Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Hairbear Turns 5

Harrison turned 5 this year and has grown up alot this past year. 

He says the sweetest things and is always making us smile with his innocence and childlike faith. We know we can learn from him in this area! He prayed diligently for our rental homes' garage to grow bigger so our van could fit in, and he's positive God answered his prayer! (We always knew it would work out, but he was so worried because he could tell it was smaller, and we didn't have the heart to tell him any different.) He prayed all year long for our home to sell, and when it did, it truly was a joy to tell him God answered his prayers! 

He loved working in his kindergarten workbooks this year and my only regret is not working more with him. Between the pregnancy and my "ickies" for 4 months and the stress from the house being on the market, I wish I  had more time to work with him. He's a sponge and loves to learn! He especially loves math! Maybe this summer we can crack open his books and dive into them again!

He loves to get up early with his bog brother Brady, and I often found then building lego cities this winter before the hour of 6am. Sigh.... It wasn't cute then I assure you. I'm positive I'll have the opposite problem as they grow into teens. HA! 

And maybe because he gets up so early, he still takes a nap almost every day. They are getting shorter as the last half of the year they went from 3 hours to half that time, but I still consider myself getting a pretty good deal considering his age. :) 

Harrison loves Mickey Mouse and chose to have him as his birthday theme. Our children get "real" birthday parties at age 5 and age 10, complete with friends so he's been looking forward to this big year for awhile now! Pics of that big night to follow soon! 

PS. Harrison's birthday shirt was made by my friend Lindsay, who's so talented she has an electric glow around her. Ha! Really, I think she does! Her website is: She's on facebook as well as etsy, and I'm sure if you dig around with her shop's name, you'll find her! But beware, she's addicting! Gulp. And now, she monograms! Eeeek!  

We are enjoying you and all your silly antics and are excited to see you GULP. start kindergarten this fall and ride the bus every day. Sniff. Sniff. I'm just so thrilled and my heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness to the Lord for the five years we've had with you and we pray we have many more! You've come a long way baby!! 5 1/2 pounds when we brought you home from the hospital, and now you're all caught up big boy and as healthy as the next kid! We love you Harrison Grant and always will! 

Cheerio Man

Bash loves him some Cheerios and now he's smart enough to have figured out the difference between original and Honey Nut. Guess which one he favors and insists on eating? Ya, lucky me. Another sugar addict in the making....

My Birthday Dragon

Mini Dragon, aka Sebastian, turned 1 on March 9th, and I'm finally getting around to posting all these pictures on my camera. It's amazing to see how he's changed even in the few months since his birthday. His hair has filled out a ton and his curls are out of control at his neck, but this mama always puts off the first haircut as pong as possible. It seems once they have that, they no longer look like babies anymore, but little boys. :(  It's nearly impossible to get him to sit still for a picture anymore, and even harder to get him to smile so I was thrilled to capture a few of them here. I just had my sis take his professional shots last week and when I get those up, I'll list all he's up to and what new things our Bash, I mean "Mini Dragon" can accomplish! 

Keilah Grace...

You have such a pretty face!!! ~ And Mommy hopes those teeth take an awfully long time to grow in! Cause ' you are way too cute right now!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Keilah's Puppy Debut

Keilah Grace brought home the cutest invitation to her kindergarten program a few weeks ago and we were excited to go because Daddy is finally in town now for all these things after years of missing out and it's just so much fun to enjoy these things together! I'm so thankful for the Lord blessing Jared with this job/position that makes this possible as I remember how hard it is to be alone at these things.

Keilah Grace was just so proud with her sweet pursed lip grinning at us making sure we were constantly watching her class play. They did the Three Little Pigs and and a play with a barnyard theme for which naturally, Keilah Grace was the puppy and she clearly barked her part away when the time came. It was so cute and of course, my mama's heart was bursting at the seams! The teacher figured out pretty quickly early on in the year that Keilah LOVES puppies and so this was just the perfect part for her! 

They ended the plays with a class song exclaiming their love for learning and their mothers and I hope I wasn't the only one, but I not only got teary, but out of nowhere I lost it. Yep. I sat there not only tears rolling down my cheeks, but then as I tried to hold back sobs, I began to sweat buckets. I was so embarrassed! I was beginning to make animal noises now, and couldn't seem to keep it in check. Sure I was happy and proud of my girl, but occasionally, I think of our sweet Grace, her twin, and I wonder what it would be like to be watching TWO of them.... Together. Sigh. I won't know for now, but I'm so glad we've got our gift of Beautiful Grace. - the meaning of her name.

Wasn't she just a baby? Where is the time going? She's on to first grade and pretty soon she'll be done with elementary school!! She was so excited to give me a present which I'm sure I'll treasure forever. - A plate with a sweet flower on it. Her teacher did good I think. ;) And so did Keilah Grace with her pretty amazing puppy debut.

So Long Soccer!

We wrapped up the soccer season a couple of weeks ago and our Saturdays are free for the first time since March! It's lovely I tell you. Ha! Of course, it wouldn't be soccer season unless it was cold and windy and rain and snow are usually in there somewhere too, but we lucked out the last Saturday with just wind and cold! Brrrrr! The babies turned purple after 20 minutes so Jared waited in the van with them as I hadn't seen a soccer game yet this season! ( I was always at volleyball with Alexis.) I was so excited to finally get some cheering in for Keilah Grace and Austin as I'm definetely the loud parent out of the two of us! HA! 

Austin lost the last game of the season which was tough because they had won the others. He rebounded at lunch later with a plate full of pancakes tho.

 Keilah Grace was a fireball this season with many goals and assists and she just tore it up for a 6 year old on the field running and stealing the ball away. It was fun to see that side of her come out and be so proud behind her little toothless grin to boot! :) 

Till next fall - Over and out!!!

Moorhead Track Meet

I forgot to bring my camera when I went to Alexis's track meet and I feel bad, but she had fun too and placed 1st in her running relay and 8th in the 100 meter dash in all of Moorhead. Pretty good girl! I wish I had pictures to prove it! :) 

Madeline had an busy day an although it was super windy and chilly, she didn't seem to mind. She placed in all of her events and came in 1st for the 1 mile race at 6.30! Wowzers, you go girl! She placed 3rd in her co-ed relay and 5th in her girls relay. Her high jump event she came in 2nd place (a tie with buddy Lauren!) and ended up at 3.9! I loved watching her jump along with the other girls. Those long legs must come in handy!! I only wish I had some of my own!

The littles and I had fun taking in lunch and an all day fun in the sun and wind event watching big sis score some wins. We were tired but happy when we left later and were so proud of our Madeline! She sported her ribbons proudly for her picture and wanted to her running shirt I had made for run last fall in honor of all our dear friends who've passed away from cancer this past year. We miss you Becca, Bonnie, and Beth!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running Rivers

We ran a few different events during Fargo's Marathon weekend here in Fargo and although super warm - in the 90's, it was a blast! The boys, Brady and Austin, ran in the Kids Fun Run (1 mile) Thursday evening, and it was quite enjoyable to see their personalities come out. Austin, very competetive, gave it his all and came in 4th for his age division. There were hundreds of runners. Brady did well too, but was enjoying the social end of it too much to care if he won. He was waving and smiling as he gave high fives to onlookers the whole way. Ha! What a funny boy, but I love him and am glad he was just having fun! The little boys were pretty good sports despite the heat and had a good time being outside and the ice cream treats later that night at McDonalds made up for anyone's case of heatstroke. HA!

Friday night, Madeline and I ran in the 5k and although again, in the 90's, it was a dry heat and there was a breeze so it was manageable. I prefer heat over cold any day I say. People were so fun and the crowds so encouraging and with close to 9,000 runners, it was super crowded and shoulder to shoulder for awhile. I tried to stay back as I knew it would be a slow run for me and with my bathroom trips only 2 this time - HA! - it was!! My goal was to run the whole way, never walking, and even tho it took me a whopping 46 minutes I did it! Not a stellar time by any means, but this girl has quite the tummy on her already. My bladder felt her each step of the way I might add too! Madeline had so much fun too and "ran" into several of her friends along the way and would slow down to chat and just have fun with them. STILL, she came in 4th for her age division and finished in only 27 minutes! ( my time 2 years ago, and she's only 10! ) I'm glad she wasn't stressing about it and having fun, but I'm certain she might have won had she given it her all. She is a runner by nature. I love running but I've always had to work at it. She just moves her lil' frame with absolutely no effort it seems. Nice for her huh? :)

Well, we were both sore the next day and I was worn out I tell you as I've only ran 2 1/2  miles or so for awhile now. That 3.1 really did me in. HA! We hope if I can avoid a leg surgery we'll be able to tackle the 10k next year. We want to move up and spread out as the longer distances don't have so many people either. We'll see what happens tho.

Volleyball Finale

Volleyball season was 3 months all in all, if you count tryouts in February and although we all had a blast and this mama enjoyed her past love for this sport immensely all over again, it was good to have our Saturdays back again after so long of really early mornings and an all day event usually out of town. Alexis and the other girls greatly improved by the end of the season and she even managed to learn how to overhand serve and tried it a few times during a game. I can promise you I was not doing this in the 5th grade! They just start them younger and younger it seems! She plans on playing again next year and Madeline is excited to join the ranks of volleyball too. We'll see what happens by next February. Meanwhile, we'll do a few camps this summer to tackle some skills and try and improve here and there and just have some summer fun!