Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a.....

Box from Mrs. Fields! Ha!

No, we celebrated this evening with a giant cookie from Mrs. Fields. We've always wanted to have this treat and this was the perfect excuse to treat ourselves!
I zoomed around this afternoon trying to pull together a fun way to tell the children what to expect in August! Do you think they are waiting in suspense for the cookie or the news? :)
I love the torturing part of this game.

I had them all cover their eyes so as not to peak before I opened the box for the big reveal!
1, 2, 3, Ready or not!

Even Steven.
9 pretty happy boys and girls are pretty thrilled with the news of a baby sister!

Ok. We did have one in tears. Silly Harrison changed his mind the last minute, and decided he wanted a brother. He recovered quickly.
"You're having a Sister!" I love the pink feet!
Sebastian is all smiles knowing he's a big brother. HA! That mood might change...

Why yes, yes I did.

Shocker huh?
I bought her something. I couldn't help myself. Doesn't her sound nice to say outloud?
Here's her feet. Her sweet feet.
She was out cold the whole time and hardly moved a bit. (Can you tell here? HA!) The tech got some great shots of her for some things and really struggled with some uuummmm "other" pics. Ya, you know the one. I thought to myself, we're finally finding out after 10 years of choosing not to and of course, this one will pull the modesty card. Sigh..... But alas, she did finally "open up."
So the tech asked us if we wanted to take a guess while we had a good view and so we looked at each other and smiled and then said, "Boy." Good thing we aren't paid experts or anything after 10 kids. HA! Well, come one now! Don't you see what we saw? It's highly confusing!! Well, at least we thought so...
"Look again," she said and explained her point of view in uummmm..... detail.

I would've loved a boy just as much and knew deep down I would never give him back or trade him, but the Lord in His mercy and grace blessed us with a precious baby girl and gave me the desire of my heart. - A heart that has longed for another girl in ways that I can't even express right now for reasons that completely tear my heart to peices. I am overwhelmed with joy and am so thankful for this undeserved gift. ~ Our sweet baby girl.

Thank-you Jesus. I am truly blessed. Blessed beyond measure.