her lap time too!

It got to be a long day for the kids so they were out like lights by 4pm.

Except for this monster! Sigh....

Even Hairbear found a spot to hunker down and fall asleep.

We are so proud of you girls! Keep up the hard work!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Brady decided rather than soccer with the rest of the bunch last fall, he'd hold out for a round of swimming lessons this winter and he was pretty excited when the time finally came around for them.

He passed level 3 with flying colors and made a few good attempts at a decent dive too!

It was fun to watch you do something on your own Brady Bunchy! You seemed to have alot of fun with a class full of mostly boys! Daddy and Mommy love you!

5 months and Counting

I'm now starting my 6th month in a couple of weeks believe it or not. Wow, Time flies when you're not heaving all day. HA!

This picture is not my best. - Shocker. HA!

My hair was super long and has since been gloriously chopped off. I'm now back to feeling like myself and my tummy is growing even though this baby does not make itself known very often at all. I'm sure I've felt it a few times here and there, but it's so much quieter than the others at this point. Jared hopes this means it will be laid back. I hope it means it's not saving all it's energy up for me after it's born!

We are hoping to find out just what we are having next week at our ultrasound appointment. I'm excited, but mostly nervous to be honest as the only other time we found out was with Madeline over 10 years ago. The children are terribly excited and I must admitt, planning names and such and packing for one child to go to the hospital will be far easier in many ways. Not to mention, I will have to purchase a few things for him or her beforehand - just because I can. :) We'll let everyone know via facebook and blog as soon as we can so we can share our happy news! Look for it sometime Tuesday!


March 6th, 2012, 13 months, 2 weeks, 1 new baby, a few deep heartaches, 1 miscarriage, 1 very sick and hormonal mama later, the Lord saw fit to finally sell our home. Our heart's cry for 13 months was heard without a doubt the whole time, but for whatever reason, which we still don't understand... He chose not to sell our home until now. We are so thankful and our hearts are overflowing with gratefulness and joy. Our tears have welled up more than once and I feel like when all is said and done and signatures are on paper, I can have myself a good long cry and close this chapter in my life.

We built this home with all the hope and pride any young family has. We have been blessed here with many memories of friends and family and have been touched by the deep generosity of an unknown believer to finish our bathroom downstairs. We have welcomed babies, lost babies, watched first steps and planted countless perrenials, trees, and bushes with care and love. We have relished in making it our home for the last 5 years and pray the new couple moving here will enjoy it as much as we have. We will not easily forget all the Lord did for us in our 2nd home, the first of which we were blessed to build. This verse sums up much of what our hearts feel but cannot fully express.

"The Lord hath done great things for us, and we are glad." Psalms 126:3

I decided to do an in home garage sale of sorts selling mostly furniture and home decor and a few odds and ends from here and there. It was alot of work, but it beat doing an early sale in the cold garage and hauling all my stuff out there and organizing it in the cold and dark. I might give this great thought in the future as it was a fabulous turnout! I did it for two days, but the second day, (which was half off day) only brought two people and the third day the thrift store came to pick up the rest and get it out of my way before the packing chaos began! Thank-you wonderful friend for helping me store away some moolah for a future down payment! :)

I left most everything "as is" and the ladies just shopped my tables and walls and made their own piles and stashes. It was a fun morning for sure - and I didn't even have time to sit before 1pm! Phew!

I set up a few tables in my family room of toys, clothes, and books, but most of it was already gone before I took time to take the pictures!

The morning rush consisted of all these cars lined up my street! Wowzers! Thanks again girlfriends!

And the packing has begun. Pray for me. I don't like living in "mess." I figure it's good for me after 13 months of feeling like we lived in a glass structure, but really, it does take a toll. 11 people living in this makes for an interesting living situation for awhile! HA!

My girlfriend, Katie promised me a pan of my favorite bars when we sold our home and she did not dissapoint! Thanks again Katie! Although, I do blame you for my extra poundage you know! :) I just can't say no to these things! I'm hungry now just looking at the picture again! Sigh.... I may need packing power soon. Just sayin.' ;)

Winter Rec

Maddie played some winter rec soccer this year and had fun for the short season it was. Only 6 weeks once a week, so it flew by!

I didn't make it to many games as I was so sick, but I think 3 of em' and it was so dark in there that not many of them turned out well. It was great excercise in the middle of the cold winter and fun to get a head start before spring season began. Go Madster!

1ST VB Tourney

Alexis had her first volleyball tournament about a month ago in West Fargo and it was alot of fun for everyone. We all wore green naturally, because it was St. Patrick's Day and we had to pay homage to the day somehow. :) The kids cheered her on for awhile before growing bored and so Mommy stayed the rest of the day and relived her own VB glory days. HA!

A pretzel for the hard working team player!

Every team and player takes turns at the tournament and learns how to keep score.

Warming up before the next match!

Lexie's serves made it over every time. Now we just need to master overhand!

Cutest Spud to date! And by date, I mean calender date.

Lining up for shaking hands with the other team... They had a tough morning but came back in the afternoon to take the silver medal home! First tournament and first medal of the season!

Coach Diana awarding the team's medals! Were they ever excited! And were the parents ever proud!

Grace and Lexie are pretty good buds. I'm so glad she has such a sweetie for a friend!

Squad 3 - GO SPUDS!!

Spring Days

I really hardly picked up the camera after Christmas at all. Ok, let's be honest. The only thing I picked up was the remote and the covers to pull over my head the last four months. I'm always amazed at how aweful I feel and how I remember it's bad after it's all over with, but I really do forget
how bad - until it's there to stay for the next 16 plus weeks. Yikes. But that is all behind us and we once again survived the woes of mommy being in bed most of the time, in her pj's all day and taking slow deep breaths whenever I had to brave the kitchen for the infamous lunch for the tots. You'd think they'd tire of yogurt and cheesesticks and pretzels, but they never once complained. Clean underwear is once again appearing in drawers and I'm even running again in between packing spurts. Yay!

This sweet pea lost her first top tooth and was so excited after weeks of insisting it was ready to come out. I admitt, I'm always a tish sad when they lose there top baby teeth, because when the new ones grow in, they look soooo big!

Jared brought me home some lilies after a tough week in March. Becca's birthday week was a hard one for me, but I tried to spend the day focusing on what she would've wanted me to. ~ All the happy times and good memories.... There are so many. Grief hits me when I'm least expecting it it seems. In the car listening to a song, visiting with company laughing about old times and then using every ounce of strength to stop crying. The actual physical pain that wells up deep within my chest surprises me, but now it's a comfort to me. I feel as though I never want that to leave. I always want to feel this deeply about her. My Robin. My best friend. So many things left unsaid, so many laughs unshared, so many thoughts left to myself...

WE celebrated great report cards from all 5 kids including this perfect math test from Alexis! We feel truly blessed to have children who love school and who are blossoming in their studies.

It's been a joy to watch Keilah Grace bring home new books almost every day now and read them to us. I just love watching her pursed lip concentrate while she sounds out the words.

Bash's food intake has increased to cheerios and bread as well as banannas. He's still trying to figure out grapes, but loves mac and cheese and hot dogs! It's a no go with any type of actual cheese - weird huh? But he's none worse for the wear and is growing just fine. More on him later! :)

We enjoyed a play date or two, not enough with mommy so sick, but here they are with their good friend Ruthie, all dressed to the hilt!

My lil' girl is growing up fast!

Sebastian ready and waiting for his loot!

Just a cool dude!

Alexis played "Holy, Holy, Holy" for offeretory one Sunday night and did a fantastic job!

The little girls were excited to look on in awe of their big sister!

That's all for now folks! I know that was a mess of pictures and in no particular order, but that's a start into peeking into our busy spring!