Thursday, May 17, 2012

West Virginia State Project

Madeline was super excited to be assigned the state of West Virginia this year for her 4th grade project. All the students were able to give their top 5 choices for a state and this was her top choice. I have to wonder if she was the only one who put it down as their top choice. HA! She did a superb job and and is a fabulous writer and seemed to take alot of pride in her research of this state where her grandparents are from and her mama went to high school for her senior year. Madeline likes to be different and she was all about doing her own thing creatively with this project. I just had to step back and watch her juices fly! :) With the help of the state of West Virgina, her Nanny, and her Great Aunt Carolyn, this project really stood out with all her extra information and props. It helps to have gone there a few times and have souveniers to decorate your table! Thanks again Family! I only wish you were here to come and see it yourself! I decorated my board with stickers that reminded me of the natural beauty of the state and each letter had an attribute on it that West Virgina brings to our great country. You can't really see my detailed artwork here on my board, but I took alot of time on it and even made West Virginia University's football field as a prop! Go Mountaineers! I'm a mountain mama at heart even if I'm growing up on the prairie! Who know's maybe I'll end up there for college? 

Sophie's New Bike

Thank-you Nanny, for my very own new princess bike for my birthday. I got it a bit early and have especially enjoyed the basket in front for my treasures or dollies. I feel like such a big girl now and it's nice to not have to ride a "boy" bike. :) You made my day and my summer alot more fun for me now! Come and see me so you can watch me ride it all by myself!

Egg Hunt

Since we were all sick and miserable - especially Jared and I, Easter was a little bit different this year. We went out to eat, we skipped dying eggs, mostly because I kept forgetting. Sigh.... I did boil them. I'm losing my marbles quicker than I anticipated as I get older.

But we did manage to set out their Easter baskets and enjoy a few new spring treats and then Jared was kind enough to hide eggs all over the yard for the kids. They love this and it's amazing how 10 minutes of our time can make them so happy. Sullivan and Sophie really got it this year and it's always fun to watch the "littles" experience something new and watch their eyes light up with excitement! It was a mite chilly. Shocker, but we were just glad there was no snow this year! 

Holidays and moving don't really go together and I must say I'm looking forward to being settled in the "forever house"   where our holiday traditions can continue on without any boxes to trip over. HA! 

We hope your Easter celebration with family and friends was just as special if not as simple and you found delight in knowing our Saviour is the real reason for the holiday and were able to spend some time just focusing on Him and the debt He has paid for us so our eternity can be spent with Him.


Bash, you growing up quick and won't be the baby for much longer now. You make us laugh and are getting naughty to boot! We love you and adore your dimples and think it's fun how different you look than any of the other kids in our family. We promise you are not adopted! HA! Maybe one day we'll get to experience that joy in our family, but for now, we'll just keep welcoming babies as they come!

Spring 2012

Easter 2012

We were actually all sick Easter Sunday so this is the following week. The big girls picked out their own outfits this year. ( BIG step for this mama...) I had matching dresses made for the little girls by my friend Kelli over at Sashes Boutique. Look her up on Facebook! I love them! They are a fun new take on pillowcase dresses, and the little boys actually inspired the color theme as I fell in love with their outfits at Old Navy earlier in the spring. I know this is extremely late but you know what they say - Better late than never! I hope that's true cause I have alot of pics to share! We've just been soooo busy with our move to share them! Later Gators!