Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

This was actually taken the week after as on Mother's Day, Madeline was pretty sick so I stayed home with her instead of going to church. Duty calls right? HA! We did go out to eat as Jared insisted and well, the fridge was pretty bare to boot. HA! We splurged and ate at Famous Daves and it was soooo good! They have a breakfast and a lunch portion on the buffet. We ended the afternoon in the park as it was gorgeous outside and had a sub for dinner via the taco shop for just me. Jared even remembered a card this year. Brownie points for him. It was a nice relaxing day and I'm thankful for each of the children the Lord has blessed us with. It is a privilege to be entrusted with them, and I don't want to ever take our "arrows" for granted. 



Baby Bump

Well, she's made her presence known for quite some time now and although I feel great, I know my comfort zone is short lived from here on out. My legs and feet have swollen already quite a bit and my veins, well, this is a G-rated blog so I won't say anything more. HA! Dresses always make a preggo gal look bigger I feel, but who cares I figure.I've showered and put on make-up so I'll post these instead. Hee. Hee. I've started my 7th month and am officially in my last trimester. Less than 3 months now before we get to meet you princess, and we can't wait! 

Moving Madness

There really was some order I promise you. You just can't see it here. HA! Packing took about 3 weeks off and on, a few days here, a few days there, and then catch up time on laundry and grocery shopping and just living life.

I'm so glad it's over for now, but I'm sure the real relief and relaxation will come when we are in our next home, where, Lord-willing, we will be for quite some time. We look forward to that day and all He has planned for us along the way. 

Thanks to all who helped us along the way. The journey for us was long and hard - over 13 months of waiting and praying, crying out to God in wonder and exhaustion, but feeling such peace about the timing. Not because He's parted the clouds and explained it all to us, but because choosing His peace over worry and heart felt anxiety is always better. So whether you helped in a last minute cleaning frenzy at 12am before a showing, or watched my children so I could frenzy clean, or brought a meal or even two over for encouragement, or sent a card sharing your heart's concern... Or you wrapped furniture with plastic wrap because I'm nuts or moved boxes into storage or our rental home or even both. We noticed. We felt your love and support and even more importantly, we felt the Father's arms around us during the most difficult year of our lives. Empathy for those with their home on the market went up immensely, and if you have children, you really have our sympathy. HA! 

We welcomed a new baby this last year which is one of life's most joyful experiences for sure, but also one of the most exhausting and challenging, Jared and I both had leg surgeries with painful recoveries, We received some of the most devastating news a parent can receive, and then had our hands tied behind our back. I lost my best friend in the whole wide world, My Robin. There are just no words... We lost our third baby, and then, when we wondered if our hearts could bear any more pain, He began to bless and our season of feeling like Job began to unravel and slowly diminish. 

We heard our baby's heartbeat for the first time in January. We took our home off the market for a break while I was so sick with the pregnancy in February. We sold our home in March while it was still off the market. We found out we were blessed with our sweet baby girl in April. And in May, we moved to a new home (rental) where we are waiting on the Lord for the next step in our lives. I'm trying to be patient to see what He does for us in June and look forward to the end of the year holding my sweet baby girl in our new "Forever" home at Christmas. Sigh.... We have much to look forward to and even more to be thankful for. I think Harrison's body language says it all in the last picture by the sold sign.

"The Lord hath done great things for us, and it is marvelous in our eyes."


Some Spring Sanity

We've been thankful for a really warm spring so far and have even had some days in the 90's already! It's made good weather for moving overall, and we can't complain although we are glad it's now beginning to settle down. 

We've been crazy busy with after school and evening functions, track meets, piano, soccer season, and volleyball, not to mention wrapping up Awana for the year. End of the year programs for the school age kids are always special, but when I say slowing down to just baseball games, swimming lessons, and volleyball camp every week will be nice... I mean it. 

We're finally over the nasty spring colds that ran through our home twice and finally breathing again without drugs. We've lost a few teeth around here, changed some colors on our braces, and packed and unpacked a hundred boxes it seems. 

Again, I'm so thrilled and thankful to be on this side of busy versus showing a house 3 times a week and killing myself to have it look just so all the time. I would much rather be where I am in the "busy", than where I was. Thank-you God! Your ways are not our ways, but I know You have a plan for our family even on this side of "busy." 

Now, take some time to slow down and add some sanity to your spring schedules! Later Gators!

Happy 35th Birthday Daddy!

We kept it pretty simple as we were in the throws of our move this year, but we did manage to squeeze in some birthday celebration fun for Jared (and the kids) who have more fun with it now than we do I'm sure. The Dairy Queen cake was the highlight for everyone and Daddy even got a detailed van out the weekend! Yay! Less  work and scrubbing for him right now! We love you Daddy, and hope to make your meatballs meal next year when we're all settled in our new home! 

Planning Pink

We've been enjoying knowing we are having another little girl coming into our family and have had fun picking her up some new things just for her. Shortly after I had Sullivan, I went through all of our baby items, equipment, and clothing and got rid of all the worn out things for both boys and girls. They'd hardly had a break in ten years at that point! HA! Well, we were able to replace most of our bigger items before Sebastian was born, but since I've only had a baby boy, it's been fun to add some pink to our baby stash again! :) Of course, I did keep their super special going home outfits and their prized blanket for each of them to have when they are adults. I know I appreciate having my dress I came home from the hospital in, and now each of our girls have worn it too!
The school kids brought these fun cookies to school to share their good news with their teachers and friends, and Sully got a taste in too. :) 
Baby Bump pictures coming soon!